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Uncertainty of Indirect Measurement Determined by Monte Carlo Method
Novotný, Marek ; Havlíková, Marie (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with determination of uncertainty in measurement, primarily with regard to the indirect measurement. There is theoretically analyzed and practically implemented calculate the uncertainty coefficient ent - speed multiple hole probe Annubar 485 in two ways. The first way is to calculate the uncertainty of the classical met-hod and the second one is the uncertainty using the Monte Carlo.
Slide Bearings for High Pressure Pump
Novotný, Marek ; Petr, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to design the journal bearings for high pressure diesel pump which is part of Common rail system from Motorpal Company. This producer is also submitter of this diploma thesis and as a result it is expecting the reduction of cost price and possible transfer to the diesel oil lubrication. Firstly, there is sum up of issues of high pressure pump by Motorpal. The next part of the thesis describes the journal bearings and its construction, tribology of the journal bearings and also the overview of the materials. These materials are currently being used for securing long time usage and do not require service maintenance during lifespan period. In the practical part there is applied the Multy Body System (MBS) approach with rigid bodies and after that there are used analytic relations, which however do not include impact of movement of the journal center during dynamic stress. The thesis concludes with a comparison of results of both calculations and determination of bearing parameters, which according to the calculations ensure an achievement of hydrodynamic lubrication.
Optimalization of CMOS Chip Interconnection Process for Higher Current Load
Novotný, Marek ; Mach,, Pavel (referee) ; Hulenyi,, Ladislav (referee) ; Szendiuch, Ivan (advisor)
This work deals with silicon chip interconnection with a view to high current up to 10A. A wire bonding method is used for interconnection. The first part of investigation is focused on the modeling and simulation by the help of program ANSYS. Thermo mechanical stressing and current density is important parts of this research. Stress and current density distribution are results of the first part. The experimental part describes transition resistance, electro migration and thermal process in the connection of wire and chip pad. A controlled current source (0 – 10A) is used for measurement. The current source makes it possible to 4-point method measurement with sampling rate 1,5MHz.
Real Estate Activities
Bobková, Lucie ; Novotný, Marek (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The main motive of this work is that real estate agents and professionals engaged in real estate activities are negatively perceived by society. We assume that the professional misconduct of estate agencies, often mentioned in the media, is due to a lack of professional expertise. Therefore, we deal with the issue of education level of skilled workers at the real estate market in the Czech Republic. In a sample of 72 respondents, we try to find the level of professional expertise. This thesis notes and compares legislative standards and criteria for the performance of real estate activity in the CR and abroad. Further maps initiatives to improve the expertise and efforts to change legislation that would generally lead to a controlled expertise increase of the real estate segment at the market. It touches, examines and attempts to define the basic columns of expertise required for qualified performance of real estate activities
Excercises for Data Acquisition for BEMS course
Novotný, Marek ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Čejka, Miloslav (advisor)
The content of this thesis is to understand a field of data acquisition. There is explained what it is data acquisition and also there are described frequently used terms and principles, which belong to this theme. We have to understand how to get useful information from a specific physical effect or event; how can be this information processed or represented. A part of this thesis describes hardware side of this mechanism – the most used buses and measuring systems, cards and modules belonging to it. There are also described used developing and measuring programmes, their features and system of output of applications besides. In the thesis we can see which tasks can use data acquisition, which problems can appear and we have to know about them. As an example of the whole data acquisition there are showed two tasks which are worked out in system of LabVIEW. Both tasks work with real mechanisms so they get real data and we can work with them further.
Modelling of thermo-mechanical stress in lead-free solder joints after thermal aging
Maslák, Marián ; Novotný, Marek (referee) ; Vaško, Cyril (advisor)
This work deals with issues of descriptions program ANSYS, and simulation thermo-mechanical stress, charakteristic cause of creation fails accelerated aging.
Semiconductor chip interconnection
Mareš, Petr ; Vaško, Cyril (referee) ; Novotný, Marek (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with contacting semiconductor chips using wirebonding. Opening chapters devoted to technology interconnect chips with the enviroment and materials to use. Much of this work is devoted to simulation wirebonding connections in Ansys. The simulations are engaged in examining thermomechanical stress in wires and current density at contacts.Results carried out simulations are measured with a focus on reliability and stressability of individual wirebonding connections. Part of this work is also practical measurements current stressability of wirebonding connections. At the end of the work was examined how to change the current stressability wires after the application of glue on contact.
Directives for Creation and Billing od Adjusting Items
Novotný, Marek ; Sitařová, Blanka (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
Master´s thesis proposes a Directives for Creation and Billing od Adjusting Items in Mikita Fashion s. r. o. company. Indispensable is amount of assets in company and that is account of adjusting entry important part. The Directives for Creation and Billing od Adjusting Items consolidate rules their account in company.
Programs for calculating measurement uncertainty using Monte Carlo method
Novotný, Marek ; Havlíková, Marie (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
The thesis deals with establishing uncertainties of indirect measurements. It focuses primarily on random number generators in software enabling the calculation of mea-surement uncertainties using Monte Carlo. Then it focuses on the uncertainty calculati-on indirect measurement as the Monte Carlo method and the classical numerical met-hod. The practical part deals with the verification of randomness generators numbers contained in various softwares. It also deals with the determination of uncertainties indi-rect current measurements by both above-mentioned methods and then comparing and evaluating the values achieved.
Cooling effect on growth of intermetallic compounds in lead-free solder joints
Faldyna, Martin ; Novotný, Marek (referee) ; Vaško, Cyril (advisor)
This work deals with issues of process optimalization of lead-free soldering. The aim of this work is demonstrate of cooling on grow intermetallic layers during lead-free solde ring process and a hold intensity of cooling on joint quality. The experiment was performed with two types of solder pastes: Sn/Ag/Cu a Sn/Bi/Zn. The final samples were appraised in light of wet-ting, size of intermetallic layers, optical estimation solder and sudar stress test.

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