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Ergonomics of Home Environment for Patients after Spinal Cord Injury. Subtitle: Importance of Ergonomics and its Impact on Self-sufficiency of Patients
Veselková, Eliška ; Hradilová, Iva (advisor) ; Krulová, Anna (referee)
The thesis deals with ergonomics of home environment for patients after spinal cord injury. The main aim of the thesis is to highlight the importance of ergonomics and its impact on self-sufficiency of patients. It focuses especially on quadriplegic patients. The first theoretical part of the thesis summarizes general findings about spinal cord injury which are followed by characteristics of quadriplegic patients. The expert knowledge of ergonomics and occupational therapy shows their close interconnection linked with the issues of home environment of patients. The theoretical part is concluded by a list of requirements for wheelchair accessibility in home environment in accordance with Decree No. 398/2009 Coll. on general technical requirements to secure barrier-free usage of buildings. The second practical part of the thesis investigates the problem situations of three quadriplegic patients in detail. The main focus of the thesis is to examine the patients and their home environment. The tool Quadruplegia index of function was modified for this purpose to assess self-sufficiency and the methodology SEMAFOR home: Smart Evaluation Methodology of Accessibility FOR home was used to identify the problem areas of home environment of the patients. The results of the test methods were completed by the...
Identification and Assessment of Ergonomic Risks in a Workplace from the Employer's Point of View
Vyroubalová, Klára ; Beneš, Martin (referee) ; Schüllerová, Barbora (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the risk assessment in area of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), concrete ergonomic risks in a workplace. Analysis of the current state evaluation OSH area, ergonomics and methods for the identification and risk management. The main task of this thesis is to analyze current state, evaluate ergonomic risks and find measures to eliminate risks proposed by financial evaluate on a model company.
Design of Handlebars with Integrated Stem and Light
Skřivánek, Tomáš ; Řezníček, Svatopluk (referee) ; Sládek, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the design of road-type hanlebars with integrated light. In my thesis I deal with the designer and technical analysis, which I follow up with my own solution. The main goal was to create unique shape solution with integrated elements, together with functional and ergonomic aspects.
The purpose of design for hand tools
Remeš, David ; Fiala, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This thesis deals with the effect of the design on hand tools. In the first theoretical part of this thesis, individual manual operations carried out during manufacturing are being further analyzed. The next part then focuses on the individual aspects of the product design and its influence on the hand tools. Followed by the processing of achieved parameters in handwork. The experimental part of this thesis deals with adjustments of the tap wrench´s handles made for manual cutting of internal threads. The utilization of the material when selecting a semi-finished product from blanks as well as the evaluation of the manufacturing in this way itself are also closely described in this part.
Design of wireless microphone
Vičíková, Kristýna ; Haltof, Vladimír (referee) ; Ondra, Martin (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor‘s thesis is design of wireless handheld microphone that transmits speech during presentations. Current design in this area is very uniform. The main goal of this thesis is to create unconventional design using nontraditional material from Matério for surface of the microphone. Important aspect at this type of product is ergonomy. Design aims to create option to change position of hand.
Design of Electric Scissors for Fabric
Nyklová, Klára ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Fridrichová, Eva (advisor)
Topic of this bachelor´s thesis is a design of electric scissors for fabric. The work deals with analysis of contemporary state of knowledge, basic technical parameters and own design solution of eletric sccisors for fabric. The aim of this thesis is visually attractive design, which will fulfill all technical, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.
Design of a multifunctional leg rest box
Schmidtová, Markéta ; Košťál, David (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a multifunction car box, which increases the comfort of children in car seats. The first part will describe requirements for ergonomically correct seating and development of the child. The height positions will be defined from these data and then the design solution will be executed. In the end stressed states and optimized solutions will be proposed.
Computer workstation ergonomics
Long-term work with computer spent in non-physiological position may be the cause of many health problems, but also leads to less performance of the workers. For these reasons, both employees and employers should be concerned about the correct ergonomics of working places and jointly create a healthy and pleasant environment for work. The topic of this thesis is very relevant due to the fact that still more people have been working in administration and with computer. The purpose of the thesis was to determine the level of implementation of ergonomic requirements on workstation for employees working in the office and suggest corrective actions to improve their working conditions. The survey was conducted in the administrative facility of a company, where the employees work in open space offices. Data were obtained using a questionnaire survey and subjective views of the workers were objectively verified by ergonomic measurement of workstations according to the valid legislation. For the research were established the following hypotheses: Hypothesis 1: The Ergonomics of workstations is inconvenient. Hypothesis 2: Workers with health problems of the musculoskeletal system more often sit in a wrong position during work. Hypothesis 3: Length of continuous work with the computer has an impact on the incidence of health problems. Hypothesis 4: Comfort at work is affected by the use of ergonomic aids. After evaluating the results, it was found that the only hypothesis that was confirmed was hypothesis 3. The other hypotheses were refuted. According to the results employees have got appropriate working conditions. T results will be provided to employer, who can make the conditions even more improved and more accurately adjusted. In addition, a flyer will be created as an output for practice, which will contain picture of the correct working position and instructions on how to simply set up the furniture so that the correct position could be reached.
Physiotherapy for patiens with sedentary jobs suffering recurrent pain in the cervical spine
This Bachelor thesis is about the issue of repeated pain in the cervical spin at patient with sedentary occupation. The aim of my work was to delineate the possibilities of various methods of physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy in the form of a complex therapeutic plan and to devise a set of exercises serving not only for therapy but also prevention of functional defects in the area of the cervical spine. I choose mostly from methodologies I met during my studies and convinced of their abilities. Inn the theoretical part there is a great attention focused to anatomy, function of cervical spine and functional disorders in this area. certain degree of importance has also been focused in describing the ergonomics of seduction and correct body shifting during sitting in the working process. Conclusion of the theoretical part creates selected physiotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of pain in the cervical spine at patients with sedentary occupations. The practical part was created thanks to the method of high quality, which was elaborated in the form of causes of three women from the age 45 to 50 years. They worked in a job requiring sitting at a minimum of eight hours a day, five days a week. These women had an input kinesiology analysis supplemented with a photographic documentation. On its basis was made a comprehensive therapeutics plan with individual therapies which was taking place once a week for two months. At the same time, they received a set of exercises, which were selected with regard to the possibilities of their everyday implementation at the office during their working hours. At the end of the research there was done an output examination. It was completed with photos and the subjective assessment of the condition and feelings of respondents. This bachelor thesis can be helpful not only for physiotherapists in the clinical practice dealing with problems of repeated cervical spine pains in patients with sedentary occupation, but also for the general people who can be in the state of endangerment of the origin of this prolact or by its permeability.
Foundation of a Healthcare Institute for Employees
Bartoň, Jaromír ; Tomášková, Iva (referee) ; Šopíková, Jana (advisor)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to make a business plan for the Foundation of a Healthcare Institute for Employees. The theoretical part deals with the basic information about a business plan. The practical part is focused on specific business plan for the establishment the Foundation of a Healthcare Institute for Employees.

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