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Analysis of dynamical behaviour of slender structures and design of device to reduce vibration
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Krejsa,, Martin (referee) ; prof. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA (referee) ; Salajka, Vlastislav (advisor)
Thesis deals with the modeling of pedestrian excitation of structures and obtaining the corresponding dynamic response of the structure. The trend of modern slender structures places more emphasis on the accuracy of modeling pedestrian dynamic excitation, which is difficult because of the intelligent behavior of pedestrians and the biological nature of the modeled pedestrian. First part of the thesis deals with traditional models of pedestrian excitation, based on application of pedestrian ground force to the model of construction. Models are explored on a model of slender footbridge for many different excitation variants in order to explore the specifics of the force excitation application and the structure response calculation. In second part of the thesis biomechanical pedestrian models are developed, including inertial forces, to calculate the pedestrian interaction with the structure. Parametric studies carried out on simplified structural models research the influence of design parameters of biomechanical models on dynamic response. The aim is to obtain a more accurate model of the pedestrian-construction system for refinement of the design of structures. The design of a tuned mass dampers for the reduction of pedestrian induced vibrations is also explored. Tuned mass dampers are devoted to parametric studies that deal with the influence of design parameters of the damper on the efficiency and design requirements of the device. The aim is to explore the design parameters and their influence on the efficient and economical design of the device. In the thesis were developed two biomechanical models, a simple biomechanical model with one vertical degree of freedom and a bipedal model of a human walking. Models have proven a certain degree of interaction when exciting light footbridges by one pedestrian. Bipedal model then also brought a partial insight into the mechanics of walking and the causes of pedestrian contact forces.
Proposal for the use of social networks to support the web portal
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Molnár, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Jelínek, Ivan (referee)
This thesis deals with the proposal of utilization of social networks to increase the competitiveness of the web portal focusing on gastronomy. It focuses on the proposal of marketing activities for the social network Facebook. The first part defines the basic concepts of social networks, their marketing possibilities and the concept of Competitive Intelligence. The second part contains the proposal of the web portal in terms of user, administrative, financial and social requirements. Based on the requirements, the appropriate technologies are compared and selected. The third part analyzes the activities of competitive web portals on the Facebook social network using appropriate tools. The fourth part introduces a proposal for marketing activities on the Facebook social network for the web portal.
Marketing plan of fitness Natálie in Český Brod
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Marketing plan of fitness Natalie in Český Brod Objectives: The aim of this bachelor work is based on analysis of marketing plan, which was applied in 2014, to suggest adjustment of marketing plan for 2015 and 2016. Methods: In bachelor thesis was used qualitative research methods. Particularly it involves about depth interview with manager of fitness and two regular clients of fitness Natalie. Next research methods were unstructured observation of marketing mix and analysis of documents. Results: One of most significant results of competition analysis is discovery that fitness Natalie, in comparison with other fitness centers in Český Brod and its near surroundings, promotes most intensively its services. Most significant Natalia's opportunities are lower interest of young people in competitive fitness centers in Český Brod and its near surroundings. Most significant Natalia's strength is amount of opening hours during week. Between most important adjustments of fitness Natalia's marketing plan belong creation weekly schedule of fitness services, reduction amount of fitness machines and creations of rest zones. Keywords: Marketing mix, product, competition, fitness services
Management of Co-operation with Customers
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Ondrůšek, Jan (referee) ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused to CRM systém design, which will help with communication with customers a looking for new potential customers. Bachelor thesis is focused to analyse current situation in provision of services and number of customers. Suggestions on solving which will lead to better communication with consumers and better utilization gained informations, will be solution of this work.
Evulation of the Financial Situation in the Firm and Proposals to its Improvement
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Červenka, Ondřej (referee) ; Jaroš, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis called “Evaluation of the financial situation in the firm and proposal to its improvement” is analyse of the financial situation using selected financial analysis methods. This master’s thesis contains some recommendation for problem solving in the areas of financial management in Raciola company. I have used financial data from 2006 – 2010 in this master’s thesis.
Payment cards on the Internet
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Čermák, Radim (referee)
This thesis deals with payment options on the Internet and is primarily focused on payment cards both in terms of their risks of use, and their popularity from the perspective of merchants and customers. The thesis is divided into six chapters. The first part talks about available payment methods when paying in Czech e-shops. The second part is relates to payment cards in terms of the brief description of its development, current situation, classification, security, security risks and security policies. The third section provides a brief definition and classification of electronic payment systems. The fourth section presents a survey analysis using payment preferences of the Czech e-shops to see what payment methods they offer, which one they prefer and why. Especially if they enable the payment with the payment card and what led them to approve that, or vice versa discouraged them. The fifth part is based on a research from the fourth chapter and its aim is to evaluate the most widely used payment gateway in the Czech Republic. The sixth part deals with the paying preferences of a customer; which method are they using the most, what is their most favourite method and what are the barriers when paying with payment cards on the Internet. Objective of this thesis it to evaluate, based on analyses from customer and merchants point of view, online payments and payments with the payment card. The aim is to find a consensus between customers and merchants, what kind of payment method is preferred by both sides and determine the barriers in paying with the card, since the payment method cash on delivery still prevails on the Czech market.
Alternative Method of Solution for LP Problem
Hanzlík, Tomáš ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Rada, Miroslav (referee)
Linear programming (LP) stands for an optimization of a linear objective function, subject to linear and non-negativity constraints. For this purpose many methods for LP emerged. The best known is Simplex Method. Another group of methods for LP is represented by Interior Point Methods (IPM). These methods are based on interior points of feasible region of a problem, while Simplex Method uses basic feasible solution of a problem. This thesis focuses on theoretical background of IPM and brings it into relation with algorithms based on IPM. KKT system and its significance are included and the algorithm solving Linear Complementarity Problem is discussed as well. In this thesis, two algorithms based on IPM are introduced and used for solving a sample LP problem.
Kupní smlouva v mezinárodním obchodě
Lukovská, Radana ; Malý, Josef (advisor) ; Hanzlík, Tomáš (referee)
V dnešní moderní české společnosti již nejsou mezinárodní obchodní vztahy ničím neobvyklým či mimořádným, a proto jsem se ve své diplomové práci rozhodla blíže popsat kupní smlouvu v mezinárodním obchodě. Pochopení významu kupní smlouvy je stěžejním úkolem dobrého obchodování. Mezinárodní kupní smlouva představuje významný právní instrument pro mezinárodní směnu zboží, kterou lze považovat za nejstarší formu hospodářských styků mezi zahraničními subjekty. Je zřejmé, že mezinárodní kupní smlouva má základní význam pro právní úpravu mezinárodního obchodu.

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