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The asssessment of reconstruction of damaged building by tornado disaster.
Došková, Veronika ; Doležalová, Monika (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the assessment of the reconstruction of a building damaged by a tornado. The first part is focused on basic terms from the field of real estate valuation and describes the issue at a theoretical level. It deals with the general procedure for dealing with property damage. It also considers a concrete solution to the situation of damage to a house by a tornado in the Czech republic in 2021. The practical part deals with the assessment of the feasibility of reconstruction or construction of a new house. The requirements for the reconstruction of a specific object are stated in the work. Subsequently, an itemized budget is drawn up, which calculates the costs of the reconstruction of the assessed building. For comparison, the second option is proposed, namely the demolition of the remains of the house and the construction of a new house. The goal of the work is to evaluate whether it is more profitable for the owner of the building to invest in the reconstruction of the damaged building, or rather to remove the damaged building and build a completely new building.
Determining the amount of insurance coverage for a structure damaged by a tornado
Souček, Martin ; Klika, Pavel (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of determining the amount of insurance compensation for a damaged object of a family house in the village of Hrušky in the Břeclav region. This work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, terms related to insurance and real estate valuation are defined. The practical part is dedicated to the actual solution of the problem, where the object is valued in a cost way in three time periods. At the end of work, the itemized budget determines the cost of repairing the damaged object to its original condition and assesses the adequacy of the amount of the final insurance payment.
The advantage of investment in the construction of a new and renovation of an obsolete building at the same standard
Sedláček, Martin ; Čech, Josef (referee) ; Pokorná, Sofie (advisor)
In the diploma thesis, the author deals with the answer to the question whether it is more economically advantageous for a specific investor to renovate his current property or to demolish and build a new one. In the thesis, the author will analyze the real estate market in the given location, based on which he will compile a database of sold and advertised real estate. He will use the comparative and cost method of asset valuation to achieve the result, and at the end of the work he will discuss the results, which he will evaluate and summarize in the conclusion chapter.
Functional and Economic Obsolescences in Property Valuation
Rathouzská, Bronislava ; Čech, Josef (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis is about functional and economic obsolescences in term of cost approach of market valuation. The diploma thesis deal with delimitation of obsolescences and ways to appraise them. For determination of economic obsolescences was used statistical datas. For determination functional ebsolescences of family house was used method of comparative the valued property with imaginary property for average investor on the market. Finally was reconsidered other possible methods for determination of functional obsolescences and their possible application on another types of properties.
Determination of the amount of insurance indemnity for a family house in Lovčičky
Pohl, Petr ; MSc, Michal Lukáč, (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with determination of the amount of insurance indemnity for the row house in Lovčičky, which was damaged by mudslide. In the first part of the thesis used methods and the most important concepts, needed for understanding the solved problems are explained. Second part is focused on valuation of real estate using the cost approach, determining the expenses for house repair by itemized budget and evaluation of the impact of repairs on the value of the property.
Analysis and design of the use of the existing building in Brno
Jeřábek, Ladislav ; Sadílek, Augustin (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
The thesis deals with the analysis and design of a new use of an existing building using the highest and best use method, also known as HABU. The first part focuses on the current state of knowledge and describes the issue in theoretical terms, mainly explaining concepts from the field of construction and real estate valuation. This chapter is supplemented by a research describing the use of the HABU method in the Czech Republic and abroad. In the following sections, the problem is formulated, the objectives of the solution are set and the procedures used to achieve them are also defined. In the design part, individual variants of possible use are presented, which are subjected to tests of the mentioned method. The option achieving the highest evaluation represents the highest and best use of the building.
Analysis and design of the use of brownfields in Pardubice
Pechánek, David ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on analysis and design of new use of brownfields. The solved brownfield is located on the territory of the statutory city of Pardubice. The thesis first describes the current state of knowledge concerning the issue of brownfields, including examples of already solved, similar projects. Furthermore, the methods that will be used in the creation of the design are presented and the initial data related to the solved brownfield are given. The proposal part of this diploma thesis presents a proposal for a new use of one of the brownfield subsectors and describes the phasing of construction. Then, the individual variants of the design are introduced, differing in the different trading of the building after its construction. These variants are then analyzed and compared. Using the analysis of HAB, the best possible solution variant is selected and a procedure for its implementation is proposed.
Branch text classification
Čech, Josef ; Raab, Jan (advisor) ; Spousta, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis follows up text categorization. In the first part are described several chosen algorithms for a categorization of documents - the Bayesian model, a categorization with a neural networks and a vector model. Practice part is focused on a algorithm vector model. The vector model is based on idea of two vectors. One vector represents a pattern and second a query. In our case first vector corresponds with a category and the second one with the document. Coordinates of the vector are weights of single words in the text or in the branch depends on, which vector we think about. For comparing are possible to use several procedures like Dice coefficient similarity, Jaccard coefficient or cosine similarity. In my thesis is used cosine similarity. Computing weights is based on frequency of the term in the document and on frequency of documents, which contain the term. Relevant terms are selected on Luhn simple ideas of significance words.
Assessment of Claims
Holomčíková, Hana ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to determine the insurance payment that should be paid to the insured person in case of fire of a detached house in Louka. The theoretical part defines basic terms related to valuation of real estates and insurance industry. The following practical part focuses on the valuation of the immovable property in Loučka using the cost approach in three different periods of time. Subsequently the expenses for repairs are determined by using the method of itemized budget, using BUILDPower S. Lastly the determined insurance payment is compared to the insurance contract.

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