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Fall risk assessment in the senior population.
Kovařčíková, Iveta ; Machač, Stanislav (advisor) ; Demeková, Júlia (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on a pilot assessment of selected tests for the prediction of fall risk in the elderly. The theoretical part deals with falls and their risk factors, the possibilities of assessing the risk of falls by means of functional tests and instrumental methods, as well as the possibilities of fall prevention. A total of 81 seniors (mean age 78.5±8.5 years) were included in the actual study, 78 of whom completed the entire follow-up. All probands completed The Timed Up and Go (TUG) test and subsequent gait and standing stability measurements via Oculus' Meta Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) headset using piloted apps designed by VR Medical. Incidence of falls was collected by telephone and email correspondence over the following 6 months. There was no statistically or substantively significant difference in the duration of the TUG test between the control group and the group of probands who suffered a fall during the follow-up period (12.9±6.9 vs. 11.5±5.0 s; p=0.99; Cohen's d=0.02). The probands in the control group who did not suffer a fall showed a higher step cycle time variability compared to the probands who suffered a fall (SD=0.54±0.40 vs. 0.38±0.55 s). However, the difference between the groups with and without a fall in step cycle variability was far from statistically...
Tethered cord syndrome
Pešicová, Anežka ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Demeková, Júlia (referee)
bakalářská práce Syndrom fixované míchy Bibliographic identification PEŠICOVÁ, Anežka. Tethered cord syndrome. Prague: Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Departement of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 2023. 79 p. Supervisor PhDr. Petr Bitnar Ph.D. Abstract Tethered cord syndrome is a neurological condition in which either the spinal cord is anchored by thickened filum terminale or is creating adhesions with surrounding spinal tissue. Progression of such condition leads to paresis of the lower limb, back pain, scoliosis or urological dysfunction. The goal of this thesis was to create a research of available informations about tethered cord syndrome and to explore possible potentials of physiotherapy treatment. Based on the thesis findings emerged a significant potential of manual therapy while treating patients with the tethered cord. In the case study patient with tethered cord was observed over the corse of 6 months and was educated to do autotraction of the spine daily. Changes of the patient's clinical picture were evaluated based on selected standing stability parameters and measured using the Zebris FDM Tredmill system. While the control assessment a significant improvement of all the measured parameters was observed. Such result suggests a favourable effect of traction to the tethered...
The impact of a herniated disc on spinal movements in the sagittal plane
Slámová, Martina ; Oplatková, Lenka (advisor) ; Demeková, Júlia (referee)
This research thesis with one case study focuses on the impact of a herniated disc on spinal movements in the sagittal plane. The theoretical section describes the anatomy and kinesiology of the intervertebral disc, spinal kinesiology with an emphasis on analysing movements in the sagittal plane. Furthermore, it presents insights into the influence of an intervertebral disc herniation on spinal movements and examines the correlation between posture and disc herniation. The aim of the research paper is to summarize the existing knowledge, particularly regarding the effect of a disc herniation on spinal movements in the sagittal plane. In the practical part, a case study of a single subject with a lumbar herniated disc is presented. This subject underwent two examinations with a six-week interval, aiming to evaluate the impact of improved trunk stability using the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) method on spinal parameters and their development in the sagittal plane. Objective evaluation methods include the Thomayer test, Schober's test, Stibor's test, selected functional tests according to DNS, Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire, and Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for pain assessment. Kinesiological examinations were performed for standing and walking, and...
Effectiveness of antispastic electrical stimulation in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy
Kurelová, Martina ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Havrda, Prokop (referee)
This thesis is focused on the issue of electrotherapy with an antispastic effect. Specifically, it deals with Hufschmidt currents and their effectiveness in reducing spasticity of the triceps surae muscle in patients with the spastic form of cerebral palsy (CP). The overview of theoretical findings includes information on cerebral palsy and spasticity, findings from new research on their frequency, diagnosis and treatment. In the last chapter of the theoretical part, findings on electrotherapy with antispastic effects in the Czech Republic and abroad are presented. In the practical part, a series of case studies of patients in whom the effect of Hufschmidt currents was examined is presented. The work was attended by 9 pediatric patients with a diagnosis of spastic CP, to whom Hufschmidt currents were applied a total of 6 times. The effectiveness of this type of currents is determined by performing a 10-meter walking test, Timed Up and Go test and examination of spasticity in 5 steps according to Gracies, and then comparing the numbers before and after the electrotherapy series. The result of this work was the confirmation of the positive effect of antispastic currents according to Hufschmidt on the reduction of muscle spasticity in 7 patients, on the acceleration of walking in the 10-meter walking...
The effect of the deep stabilization system on the prevention of knee injuries in soccer
Hudíková, Klára ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Veselá, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the deep spinal stabilization system and its effect on knee stability of soccer players for future injury prevention. Joint instability is cited as a major risk factor for non-contact knee injuries. Therefore, this thesis explores the possibility of improving its stability by improving the activation of the deep stabilization system of the spine. Soccer is a collective sport with a large player base and with this comes a high number of injuries. Among the most common of these are knee injuries. The movements performed in football require precise coordination of the activity of the muscles of the lower limbs. These movements are discussed in this thesis, along with the most common football-specific injury patterns. The functional aspects of the deep stabilization system of the spine are also presented. This is a set of muscles of the trunk, diaphragm and pelvic floor that, when properly coordinated, provide spinal bracing during posturally demanding positions. Its proper development begins in early childhood and its involvement depends, among other things, on the correct positioning of the segments. Its function is discussed in detail by Professor Kolář in his concept of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, which is described in the paper. In the practical part of the...
Use of electrostimulation according to Jantsche and Hufschmidt to influence triceps surae muscle spasticity and walking speed in patients with multiple sclerosis
Tichá, Simona ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Hojková, Klára (referee)
This thesis focuses on comparing the effectiveness of two types of electrostimulations, specifically electrostimulation according to Hufschmidt and Jantsche, in reducing m. triceps surae spasticity and influencing walking speed in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). The aim of the thesis is to determine which type of electrostimulation is more suitable for patients with MS. The topic was chosen based on two previous theses that examined the effects of these electrostimulations individually. The theoretical part provides basic information about MS, explains the pathophysiology of spasticity and the possible influence of spinal mechanisms on it, describes the examination of spastic patients, and summarizes the possibilities of electrotherapy treatment. The practical part compares the effects of both types of electrostimulations in patients with MS who were partially randomly divided into two groups of three and evaluates short-term and long-term results using the "Five step clinical assessment in spastic paresis" examination and the subjective perception of walking questionnaire MSWS-12 (Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale). The results of the thesis do not show significant differences in the effects of both electrostimulations. The most significant improvements in both groups were observed in the...
ESWT in Achilles tendinopathy
Hojková, Lýdie ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Michaela (referee)
Achilles tendinopathy is a painful condition formed by chronic overuse. Conservative treatement requires activity modification, heel lifts, arch supports, even immobilisation. There are often unsatisfactory results with it. The use of ESWT has recently been introduced in soft-tissue disorders including epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, calcifitation of the shloulder and, as well, Achilles tendinopathy. The aim of the work was to introduce the effects of ESWT on soft tissues, types of generation and new posibilities in ESWT therapy in Achilles tendinopathy.
Two-point discrimination in adolescent patients hospitalized with anorexia nervosa
Kočí, Gabriela ; Stackeová, Daniela (advisor) ; Demeková, Júlia (referee)
Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a mental illnes manifesting itselg, among other signs, with impaired body schema and rejection of food. Principal focus of the thesis was to assess the discrimination treshold, ability to evaluate sensory perception and body self-concept in adolescent female patients hospitalised with anorexia nervosa. Our goal was to clarify and better understand the still not adequately described neurophysiological aspects of anorexia nervosa. The results were compared to control group; both groups comprised 18 girls, the average age of observed group being 14,7 ± 0,71 years and average age of control group being 15,3 ±0,71 years. Two-point discrimination was examined in three areas - arm, between shoulder blades and belly - with modified caliper. The Petrie test was used in sensory perception testing, while body self-concept was measured with BAT questionare. The examinations were performed in standardised conditions during similar day times. We found significant difference in two-point discrimination in the area between the shoulder blades with significance level α = 5 % and p-value p = 0,0001. A statistically significant difference was also observed in body self-concept with significance level α = 5 % and p-value p = 0,017. Thus we conclude that patients suffering from anorexia nervosa...
Viscerosomatic links
Ručková, Adéla ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Bitnar, Petr (referee)
Bibliographic record RUČKOVÁ, Adéla. Viscerosomatic links. Prague Charles University, 2nd faculty of medicine, Department of rehabilitation and excersise medicine, 2013. Supervisor: Mgr. Júlia Demeková. Abstract This thesis deals with viscerosomatic interactions from the perspective of a physiotherapist. It explains the terminology concepts occurring in viscerosomatic and somatovisceral issue. The aim of the thesis is to highlight the importance of the viscerosomatic issue and the knowledge of this issue for correct differential diagnosis. The thesis shows the differences between somatic pain and true visceral pain. Referred pain arises in visceral organs and it refers to the somatic tissues. The thesis contains a description of these viscerosomatic relationships, their neurophysiological basis and referral to the central nervous system. A large part is devoted to a review of knowledge about the visceral patterns. It should help to detect the presence of visceral problem of the patient. In the text there are references to the literature, which carefully describe various visceral patterns. The individual organs or systems are assigned with the other reflex changes that have occurred in experience with patients. This thesis presents 11 mostly foreign case reports and 2 research studies in plain terms with...
Possibilities of using aquatic therapy for patients after spinal cord injury
Černá, Alžběta ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Kříž, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with patients after spinal cord injury (SCI) focused on their health problems and possibilities of using aquatic therapy, that can participate in the program of comprehensive rehabilitation. General section summarizes the classification of patients after SCI, the properties of the aquatic environment and the physiological reactions of the organism in the aquatic environment. It also focuses on the issue of sitting of paraplegics and current methods of assessment in clinical practice. The special part contains a case of a patient after SCI at the level of Th8-Th10, an example of a therapeutic unit in the pool aimed at improving the quality of sitting. I also contains results of two functional tests that assess sitting of the patient before and after a twoweek rehabilitation intervention in Centrum Paraple. Powered by TCPDF (

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