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Didactic graph visualisation
Frantál, Jiří ; Pergel, Martin (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the design of programming language specialized in visu- alisation of graph algorithms, creating its interpreter and integrated development environment. The aim was to make the created program usable for education of graph algorithms and their implementation, especially at high school. Based on didactic knowledge, we designed language similar to Pascal, but adapted for the needs of graph algorithms. Part of the thesis is also brief introduction to inter- preters and several exemplary graphs and algorithms ilustrating work with our program. 1
Source Codes Generating Metalanguage
Kolšovský, Jakub ; Pergel, Martin (advisor) ; Gemrot, Jakub (referee)
Title: Metalanguage generating source codes Author: Jakub Kolšovský Department: Katedra softwaru a výuky informatiky Supervisor: RNDr. Martin Pergel, Ph.D., Katedra softwaru a výuky informatiky Abstract: Modern programming goes hand-in-hand with object-oriented programming languages. These languages offer a lot of features, either built-in elements or standard libraries. Skillful programmer is able to maximize the effectivity of these features. One of the skills of such programmer is considered to be knowledge of the design patterns. In practice, they help with producing simple, clean and extendible source code. Such code leads to development of top-notch software. Goal of this thesis is to show some of the design patterns and, more importantly, show how they are supposed to be implemented. Among other things, I will also mention few templates that I personally consider useful to know. Keywords: programming language design, implementation of a compiler, design patterns, templates
Evolution of artificial intelligence for turn-based strategy game
Roztočil, Ondřej ; Holan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of artificial intelligence for a simplified version of turn- based strategy game Advance Wars. Our focus is on comparing traditional ''ad-hoc'' game AI methods with methods that minimize the dependance on domain knowledge of the game. First part of the thesis contains analysis of the game, survey of selected game AI techniques and an overview of the implemented agents using decision trees, utility-based methods and neural networks. We present the results of our experiments with learning agent parameters and neural network weights using genetic algorithms and evolutionary strategies. We expe- rimented with training agents against fixed opponents and with competitive coevolution. In the second part we present the created software in detail. An efficient game simulator and a set of utility tools were implemented to support the AI development. A full-fledged graphical client that allows for both human and AI gameplay was also created.
Adversarial Search in First-Person Shooter Video Game Duels
Wirth, Martin ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
Title: Adversarial Search in First-Person Shooter Video Game Duels Author: Martin Wirth Department: Department of Software and Computer Science Education Supervisor: Mgr. Jakub Gemrot, Ph.D., Department of Software and Computer Science Education Abstract: The complexity of artificial intelligence required for modern games is getting unmanageable. Therefore, we are seeking for techniques allowing easy creation of a complex artificial intelligence. Adversarial search has become such a technique in the area of board games. Recently, an idea to apply adversarial search on other kinds of games has come up. Though, in the area of First-person shooters, no experiments examining this idea has been done yet. This thesis offers such an experiment, concerning the Deathmatch mode of two players. Our results show that the basic implementation of adversarial search is not very successful. However, it has some potencial which should be further examined. Another con- tribution of this thesis is creation of a framework which significantly simplifies further experimenting in this area. Keywords: adversarial search, duels, video games, first-person shooters 1
Visualisation of particular algorithms using XML
Futó, Viktor ; Pergel, Martin (advisor) ; Gemrot, Jakub (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is a design and implementation of a tool that visualizes particular numerical algorithms. The tool proposes a visualization environment that allows a user to write a numeric algorithm using a suggested XML language and then allowing them to animate the algorithm on the random dataset step by step. XML is a language intended for data exchange and document publishing, but as a result of its wide applicability it has established itself in many other areas. Because of its progressivity we try to use it as a programming language for writing algorithms. The application is programmed in the Ruby on Rails and React frameworks and uses the Nokogiri library to parse XML language. The usage of application is demonstrated on numerical algorithms of simulated annealing, power iteration method and method of gradient descent, in which in particular we demonstrate the application's ability to visualize steps of the algorithm also on the functions of two variables.
Vybrané problémy související s vehicle routing
Kuklis, Imrich ; Pergel, Martin (advisor) ; Surynek, Pavel (referee)
In our thesis we concentrate on a well-known problem which is popular among the scientists from the field of logistics, theoretical computer science and applied mathematics. This problem is called the Vehicle Routing Problem. We concentrate mainly on the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window. We implement some scheduling algorithms and compare their results. Powered by TCPDF (
Evidence of work activities
Hoang, Van Tru ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
1 Abstract: This thesis describes design and implementation of an application that is used for maintaining the evidence of work activities. The program allows its users to manage and review their activites and activities of their subordinates. Project managers and administrators are able to generate reports where details about employee's activities and projects in the organization are shown. Program is based on the OnlyOffice Community Server application, which is collaborative open-source software for project and document management.
Interval solver for nonlinear constraints
Garajová, Elif ; Hladík, Milan (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
The thesis is focused on the Sivia algorithm (Set Inverter via Interval Ana- lysis) designed for solving a continuous constraint satisfaction problem using interval methods and propagation techniques. Basic properties of the algorithm are derived, including the correction of its presented complexity bound. Some improvements concerning the testing of constraint satisfaction and optimiza- tion of the number of interval boxes describing the solution are proposed. The thesis also introduces contractors used to enhance the effectivity of the Sivia algorithm by reducing the interval boxes processed. Presented algorithms were implemented in a solver for nonlinear constraints with a simple visualization of the result using the Matlab language. A comparison of basic contractors on specific examples is given.
CPX Device Integrator
Janoušek, Josef ; Holan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
The thesis studies possibilities of communication among programs (that process measured quantities) and measuring devices used for testing of patients in an exercise lab. The existing technique is based on direct interconnection of concrete pair of device and program, which makes parallel connection of more devices and programs impossible. So the goal was to create the integration tool which all devices can connect to. His job is to manage and process a communication among devices during the measurement. The program attendant can easily set the form of interconnection which allows creating various examination scenarios. The program will be prepared for integration of devices from various manufacturers. As a result it contributes to simplification and efficiency improvement of examination technique of diagnostics of patients in an exercise lab. Powered by TCPDF (

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