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Graphical user interface for embedded applications
Bránecký, Peter ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Petyovský, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor work deals with the design and implementation of a graphical user interface for the Raspberry Pi Pico Kit development board. This board is built around the Raspberry Pi Pico platform. Furthermore, the work deals with the processing of user input from keyboard and mouse via the USB interface, generation of image output for the VGA interface on the development board and usage of microSD card for loading and storing data.
Automation of genotype data calculations
Janásek, Josef ; Štohl, Radek (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This work is focused no creating application which automates work with applications Structure, Structure Harvester, CLUMPP a Distruct. These applications are used to work with genotype data for studying population structures. Automatization design for these purposes is then worked to an app which includes a user-friendly interface for easing the work as uploading data, filling in parameters for calculations and displaying results. Tis app is created on the platform .NET.
A modular streaming service with cloud storage
Kluka, Daniel ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Kratochvíla, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a modular streaming system with cloud storage. The aim is to design a cheap and reliable solution using smart home. An open-source Home Assistant system running on Raspberry Pi 4 with an application available for Android and iOS has been chosen as the control system of the smart home. For this system, two versions of smart cameras are proposed in this thesis, one with colour vision and the other with black and white vision with the possibility of seeing infrared light at night. The main microcontroller of the cameras is ESP32-CAM model AI-THINKER. Both cameras are used to test computer vision methods with image streaming capability.
Material edge detection system
Hodák, Dominik ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Honec, Peter (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the design of a sensor for detecting the edge of materials during rewinding. At the beginning of the thesis, the rewinding line itself is described, there is a description of some sensors suitable for sensing the edge of the material and a short overview of commercial optical barriers. Subsequently, the selection of a suitable sensor, computing platform and communication interface is carried out. Various input filters are then tested and the operation of the finished sensor is described. Next is a description of sensor testing. At the end of the work, several possible improvements to the current sensor are presented.
Camera testing
Frigyik, Tomáš ; Kratochvíla, Lukáš (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of capturing raster images using cameras and the current state of this issue, the appropriate setting of camera parameters that include external and internal parameters, the design of a measuring set for testing these parameters, while using the designed patterns generated on the monitor. This work also deals with the design of suitable models for setting parameters, the method of their generation and processing. The next part of this work shows a set of images and their processing, evaluation of the properties of the proposed processing procedure and determination of applicability of patterns.
Detection of changes in the image
Čech, Jan ; Zemčík, Tomáš (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is finding changes in two similar pictures made in different periods. This task belongs to the field of computer vision. To solve this problem different methods of computer visions are used in several solution versions. Program is working with two scenes. In final version are objects from both scenes compared. The result is written into logging file.
3D scanner
Bezecný, Martin ; Janáková, Ilona (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns the problem of 3D object reconstruction from it's photographs. The aim of thesis is to study the problem of 3D reconstruction using photogrammetry and then apply these findings to create a program that implements the reconstruction.
Variants of the active triangulation technique
Sýkora, Vojtěch ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Janáková, Ilona (advisor)
This thesis is about method called active triangulation, specifically about measure systems which using mirror in it. In thesis is explain principle of active triangulation and principles of other optic measuring technic. Then there is described design of measuring system, its calibration and finally the measurement itself. The possibility of using a telecentric lens for measuring systems based on the principle of active triangulation is also tested. All programs are written using MATLAB.
Applications of Machine Learning in Predictive Maintenance of Industry 4.0
Navrátil, Tadeáš ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
The thesis develops machine learning algorithms for use in the Industry 4.0 concept. The main focus is on predictive maintenance and visual inspection. In the theoretical part, the thesis focuses on a literature search of machine learning methods in the field of anomaly detection in time series and image data. The practical part deals with the reimplementation of the selected methods and their evaluation using the confusion matrix and metrics based on it
Optical granulometry
Dohnálek, Martin ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Kunz, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of macroscopic particle size detection during freefall using computer vision. The measurement results can be used to verify other granulometric methods, or in the industry as a simpler alternative to conventional methods. Particle sampling takes place in flight and particles may overlap. Because of this, the data is recorded by a high-speed camera on the scene with fit-to-purpose lighting. The components of the proposed algorithm are: background removal, localization of potential particles, segmentation using the watershed method, determination of particle size. Using image correlation, the fall velocity and the number of particles in the sample are also determined. Experiments confirmed that the measured particle sizes of the sample correspond to the sizes determined by the traditional sieving method and are consistent even on repeated measurements. The correctness of the speed determination was verified by a theoretical calculation. When determining the effect of the sample’s dustiness on the quality of detection, resistance to the presence of dust up to 10% of the sample weight was found.

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