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The Transformation of Substitute Foster Care in the Czech RepublicThe View of the Street - level Bureaucrats.
Beranová, Barbora ; Kaňák, Jan (advisor) ; Bravená, Noemi (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled Transformation of Substitute Foster Care in the Czech Republic. The View of the Street-level Bureaucrats is devoted to socio-legal protection of children. As well as placement of the youngest children in the institutional care. It deals with significant changes of previous amendments in 2006 and 2012 and describes the current amendment No. 363/2021, which entered into force on January 1st 2022. This amendment enact the limit of three years for placement in an institutional facility. In the research, therefore, the attention was paid to children in the age group 0 - 3 years. The issue directly affects street-level bureaucrats as they work directly with families and children. These workers submit motions to the court, keep file record and also maintain an emergency. They are part of the state administration and are affected by some of the conflicts that are present in their daily routines. For example the inflexibility of the system or the mistrust and lack of motivation of some of their clients. The research was based on theory of Street-level bureacrats by Michael Lipsky. The respondents confirmed with their answers that they experienced chronically inadequate resources, time-consuming nature of work and lack of staff at the offices. The research is also focused on the...
Harmonization of Maternity and Professional Life of High-Income Women in Prague
Beranová, Barbora ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Maříková, Hana (referee)
The master thesis called "Harmonization of maternity and professional life of high- income women in Prague" is focused on usage and evaluation of maternity leave promotion. The main research hypothesis is that women are more interested in promotion from the employee side (in flexible forms of work) than from the state side (finance). The author mainly considers theory of rational choice due to the author Gary S. Becker who explains changes in reproduction through this theory. As another theoretical perspectives are used relevant researches and Czech and foreign literature review. In order to fulfill the aim of the master thesis were analyzed qualitative half- structured interviews between women from a base population. The conclusion, based on this research is that women from the base population are more interested in promotion from the employee side (in flexible forms of work) than on the promotion from the state side (finance).
Entrance examination procedures for Bachelor studies at Charles University faculties with social science orientation
Beranová, Barbora ; Kohoutek, Jan (advisor) ; Tumová, Anna (referee)
The main aim of the thesis is to explore a current status of entrance examination procedures, which are applied for bachelor studies at faculties of Charles University with social science orientation (i.e. the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Arts). In first part, utilizing an analysis of relevant secondary data, the thesis deals with the description of current forms of entrance examination procedures. Besides description of current practice, the thesis further contains an analysis of stakeholders and qualitative research which is based on an analysis of interviews with representatives of faculty decision-makers, representatives of students from the faculty academic senates and students of the three analyzed faculties. The inteviews were transcribed and open-coded, which led to the sorting information into categories by theme. As a method of stakeholder analysis a "quick" analysis of stakeholders was used in order to identify the main stakeholders of the issues under investigation. Overall, the analysis of interviews shows that each faculty has different strategies and preferences for selecting students during the entrance procedure. Hence, possible consensus of entrance examination procedures in similar fields across the three faculties is not entirely likely,...

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2 Beranová, Bohumila
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