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Influence of specialized speed training on the development of speed in a U15 football player
Šíma, Ondřej ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
TITLE Influence of specialized speed training on the development of speed in a U15 football player. AUTHOR Ondřej Šíma DEPARTMENT Department of physical education SUPERVISOR PaedDr. Ladislav Pokorný ABSTRACT This thesis focuses on the analysis of speed skills and their improvement in U15 soccer players, using a monthly specialized speed program. The first part of the thesis contains a detailed review of the necessary theoretical background. From the basics of general and soccer training to information specifically focused on the development of speed abilities in players in this age category. In the second part, independent research is conducted. The research involves speed testing and subsequent analysis of players' speed ability. Subsequently, the improvement of the players after undergoing a month-long specialized speed training is analyzed and compared to players who did not participate in this program and underwent a regular preparation period. The main outcome of this work should be to find out if the monthly specialized speed training has a greater impact on speed development than the regular preparation period. KEY WORDS speed, player, football, training, preparation period
Zhodnocení zásad "Správné zemědělské praxe" ve vybraném provozu s chovem skotu
ŠÍMA, Ondřej
This diploma thesis is devoted to the problematics of pollution of the environment by greenhouse gases and load gases from agricultural livestock production. The diploma thesis is focused on measurement and determination of concentration of emissions of gases of ammonia, methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide in a selected operation with dairy cattle breeding. Own measurements for this diploma thesis went on place in the stable on the family farm Mr. Michal Horák based in Žíšov not far Veselí nad Lužnicí. For the detection of concentrations of emission gases have been used a special device BAT center of the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice.
Application of growth economic theory on Ireland comparing to southern countries of eurozone (PIIGS)
Nguyen, Phuong ; Šíma, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dvořák, Michal (referee)
The Ireland´s recovery from the crisis that broke in the Irish economy was fast comparing to other eurozone nations so-called PIIGS. Therefore, the thesis identify sources and turning points that generate the inclusive growth of the Irish economy. Economic growth comes from the accumulation of labour and capital inputs combined with improvements in the productivity of labour associated with technological progress. There are clear signals that all these factors contribute to the economy growth in Ireland. Ireland benefits from large inflows of foreign direct investment that helps to spread technological progress, know-how into the country. This has resulted in export of hi-tech goods and services. Labour force in Ireland are skilled individuals. In addition, both, labour force and labour market in Ireland are highly adaptable to change. Above mentioned drivers and others are fundamental to economic growth. Overall, Ireland´s economy is reasonably well established and it has made significant progress in many areas that contrast with southern economies in PIIGS group.
Impact of the financial crises in the period 1992-2014 on the Russian banking sector
Zhuravlov, Valerii ; Dvořák, Michal (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis gives detailed analysis of six bank crises in Russia in 1992-2014. The main objective was to examine their influence on the banking system and consequently on the economy of Russia. The first part covers the theoretical background of banking crises. Attention is paid to both macroeconomic and institutional factors. The second part describes and evaluates individual crisis episodes, analyzes their causes and evaluates their impact on the Russian banking sector. Emphasis is placed on the comparison between the crises in 1998 and 2008 and different policies of Russia and the USA to restore the stability of the banking sector in the context of Global Financial Crisis after 2008. The aim of the thesis is (i) to determine the impact of individual crises on the Russian banking system, economy and what has contributed to it. Consequently (ii) the second objective was to make recommendations on how to overcome these crises or at least reduce their severity.
Financial and banking crisis
Lysoňková, Jana ; Revenda, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of financial and banking crisis which is shown in relation to a specific case. It is divided into three chapters. The first part discusses general concepts such as currency, banking, debt and systemic crises. The second chapter offers a specific view of the current banking crisis in Italy, its brief historical and geographical development. It deals mainly with the non-performing loans of commercial banks and the slowing economic development. For this purpose, the thesis attempts to describe the Italian banking system, to explain the structure of banks and their main economic indicators. In the last part, a particular Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, is presented. The foundation, growth and its influence on the earth are discussed. The attempt is to demonstrate the reasons for its bankruptcy.
Foreign exchange reserves and their influence on performance of Czech National Bank
Sýkora, Tomáš ; Koderová, Jitka (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on foreign exchange reserves, which are closely related to performance of central bank, namely Czech National Bank. Theoretical part sketches out general concept of foreign exchange reserves and how to understand them in a balance sheet. Additionally, it shows their purpose in foreign exchange rate systems which are more detailed described bellow and what influence they have on performance of national bank. Practical part shows a development of foreign exchange reserves of Czech National Bank since 1993. First, due to fixed foreign exchange rate and then since 2013 due to intervention of Czech National Bank, it accumulated a huge amount of foreign exchange reserves in its balance sheet. That was the cause of open foreign exchange position. The thesis analyses the relation between foreign exchange reserves and performance of Czech National Bank, which hugely depends on revaluation differences of foreign exchange reserves. It also focuses on a dilemma, whether it truly is a problem for Czech National Bank to suffer a loss from expected appreciation of Czech Koruna after leaving the intervention obligation.
Independency of central banks
Pištej, Daniel ; Vejmělek, Jan (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of central bank independence and its relation on inflation development. The main point of the thesis is description and formation of the coefficient of independence, its distribution on individual parts and subsequent examination of influence of the degree of independence on the course of inflation and the magnitude of the deviations of inflation from target inflation rate on the selected sample of countries. Further, the thesis focuses on the analysis of the independence of monetary policy according to the trilemma and its subsequent comparison with the coefficient of independence. It is assumed that higher levels of central bank independence will lead to more favorable inflation developments, smaller deviations from targeted inflation rate and long-term sustainability. At the same time, the coefficient of independence will very much resemble the independence of monetary policy.
Monetary policy at a time of low interest rates and threat of deflation
Kochergin, Aleksei ; Gevorgyan, Kristine (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the Czech economy during the period of foreign exchange interventions, and several months after them in the situation of impending deflation. The topic is chosen to be the most up-to-date statement by the Czech National Bank council on the termination of the exchange rate commitment, which will undoubtedly define the domestic economy for a certain period of time. The thesis deals with aspects that have forced the Czech national bank to intervene in the foreign exchange market, it examines the state of the economy during the implementation period of the intervention, and then after the end of the exchange rate commitment. The work is divided into three main parts. The first part of this work explains the essence of monetary policy and its application by the central bank. The second part explains the economic nature of deflation and different views on this issue. The third part focuses on the analysis of the economic situation in the Czech Republic and the policy of the central bank. The result of this analysis will be the assessment of the success of selected strategy on the example of macroeconomic indicators and the evaluation of its adequacy due to the findings.
Analysis of the currency crisis in Russia
Nikonova, Inga ; Brůna, Karel (advisor) ; Šíma, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes the financial crisis in the Russian Federation, which happened in 2014. The theoretical part covers the necessary general information concerning the financial crisis: the definition, the causes of the origin and the general theoretical models of the crisis. This section also describes two types of crisis indicators, more specifically deals with modern indicators and generalizes the effects of the currency crisis on the economy. The analytical part focuses on the analysis of the financial crisis in compliance with the theoretical part. In addition, the author performs an econometric analysis of the change of exchange rate change on the change of modern indicators and conducts a regression model. In conclusion, the author summarizes the impact of the recent currency crisis on various areas of the Russian economy.
Securitization and financial crisis 2007-2009
Buev, Philipp ; Šíma, Ondřej (advisor) ; Obešlo, František (referee)
The aim of this bachelor´s work is to acquaint the reader with the issues of securitization, its specificity, its products and its role in the financial crisis 2007-2009, the work also aims to show why the long-terms risks associated with CDOs and MBS have been underestimated. The objectives and reasons for securitization are also described in this work. Attention is focused primarily on the US financial system due to the uniqueness of the US economy and also because the securitization has begun in the USA. In addition, the work examines the causes of the financial crisis 2007-2009, the importance of the credit rating agencies in the securitization process. This bachelor´s thesis analyzes in detail CDOs and MBS, the process of their creation and their relation to the financial crisis 2007-2009.

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