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Practical preservation and conservation of photographic objects focusing on issues of adjustment
Huňková, Anna ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; BORÝSKOVÁ, Štěpánka (referee)
The content of the paper focuses on the alignment of photographic techniques: daguerreotype, tintype, ambrotype. Student will deal with conservation and restoration of parts of alignment with regard to sensitive media - namely photographic image. Student will describe the types of damage and propose methods of conservation and restoration that occur on these types of materials.
Techniky historického fotografického materiálu a jejich určení
Štěpánka Borýsková ; Libor Jůn ; Jan Švadlena ; Pavel Scheufler
Stěžejní částí předkládané metodiky je charakterizování základních identifikačních znaků historických fotografických technik zastoupených v českém prostředí ve sbírkách a fondech paměťových institucích. Cílem této metodiky je vytvoření metodické příručky pro identifikaci konkrétních historických fotografických technik jakožto nezbytného kroku pro adekvátní ochranu historických fotografií.
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Preventivní péče, uložení, instalace a ochrana historického fotografického materiálu v různých typech paměťových institucí
Bezděk, Ladislav ; Borýsková, Štěpánka ; Cikrytová, Tereza ; Hozák, Jan ; Hocková, Monika ; Kopecká, Ivana ; Medříková, Petra ; Vávrová, Petra ; Štanzel, Tomáš (editor)
The aim of this methodology is to provide specific instructions on how to handle historical photographic material in smaller multimedia collections and archives. The instructions given in the individual chapters of the Methodology on how to protect and store historical photographic material should provide the staff of these institutions with accessible and feasible solutions in their case.
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Konzervátorské a restaurátorské postupy pro daguerrotypii a příbuzné fotografické techniky (finální verze). Památkový postup - Npam a jeho ověření v praxi.
Borýsková, Štěpánka ; Hnulíková, Blanka ; Huňková, Anna ; Jůn, Libor ; Lesenská, Lenka ; Petrillo, Sandra M. ; Švadlena, Jan ; Vávrová, Petra
The proposed preservation procedure Conservation and Restoration procedures for daguerreotype and related photographic techniques originated as a research activity carried out under the NAKI programme of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic at the FAMU Department of Photography. Its fundamental principles and results have been examined within the framework of the MA studies of the separate field, the Photography Restoration, at the abovementioned Department. The procedure has been designed for professional conservators and restorers who are actively involved in the area of protection and preservation of photographic materials. This particular case concerned primarily the oldest photographic technique with a practical use – the daguerreotype – and some derived photographic techniques, such as ambrotype, ferrotype and others with similar problems regarding adjustment and framing methods, etc. Many of the presented practices and recommendations acquired more general character and should be applied in a broader frame of the photographic material preservation, and consequently contribute to more efficient care of the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. The preservation procedure as a theoretical foundation is well applicable for custodians and curators of respective art collections and archival funds, and in addition – due to its origins within the university education – its didactic role is also significant. Together with a parallel research of other certified methodologies, it presents the most comprehensive methodological tool for the protection and preservation of the daguerreotype pictures in the contemporary Czech environment, including the application of the latest experience from abroad.
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Revitilisation of the Daguerreotype Process
Ackerman, Jan Luca ; PETERA, Jiří (advisor) ; BORÝSKOVÁ, Štěpánka (referee)
The aim of this research is to revitalize the daguerreotype process and prepare an applicable manual for the consistent preparation of quality daguerreotype plates for the further applied research of this photographic material. Many (collecting) art and historical institutions have important holdings in this medium, and, with the presently increasing interest in photography, (and daguerreotypes in particular) and its history, daguerreotypes will be in need of professional evaluation and treatment more often. Daguerreotypes are the oldest, least understood and most complex systems of the photographic medium to date, and currently there is no accepted method of cleaning to prevent further deterioration. This research summarizes a brief history of the daguerreotype, past and current conservation practices, current preventative care, and most importantly, a method of creating reliable test material to study this phenomenon.
Restoration glass photographic materials
Borýsková, Štěpánka ; Bárta, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Čeppan, Michal (referee) ; Vávrová, Petra (referee)
theoretic reseach about restoration glasss photographgic materials and aplication in practice

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