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Stanovení vybraných kovů pomocí kapilárních elektroforetických technik
Kleclová, Jaroslava
There is described a electromigration separation method for the analysis of low concentrations of copper with the possibility to detect a Wilson disease in my thesis. There were developed a methodology and propitious electrolyte systems, which can pre-concentrate copper prior to its on-line analysis. The developed electrolyte system for analysis had the following composition: LE1 (1.10-2 M CH3COOH, 2.10-2 M CH3COONH4, 2.10-4 M SPADNS), LE2 (1.10-2 M CH3COONH4, 1.10-2 M NH4OH, 1.10-4 M BKP, 5.10-5 M PAR, 5.10-3 M C6H17N3O7) and DE (7.10-5 M Cu(CH3COO)2, 1.10-3 M CH3COONH4 a 1.10-2 M CH3COOH). With a suggested electrolyte was achieved almost seventyfold accumulation of copper during 42 minutes, which lowered the concentration detection limit on the level convenient for the detection of Wilson disease. Complete analysis took about 98 minutes. There was accomplished a conductometric detection of copper in my thesis, however the developed electrolyte system can also analyze a copper by photometric detection, which is more sensitive.

Qualitative analysis of transgenic rice line Bt 63 using PCR
Ovesná, Jaroslava ; Hodek, Jan ; Pavlátová, Lucie
Principle of the assay is to discover in the sample of DNA 83bp lenght specific nucleotide sequence of transgenic construct of Bt 63 rice in the border of Bt gene and the NOS terminator. After amplification of target DNA, the PCR products are separated by way of elektroforesis in agarose gel. The final 83bp lenght PCR product is visualizated in UV light as a shining strip on gel in certain position.
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Degree of difficulty in performing activities of daily living in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
KAAS, Jiří
Theoretical foundation: Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic system disease manifesting itself particularly by inflammatory joint impairment. The main problems confronting daily the patient include pains of the motor system and fatigue. The disease has typically long, progressive development, and although it does not cause directly the patients' death, it reduces their life by some ten years on average. The serious character of the disease consists in the fact that the motor abilities of the individual are gradually impaired. At the beginning the patients must avoid major physical activity, often give up their hobbies and sometimes even their jobs. In the most serious cases, the disease may even prevent the patients from performing basic self-service activities. Goal of the thesis: The goal of the thesis consists in mapping the level of problems of rheumatoid arthritis patients at performing daily activities. Hypotheses - H1: Rheumatoid arthritis patients feel discomfort when performing common daily activities, H2: Rheumatoid arthritis patients make use of supporting and compensation aids when performing common daily activities, H3: Rheumatoid arthritis patients make use of another person's assistance when performing common daily activities. Methodology: The research part of the thesis was implemented based on quantitative inquiry within the grant Project No. 120/2012/S ?Reflection of life quality in nursing?. The actual research made use of HAQ standardized questionnaire, distributed among the rheumatoid arthritis patients. The size of the research set was set at 200 rheumatoid arthritis patients from all over the Czech Republic. The respondents were chosen based on quota selection, striving to observe the proportion of men to women at 3:1, i.e. 150 women and 50 men. When searching the respondents, organizations associating patients with the respective diagnosis were first approached. All results obtained were statistically processed in the SASD (Statistical Analysis of Social Data) program. Descriptive statistics were used. Results: The results can be divided into three areas, by the related hypotheses. The first part of the results gave information on the degree of discomfort felt by the individuals when performing specific common daily activities. It was found out that the patients see the most difficult activity in taking down an item from a place above their head and bathing in the bathtub. The second area brought information on the aids used to perform common daily activities. The respondents named dressing aids or handgrips at the bathtub most frequently. The third and last area brought the answer to the question what activities require another person's help. The patients named reaching or opening of things most frequently. But an essential part of the patients stated not to need any help of another person in common daily activities. Based on the results, the hypotheses were evaluated as follows: H1 - Rheumatoid arthritis patients feel discomfort when performing common daily activities - confirmed, H2 - Rheumatoid patients make use of supporting and compensation aids when performing common daily activities - confirmed and H3 - Rheumatoid arthritis patients make use of another's person when performing common daily activities - not confirmed. Conclusion: The thesis provides a detailed and comprehensive view on the issues of performing common daily activities in rheumatoid arthritis patients. The results can be used both by practical nurses and by students of nursing and related disciplines. The thesis can also constitute foundation for further research. The thesis results will be also presented and published.

Rajonizace lesních půd ČR v závislosti na jejich acidifikaci a nutriční degradaci
Ústav pro hospodářskou úpravu lesů, Brandýs nad Labem ; Ústav pro výzkum lesních ekosystémů, s.r.o., Strašice ; Hruška, Jakub ; Macků, Jaromír ; Beranová, Jana ; Cienciala, Emil ; Vopěnka, Petr ; Černý, Martin
Projekt zpracoval metodiku rajonizace lesních půd na základě jejich ohrožení acidifikací a nutriční degradací. Postup zpracování vstupních dat je dokumentován a připraven k implementci v lesnicko-hospodářském plánování. Výsledkem projektu je metodika, jejímž výsledkem je rastrová vrstva pokrývající celé území ČR, je navržen i obecný postup začlenění výsledků Rajonizace do map v provozním měřítku. Metodika je připravena s dokumentována tak, aby ji bylo možné využít jako podklad pro zpracování legislativního předpisu, který bude sloužit jako jeden z nástrojů lesnického hospodaření a lesnické politiky.

Nursing practices internal medicine in context with the development.
Nursing methods are understood as a collection of knowledge and instructions about how to perform nursing in order to achieve the most effective nursing care. It's not a set of fixed rules. Their development relies on the development of medicine and technology. They are in accordance with medicinal and technological knowledge. The goal of this thesis is to map the development of certain nursing methods in internal departments from the second half of the 19th century to the present day. It has been a qualitative research carried out by studying and analyzing written documents. This thesis was based on searching, sorting and consequent processing of historical archived publications and contemporary professional sources related to this topic. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the history of nursing. It contains a brief description of the beginning of nursing along with the factors which have influenced nursing. Foundations of modern nursing have formed thanks to Florence Nightingale, who also influenced the development of nursing in the Czech lands. The history of Czech nursing is mostly concentrated around the period of the world wars. The second part is dedicated to specific nursing activities concerning healthy living spaces, rooms for patients, patients? beds and their modifications, care of patients? hygiene and monitoring the vital functions. The timeframe begins at the first half of the 19th century due to the establishment of real nursing professions at that time. Individual stages are ten years long. They indicate complex development of specific nursing methods from their beginnings to the present day. Mapping the historical development of certain nursing methods can contribute to the modern nurse's work. Past knowledge can help them to avoid mistakes and use of outdated methods. My thesis may also lead to a reflection of current methods, which may be replaced by more advanced ones.

Preparation procedure of dwarf pine stands removal in the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. summits
Maděra, P. ; Šenfeldr, M. ; Buček, A. ; Tippner, A. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Culek, M. ; Friedl, M. ; Vavříček, D. ; Pecháček, J. ; Špinlerová, Z. ; Matějíček, J.
The report describes a preparation procedure of dwarf pine stands removal in the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. assessing selected hazardous environmental phenomena possibly occurring in case of its realization. The hazards include hydrological conditions change, rill erosion, sheet erosion, intraskeletal erosion, snow movement, soil retention change, increase in visitors movement, timberline and spruce growth line change, and biomass quantity. A calculation of damage to forest owners due to dwarf pine stands removal from woodland is supplemented. The procedure was certificated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (Certification No. 101637/2012-MZE-16222/M45).

Education and care of nurses Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo operating in the Czech Republic.
SUKUPOVÁ, Dobromila
Current state: The Congregation of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo is the largest congregation of nuns in the Czech Republic. Its charism living mercy in contemplation is still valid. Religious sisters mainly care for sick people, the aged and the needy people, as they were serving them in the beginning of their history. The topic of this paper 'Education and care of nurses Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo operating in the Czech Republic' is original and has not yet been treated to such extent and with this focus. Some works have been written and published, but they cover our topic only partially. This study is a compilation of information, enriched with memories of those sisters who remember the early days. The aim of the thesis: The first aim of this thesis is to map education and care of nurses of The Congregation of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo in the Czech Republic in its historical development with emphasis on health care and social facilities. The second aim is to compare education, care and status of religious sisters in the health-care team in each historical period. Methodology: In this thesis qualitative research was employed. There were two procedures of data collection used: exploration of written documents and narrative interviews. The research file for narrative interviews consists of ten persons. All respondents are women, members of The Congregation of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo, who attained appropriate education for the profession of a nurse and carried out this job in a hospital. Respondents were segmented into three groups according to respective historical periods. The first historical period starts with the arrival of religious sisters from France to Prague in 1837 and finishes in 1948. The second historical period follows up the previous one and ends in 1989. The third historical period spans the time from 1989 till the present. The total number of recorded and assessed interviews is ten. Narrative interview were recorded on a voice recorder and consequently transcribed into the written form and further processed. To analyze the text we used open coding, performed by the paper-and-pencil tests. Findings were interpreted using 'card sorting' technique. Results: Education and care of nurses of Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo have always met the requirements of concrete times. Specific aspects of care for the sick and the needy was also influenced by other factors. Among others the development od medical science and political situation of individual historical periods. The care of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo has always been based on their dedication and the vow of mercy. Conclusion: This is a compact work, describing education and care of nurses of Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo in contexts of different historical periods and in broader connection with the history of nursing care.

Determinants of nurses work on internal departments of the South-Bohemian region
Basic theoretical background: The background of elaboration of this thesis was the fact that the perception of the occupation of a nurse has also changed remarkably with the requirements of the developing society. The present labour market mainly demands erudite, qualified general nurses that are able to work flexibly and independently under various conditions, to educate themselves independently, and to absorb new experience. The introduction of the theoretical part deals with more detailed identification of nurses' work and focuses on the individual attributes affecting nurses' work, like education, job contents and competences. One of the chapters also focuses on the personality traits necessary for the job of a nurse and on the organisation of work at internal medicine departments. The second part of the theoretical work then analyses the main determinants of the work. The aims of the thesis, questions and hypotheses: Three aims were set to meet the main purpose of the thesis. Aim 1: To identify the main determinants of the work of general nurses at internal wards. Aim 2: To map satisfaction among nurses from internal wards of the South Bohemia Region. Aim 3: To map the burnout syndrome among nurses from internal wards of the South Bohemia Region. Four research questions were asked in the qualitative research part to achieve the aims. RQ 1: What are the work determinants most often mentioned by the nurses? RQ 2: Are nurses satisfied with their work conditions? RQ 3: What motivating elements have the nurses experienced during their practice? RQ 4: How are nurses informed of the burnout syndrome phenomenon? Five hypotheses were consequently set for the quantitative research. H1: Nurses with tertiary education identify poor organization structure as the most important determinant of their work more than those without tertiary education. H2: Nurses with tertiary education perceive lifelong education as a motivating element for improvement of nursing care quality more than those without tertiary education. H3: Nurses with 10-year or shorter experience in internal medicine express the feeling of satisfaction with their work more than nurses with longer than 10-year experience in internal fields. H4: Nurses with 10-year or shorter experience in internal medicine express satisfaction with their working conditions more than nurses with longer than 10-year experience in internal fields. H5: Nurses with longer than 10-year experience have more experience with the burnout syndrome occurrence than nurses with 10-year or shorter experience. Methodology: Both the qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques were used in this thesis. The results for the first phase of the empiric research were obtained by means of semi-structured interviews led with twelve general nurses working at internal medicine specialized departments of four hospitals of the South Bohemia Region (České Budějovice, Tábor, Prachatice, Jindřichův Hradec). The results of the research were consequently analysed and categorized. The second part of the empiric research contains the results of the quantitative research based on data obtained by an anonymous questionnaire designed for general nurses working at internal medicine specialized departments of hospitals of the South Bohemia Region (České Budějovice, Tábor, Prachatice, Jindřichův Hradec, Písek, Strakonice, Český Krumlov). The obtained data were then classified, described and processed first by descriptive statistics into graphs by means of Microsoft Office Excel 2010 and statistical evaluation of the hypotheses was consequently performed. The hypotheses were tested by the chi-square test in a contingency table. The chosen significance level was 5 %.

Present-day tourism in Krkonoše with focus on cadastre unit of Špindlerův Mlýn (charting of current service supplies)
Bachelor thesis elaborates charting of tourism in specified area of Krkonoše with more focus on cadastre unit of Špindlerův Mlýn. The introduction defines aims of work, followed by theoretical solutions and methology with suppositions. Furthermore it deals with physical-geographical and socio-geographical territory characteristics. In the following practical part tackles tourismus development in Špindlerův Mlýn regarding catering and accomodation establishment, visit rate according to nationalities and provided service survey. Furthermore it deals with analysis of tourist trade potential in a particular Krkonoše region resolving the natural, cultural and implementary prerequisites of particular communities. In conclusion there are the practical part evaluation, hypothesis verification and work aims recapitulation. A list of tables, pictures, diagrams, maps and abbreviations also is a part of the thesis, with a list of applied literature and the appendix part.