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Receivables Management in Bank
Letovská, Lucie ; Novotná, Jana (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with issue of receivables management in a commercial bank. The thesis contains a theoretical part, which focuses on defining the basic concepts related to receivables management. The analytical part deals with the current situation in the field of receivables management in the bank. Draft part describes its own proposals for solutions to improve the current management of receivables in the bank.
Financing to Revitalize Apartment House with Twelve Apartments in Blansko
Novotná, Jana ; Justová, Darina (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This diploma thesis discusses the possible ways of financing the comprehensive revitalization of the apartment house. This diploma thesis contains calculations of the savings, selection of the implementer and assessment of the debt financing.
Concept for Marketing Mix Change in a Company Operating in the HoReCa Sector
Čarná, Lenka ; Novotná, Jana (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The thesis is focused on a proposal for changes in the marketing mix of companies operating in HoReKa sector, specifically in the restaurant area. The thesis analyzes the current position on the market, the competition and the internal and external environment in which it operates. Thesis contents proposals for measures and changes to improve the current status of the company.
Microbial diversity of breast milk and its influence on the gut microbiome of infants
Novotná, Jana ; Vítová, Eva (referee) ; Trachtová, Štěpánka (advisor)
Breast milk is considered the most important source of nutrition for infants and newborns due to its content of all the necessary nutrients and bioactive components that positively affect the child's immune system. The theoretical part of my work deals with the microbial composition of breast milk and its transformation depending on the stages of breastfeeding and other factors. The experimental part is focused on the identification of selected bacterial strains in breast milk and stool of a breastfed child and a child fed an artificial milk diet. Collection strains of bacteria belonging to the genera Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, and Candida were used for the analysis. DNA was isolated by phenol extraction, using magnetic carriers and a commercial kit. The presence of bacterial DNA was proved by q-PCR analysis using genus-specific primers for selected bacteria.
Optimalizace svozové trasy sběrných míst
Novotná, Jana
This bachelor thesis attends to the optimization of separated waste collection routes, the waste is being collected by the company Technické služby VM s.r.o. The solution is carried out according to the salesman's methods with farthest insertion's algorithm. This algorithm provides possible solutions in an interface of two algebraic systems Maple and Bjornson's application. The routes for separated waste collection, which are compared, constitute an output.
Řízení kvality jako nástroj pro zajištění konkurenceschopnosti poskytovatelů služeb v cestovním ruchu
This dissertation deals with the issue of increasing the quality of services provided in the field of tourism. It is especially focused on the Czech Service Quality System (CSQS), which represents such a quality management tool in the market environment of the Czech Republic. This system has been operating as a quality management tool for ensuring competitiveness in the conditions of the Czech Republic since 2010. After a 10year period, it is therefore appropriate to verify and evaluate its current use in practice. The main goal of the work is to analyse the current level of implementation of this tool and its practical use. The research verifies the use of the Czech system of service quality both among the managers of selected tourism organization certified in the system and from the point of view of consumers themselves. Partial goals of the work are the detailed description of the Czech Service Quality System, including the reasons that led to the implementation of this system, the description of its operation, including a detailed procedure in various stages of certification, but also a comparison with analogous systems operating in Germany (ServiceQualität Deutschland) and in Switzerland (Quality Programme of Swiss Tourism). In the light of the findings, there will be an overall assessment of the degree of adaptation of the system and its success from the perspective of all stakeholders in tourism, as well as proposing possible recommendations to support and expand its practical use.
The Needs of the Dying and Their Care-Taking Family Members in a Mobile Hospice
This bachelor thesis focuses on identifying the needs of the dying and family caregivers in a mobile hospice. The aim of the thesis is to find out what the needs of patients and carers in a mobile hospice are and how the hospice meets these needs. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with the services of mobile hospice, the most common problems that are solved for patients, their caregivers and also for the bereaved. The practical part focuses on the research and its results. The research was conducted using semi-structured interview and observation method. The research revealed that the most common problems are concerns about pain, loneliness, and securing medication that will control other negative symptoms of the illness. In addition, the concern of the family and hospice staff is important to the patients. Psychological support, help with care, medical devices are most important for carers. The research part of the thesis showed that mobile hospice helps to meet the needs of the dying and their family members. All respondents were maximally satisfied with the care provided by the mobile hospice. The results of the bachelor thesis will be provided to mobile hospices in the South Bohemia region, where they can be interpreted as feedback to the entire mobile hospice team.
Molecular mechanism of animal cells adaptation on hyperosmotic induced stress
Novotná, Jana ; Vávra, Jiří (advisor) ; Převorovský, Martin (referee)
Various types of cells animal tissues consist of need to adapt to intracellular as well as extracellular osmotic changes in order to maintain homeostasis. Hypertonicity (increased osmolarity) is one of the factors activating complex cellular reactions. In order to manage such stress, a cell needs to incorporate regulation pathways that can either regulate ion transporters through WNK kinases or activate gene expression of transporters of compatible osmolytes through the transcription factor TonEBP/NFAT5. Physiologically exposed to hypertonic conditions are cells in renal medulla, cartilage, inner ear tissues, in specialised neurons or buccal epithelium. This work includes basic and current knowledge about the adaption of cells to increased osmolarity of outer environment. Key words: Hyperosmolarity, osmotic stress, TonEBP/NFAT5, WNK kinases, NF-κB, HSP70
Variability in extracellular phosphatase activity of dominant phytoplankton species in the Bohemian Forest lakes
Novotná, Jana ; Nedbalová, Linda (advisor) ; Rulík, Martin (referee)
Phosphorus (P) is considered as the most frequently limiting factor for phytoplankton growth in freshwater environments. One of the ways, how to solve the lack of P in algae and cyanobacteria, is the production of extracellular phosphatases. Extracellular phosphatase activity (PA) of phytoplankton at the single cell level was investigated in three acidified mountain lakes - Čertovo, Prášilské and Plešné in the Bohemian Forest (Czech Republic) from May to September 2007. PA of phytoplankton was detected directly at the site of enzyme activity using the fluorescence labelled enzyme activity technique (FLEA) and epifluorescence microscopy. The FLEA technique is based on colourless substrate ELF phosphate (ELFP) that is converted by enzymatic hydrolysis to the insoluble fluorescent product ELF alcohol (ELFA), which marks the site of PA. This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part (in Czech) is aimed at a general comparison of PA of phytoplankton in the three Bohemian Forest lakes. PA was characteristic for dinoflagellates Gymnodinium uberrimum, Gymnodinium sp. and Peridinium umbonatum that were ELFA labelled in all lakes almost during the whole season. Other species (e.g. Carteria sp., Chlorogonium fusiforme or Synura sp.) were active either in only one of lakes or in some samples. PA was...
Didaktic Analysis of civis textbooks (Media Education)
Novotná, Jana ; Jirásková, Věra (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part I deal with textbooks, their didactic analysis and the ways the textbooks can be used both by teachers as well as by students. My main concern was the problem of Media Education. In empirical part I focused on a didactic analysis of textbooks used for teaching of such educational subjects as Education of a Citizenship, Civics, and Social Science in which I was primarily concerned with the selected components of the didactic analysis.

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