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Instrumentation for study of nanomaterials in NPI REZ (New laboratory for material study in Nuclear Physics Institute in REZ)
Bejšovec, Václav ; Cannavó, Antonino ; Ceccio, Giovanni ; Hnatowicz, Vladimír ; Horák, Pavel ; Lavrentiev, Vasyl ; Macková, Anna ; Tomandl, Ivo ; Torrisi, Alfio ; Vacík, Jiří
Nano-sized materials become irreplaceable component of a number of devices for every aspect of human life. The development of new materials and deepening of the current knowledge require a set of specialized techniques-deposition methods for preparation/modification of the materials and analytical tools for proper understanding of their properties. A thoroughly equipped research centers become the requirement for the advance and development not only in nano-sized field. The Center of Accelerators and Nuclear Analytical Methods (CANAM) in the Nuclear Physics Institute (NPI) comprises a unique set of techniques for the synthesis or modification of nanostructured materials and systems, and their characterization using ion beam, neutron beam and microscopy imaging techniques. The methods are used for investigation of a broad range of nano-sized materials and structures based on metal oxides, nitrides, carbides, carbon-based materials (polymers, fullerenes, graphenes, etc.) and nano-laminate composites (MAX phases). These materials can be prepared at NPI using ion beam sputtering, physical vapor deposition and molecular beam epitaxy. Based on the deposition method and parameters, the samples can be tuned to possess specific properties, e.g., composition, thickness (nm-μm), surface roughness, optical and electrical properties, etc. Various nuclear analytical methods are applied for the sample characterization. RBS, RBS-channeling, PIXE, PIGE, micro-beam analyses and Transmission Spectroscopy are accomplished at the Tandetron 4130MC accelerator, and additionally the Neutron Depth Profiling (NDP) and Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNA) analyses are performed at an external neutron beam from the LVR-15 research reactor. The multimode AFM facility provides further surface related information, magnetic/electrical properties with nano-metric precision, nano-indentation, etc.
Ion beams provided by small accelerators for material synthesis and characterization
Macková, Anna ; Havránek, Vladimír
The compact, multipurpose electrostatic tandem accelerators are extensively used for production of ion beams with energies in the range from 400 keV to 24 MeV of almost all elements of the periodic system for the trace element analysis by means of nuclear analytical methods. The ion beams produced by small accelerators have a broad application, mainly for material characterization (Rutherford Back-Scattering spectrometry, Particle Induced X ray Emission analysis, Nuclear Reaction Analysis and Ion-Microprobe with 1 um lateral resolution among others) and for high-energy implantation. Material research belongs to traditionally progressive fields of technology. Due to the continuous miniaturization, the underlying structures are far beyond the analytical limits of the most conventional methods. Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) techniques provide this possibility as they use probes of similar or much smaller dimensions (particles, radiation). Ion beams can be used for the synthesis of new progressive functional nanomaterials for optics, electronics and other applications. Ion beams are extensively used in studies of the fundamental energetic ion interaction with matter as well as in the novel nanostructure synthesis using ion beam irradiation in various amorphous and crystalline materials in order to get structures with extraordinary functional properties. IBA methods serve for investigation of materials coming from material research, industry, micro- and nano-technology, electronics, optics and laser technology, chemical, biological and environmental investigation in general. Main research directions in laboratories employing small accelerators are also the preparation and characterization of micro- and nano-structured materials which are of interest for basic and oriented research in material science, and various studies of biological, geological, environmental and cultural heritage artefacts are provided too.
Theatre as a Window to the World of Mental Disability
Macková, Anna ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
The thesis provides a qualitative analysis of an autobiographical play based on journals written by a mentally challenged woman. The analysis is founded on authentic personal experience, the script of the play and a video recording of its performance. The empirical section is preceded by a theoretical introduction focused on mental disability in relation to theatre. The empirical section begins with the question: What can we learn about a mentally disabled person through theatre? The analytical process consists of three levels: a content analysis of the performance, an analysis of the author's perspective and the viewpoint of an implied spectator. The analysis shows that the story contains common autobiographical topics and the author barely reflects her disability. The creative perspective consists of the process of adapting the story into a play. Theatre also plays a therapeutic role and raises awareness. There is an imaginary window on the boundary between the stage and the audience, one that the author opens from within and the viewer from without. During the course of the play, the implied spectator becomes confronted with their prejudice and an accumulation of ambivalent feelings. This process ends in a catharsis and a genuine encounter with the actor's world and her spontaneity. KEY WORDS...
Freehand and guided drawing of children with Asperger Syndrome
Macková, Anna ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis concerns drawings of children with Asperger syndrome. It maintains of theoretical and empirical part. Theoretical part consists of three main chapters. First part includes Autistic spectrum disorders, particularly Asperger syndrome. Second chapter is followed up with children drawing - its development by common population, topics and diagnosis. The last chapter contains essay on specific drawing features characterizing persons with Asperger syndrome. Main task of empirical part incorporates case history of two children with Asperger syndrome and both - freehand and guided drawings analysis. The aim of the work is seeking significant features in the drawings of children with Asperger Syndrome, whether these signs relate to their diagnosis and comparing discovery with the literature. Keywords: Asperger Syndrome, freehand drawing, guided drawing
Ion beam modification of materials for optics, electronic and spintronics -ion implantation using accelerators or laser induced plasma ion generation
Macková, Anna
Ion beam modification offers a broad field of the creating the new functional materials and nano-structures for optics, electronics, spintronics and other material branches. Using ions produced by ion accelerators or implanters\nmeans the usage of the monoenergetic beams for precise doped layer, nano-particles or cluster creation by varying the ion implantation specie versus matrix combination together with the implantation energy, ion flux etc. Recently\nappears the multienergetic ion implantation which is realized by using of the intense laser shot generating plasma from the specially designed targets, where the ions are accelerated and can be then implanted into the various\nmaterials. This contribution will present an overview and comparison of different ion beam modification techniques, plasma ion implantation will be also mentioned.
Ion beam analysis in material research
Bočan, Jiří ; Macková, Anna ; Malinský, Petr
In 2005, a new accelerator Tandetron 4130 MC produced by HVEE, The Netherlands, unique in the Czech Republic, was installed in the Laboratory of Nuclear Analytical Methods at the Nuclear Physics Institute. During the whole year 2006, construction and development of two beamlines and four experimental setups for the nuclear analytical methods proceeded. These methods namely are RBS (Rutherford Back-Scattering), TOF-ERDA (Elastic recoil detection analysis with time-of-flight measurement), ion implantation and RBS-channeling. The first three methods are presented in detail in this article.
Ion beam analysis in material science
Macková, Anna ; Bočan, Jiří ; Malinský, Petr
In this paper we presented our results of complementary research using ion beam analysis for study of materials. Combination of RBS, PIXE and ERDA method enables us to characterize the elemental composition and the elemental depth profiles of complex multi-layer systems or study complicated difussion processes in different applications of material sciences. We described the newly installed methods TOF-ERDA and RBS-channeling and their application on material characterization and the results of testing of these methods at our workplace.
What is hidden in nuclei, let it show on the table...
Macková, Anna
The main goal of this contribution was to show using the simple way several experiments which demonstrated the important features of nuclear radiation (absorption, penetration abilities, scattering of particles). People are confronted with radiation every day (cosmic radiation, natural radioactivity). We presented wide range of applications of nuclear physics in our life (radiology diagnostics of tumours, ion beams for material research, fusion reactors for future source of energy).
What is the function and the application of TANDETRON accelerator?
Macková, Anna
The main task of contribution was to introduce new unique equipment which was attracted by journalists also. New accelerator TANDETRON enables wide range of applications of ion beams in new technologies. The laboratory of TANDETRON joined several parts of material research. The interdisciplinary research is nowadays the most growing and progressive discipline. The main goal of this publication was to show the application of ion beams and accelerators. This should contribute to the change of laic negative point of view on this discipline.

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