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Elaboration of documentation of the actual construction of the railway construction in the context of BIM
Vystavěl, Ondřej ; Raška, Jakub (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with the creation of the geodetic part of the as-built documentation (G-DSPS) of the Reconstruction of the Šumice stop and the process of its reworking into the Building Information Modelling (BIM) environment. The first part of the thesis deals with the creation of the G-DSPS according to the standardised internal regulations of the Railway Administration (SŽ). The second part of the thesis deals with the conversion of the G-DSPS into the BIM environment. The form in BIM is currently in a nascent state for transport constructions, therefore it was necessary to analyse the current state from available information, especially from documents and webinars of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) and training courses of the Railway Administration. Some of the options analysed for this transfer were tested using G-DSPS data. The result of the thesis is a developed G-DSPS according to the valid regulations of the Railway Administration and its subsequent transfer to the BIM environment. The most important finding of the thesis is that this conversion is possible, but currently highly inefficient with a lot of technical pitfalls that will need to be resolved by the time the procurement process in BIM is launched.
Measurement of changes in the inclination of the Velký Kosíř lookout tower structure due to the influence of wind stress
Smetana, Jonáš ; Bárta, Ladislav (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of displacements and deformations of building constructions. Specifically, it deals with changes in the inclination of the Velký Kosíř lookout tower structure due to wind stresses. The first part of the thesis deals with the theoretical description of the issue of displacements and deformations of buildings and measurement methods. The second part presents the testing of the geodetic method used for dynamic measurement. This involves setting up a total station in an automatic tracking mode and aiming a reflecting prism. The third part then deals with the actual measurement of the lookout tower Velký Kosíř, evaluation of the stage measurement, interpretation of the results and comparison of the methods used. These methods are represented by the polar method in a standard mode and the polar method in the mode of automatic tracking of the reflection prism and measurements of dynamic acceleration using accelerometer. The final objective is an evaluation of the inclinations under given wind conditions and the evaluation of the lookout tower inclination in the long term.
Accuracy analysis of current GNSS sensors
Jabůrek, Ondřej ; Sláma, Jiří (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to test and analyze the accuracy of detemining the position and heights of contemporary GNSS receivers in RTK mode using the network of permanent stations CZEPOS with VRS3 - iMAX - MSM product. The test procedures are intended to provide representative results with potential use in conventional surveying applications. The goal of the thesis is to obtain measured data, analyze this data and evaluate the results. Based on this results we should be able to compare the tested devices. The comparison is intended to carry out an information that will help us to select a more suitable receiver for a particulat application in the common practice of surveyor.
Measurement of vertical displacements and deformation of the bridge over the river Poprad
Horochonič, Maroš ; Hořejš, Marek (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The content of this master´s thesis is a geodetic survey of vertical displacements and transformation of the supporting structure of the road bridge over the river Poprad in the 4th period with subsequent processing of measured data, calculation and evaluation of displacements with respect to previous stages. The work also includes the control of devices and aids used in the survey of the bridge construction and the behavior of the device's intentions during tempering. The result of this work are the values of the detected displacements and their graphical interpretation.
Revision of Cadastre Documentation
Zelinková, Pavla ; Vitulová, Naděžda (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with activities in the revision of real estate cadastre data from the perspective of an employee of the Cadastral Office. The first part introduces the issue and the course of the revision of the real estate cadastral data with a link to legal regulations. The second part is devoted to the description of the activities of the Cadastral Office Brno - město in the revision of data performed in the cadastral area of Brněnské Ivanovice. The obtained data were processed into clear graphs and analyzed.
Measuring the settlement of an apartment building
Kováč, Igor ; Vitula, Alexej (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis was the geodetic survey and processing of monitoring of vertical displacements and deformations of an apartment building. The measurement was performed by the method of precise levelling using hanging scales. Prior to surveying, tests were performed on the accuracy of the instrument readings depending on the length to the target and the differences between origins of the scales. The thesis processes three stages of measurement and deals with the process from measurement, through processing, to the production of graphic outputs. The largest value of the vertical displacement of the monitored point was -1.44 mm.
Geodetic survey and preparation of simplified documentation of the actual condition of the rectory building
Klekar, Martin ; Nádeníček, František (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the focus of the rectory building and the surrounding area and the creation of simplified documentation. In the first part named Overview of the current state of the issues addressed the legislative framework is presented. It describes what the simplified documentation should contain and introduces binding standards to be followed. Part of the assignment was to participate in the measurement of the building. That is what the second part is about. Methods of measurement and scope of work are described. This is followed by a description of how measured quantities are calculated and converted into binding reference systems. The third part describes the production of defined outputs and their description. The process of creation is indicated and the programs used are mentioned.
Geodetic Monitoring of Bridge Abutment
Kinc, Martin ; Bureš, Jiří (referee) ; Bárta, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the measurement and evaluation of the deformation of the bridge abutment and the adjacent embankment in Ostrava on the road I / 56 Ostrava - prodloužená Místecká. The main part of the work deals with the implementation and processing of one stage of measurement to evaluate the displacements of these buildings using the methods of geometric leveling from the center, polar method, groundbased laser scanning mobile mapping system and multistation MS60. The next part of the work deals with the comparison of individual methods. The achieved results are interpreted in graphs, tables and also shown by color hypsometry.
Evaluation of postural stability in subjects after whiplash injury
Bureš, Jiří ; Stupková, Michaela (advisor) ; Satrapová, Lenka (referee)
Title: Evaluation of postural stability in subjects after whiplash injury Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to assess the impact of whiplash injury on postural stability of the subjects who sustained this injury and, subsequently, to compare the results with a group of healthy subjects. Methods: In this pilot study, 16 subjects forming an experimental and a control group were involved. The experimental group consisted of 8 probands after whiplash injury, about 3-5 months after sustaining the injury. The average age of this group was 29.4 years. The control group consisted of 8 healthy probands with average age 28.8 years. All probands were free of neurological diseases, previous serious trauma and orthopedic surgeries in the region of lower extremities or torso, which might significantly affect the results of postural stability measurements. To evaluate postural stability, the device Smart EquiTest System by Neurocom was used and the data obtained were subsequently processed using the Neurocom Balance Manager Software programme. The results of both groups were statistically evaluated using the Shapiro-Wilk test of normality and then compared using the paired t-test or the Mann-Whitney test. Results: The results of this thesis point out that the persons who sustained whiplash injury show worse...
The Woman and the Dragon. Exposition of Rev 12 in Christian Traditions
Bureš, Jiří ; Mrázek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pokorný, Petr (referee)
This work deals with the text of the twelfth chapter of Revelation of John. Powered by TCPDF (

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