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Deformation Surveying with GNSS technology
Míča, Vojtěch ; Weigel, Josef (referee) ; Švábenský, Otakar (advisor)
This bachelors thesis sets the task to measure, process and evluate data obtained through static GNSS method on a point in a network used to set out Královopolský tunnel, these measurements were obtained in the years 2002, 2004 and 2022. The other GNSS measurements were carried out on points in geodynamic network „Sněžník“ which were obtained between years 2012 and 2022. All of these measurements should be proccessed through Trimble Business Center. Based on the results it should reveal possible horizontal and vertical deformations in the direction to default points.
Twenty Years of Operation of the TUBO Station at EPN
Bureš, Jiří ; Kostelecký, Jakub ; Švábenský, Otakar ; Weigel, Josef
In September 2001, the permanent GNSS station TUBO, which is located on the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology, was connected to the European EUREF Permanent Network (EPN). The paper recalls the establishment of this station and its twenty years of operation and use of their data not only in the EPN network.
Permanent GNSS Networks and Their Use in Geodynamic Monitoring of the Bohemian Massif
Pospíšil, Lubomil ; Švábenský, Otakar
The paper deals with the problematics of permanent GNSS stations and networks in terms of their use for geodynamic research. General aspects and characteristics of the establishment and operation of permanent stations are stated. Some purpose-built geodynamic networks related to important regional projects are described. Finally, attached are two examples of geodynamic research using permanent GNSS networks in the Czech Republic. The first example concerns the survey of indications of horizontal movement tendencies concerning the territory of the Bohemian Massif and its relations to the surrounding structures. The second example concerns a more detailed geological and geodynamic research of the fault systems of the Blanice Graben.
Deformation Measurement of the Roof Structure of a Sport Hall
Klinčík, Radoslav ; Švábenský, Otakar (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis describes the measurement and evaluation of displacements and deformations of the wooden roof structure of the aquapark hall in Brno – Kohoutovice. Part of the work is devoted to the preparation and testing of used devices and tools. The main part of the work consists of performing one stage of measurement using the polar method and the laser scanning method. The polar method measurement is compared with the results of the polar method of the previous stage. The next part of the work deals with the comparison of the polar method and the laser scanning method measured in the last stage. The results achieved are interpreted in the final part of the work.
Railway track deformation measurement
Leischner, Ludvík ; Bureš, Jiří (referee) ; Švábenský, Otakar (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is about measuring deformations on railway bridge in Znojmo. The horizontal and vertical changes of railway track on the bridge and newly renovated bridge construction were measured by using two independent methods, namely 3D polar method and kinematic GNSS Stop & Go method. The assessment of the longitudinal shifts depending on atmospheric conditions especially the temperature changes is an essential goal of this work. Another key aim is the determination of precision of both independ-ent measuring methods.
Deformation Measurement of Roof Structure
Hubáček, David ; Švábenský, Otakar (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis deals with the evaluation of displacements and deformation of the large span wooden roof structure of the aquapark hall in Brno - Kohoutovice. The task of this work is to compare and verify the applicability of the laser scanning method for the evaluation of displacements and deformation. The comparison was performed with regard to the polar method with quantities measured by the total station. As part of the work, two-stage measurements were performed on the basis of which a comparison of both methods was performed. The data obtained by the polar method were processed using LSM, the data from laser scanning were processed in an Excel spreadsheet. A comparison of the two methods shows that we have achieved a similar level of accuracy with the laser scanning method when compared to the polar method. It is therefore possible to use the laser scanning method to measure displacements and deformation.
Geodetic Works During Reconstruction of Highway D1
Gunár, Peter ; Švábenský, Otakar (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is the description of geodetic and construction activities and work processes dealing with reconstruction of the D1 highway surface in the section Rosice – Brno. The thesis is focused within the sphere of engineering geodesy and address the issue of creation of point field, stake-out, control measurement and the measurement of real building execution documents. Used survey procedures are analyzed in the context of the standard deviation listed in the project documentation or ČSN. The geotetic documentation is compiled for the chosen measured data.
Aspects of GNSS Processing
Puchrik, Lukáš ; Kostelecký,, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl,, Vlastimil (referee) ; Hefty,, Ján (referee) ; Švábenský, Otakar (advisor)
The thesis deals with processing of epoch-wise GNSS measurements from local geodynamic network Sněžník. Its aim is to evaluate the geodynamics in the area of Králický Sněžník Massif and to assess the capabilities of epoch-wise GNSS measurements to detect the geodynamic movements. Within the thesis the comprehensive processing of all the GNSS measurements observed between years 1997 and 2011 is realized using the reprocessed products of first IGS reprocessing Repro1. Bernese GPS software version 5.0 is used for all the processing.
Repeated GPS measurements at polygon Tetčice
Petrlík, Karel ; Švábenský, Otakar (referee) ; Pospíšil, Lubomil (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with epoch GNSS measurement by static method at Tetčice polygon. The main purpose is to confirm the geological activity of the Earth's surface on the territory of the village, caused by a tectonic fault. As part of the thesis, the fourth phase of observation was carried out in June 2016 to detect horizontal shifts on four concrete pillars with depth stabilization and forced centering equipment. Results are velocity vector maps obtained by processing the measured data from all the measurement phases that have been performed so far. The thesis also contains the theoretical basis of geological conditions in the area and a description of technology of global navigation satellite systems.
Geodetic Deformation Measurement of Roof Structures of Brno Aquapark
Chupáčová, Mária ; Švábenský, Otakar (referee) ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on deformation meassurement of wooden roof structure of Brno Aquapark. Introductory part of the thesis is devoted to explanation of basic terms of civil constructions deformation meassurement and describes methods which are used in this field nowadays. Main part of this thesis deals with testing of meassuring equipment, describes meassured construction, meassuring method and data processing. Horizontal and vertical shifts of the roof structure are evaluated and graphically interpreted in comparison with the previous and fundamental epoch.

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