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The Work Specifications of a Radio Sports Reporter: Development of the Profession from the 60s until the end of the 90s
Schröderová, Simona ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to map the changes to the profession of a radio sports reporter during the sixties and throughout the nineties. The theoretical part focuses on the influence historical events and technological innovations in the period had on the development of the profession. New technology affected the work routines of reporters but also enabled new competition to be created, specifically television, therefore this thesis also focuses on the relationship between the two media. Together with the specifications of the sports reporter profession, this thesis in its research part, also focuses on the development of radio sports genres. The thesis offers definitions of these genres along with analysis of certain sports broadcast from the archive of the radio sports department from Czechoslovak and later Czech Radio. The focus is on the analysis of the specific genres and the used lexical variations. The thesis introduces the most famous names of sports broadcasting such as Stanislav Sigmund and Karel Malina. Interviews with Miroslav Bureš and Aleš Procházka - also well-known sports broadcasters - are a part of this thesis.
Director of Czechoslovak Radio Jiří Horčička
Paruchová, Adéla ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to describe the life and work of the director of Czechoslovak Radio (and later Czech Radio) Jiří Horčička. In the first part, the author briefly presents the history of Czechoslovak Radio and explains the contemporary context in which Jiří Horčička worked. The author pays special attention to the artistic field in the radio. Furthermore, the work briefly deals with the development of Czech radio drama and mentions the most important milestones in its history. The most important part of the work is devoted to the life and work of the director. The author deals with Horčička's childhood and his radio beginnings (for example, working in Disman's Radio Children's Ensemble). The work describes Horčička's directorial beginnings and is especially devoted to his first major work, the dramatization of Čapek's War with the Newts. It shows the beginning of Horčička's promotion of a new style in the development of modern radio production. At the same time, the work reflects the achievements of Czech radiophony in the 1960s at home and abroad. The author then devotes to the director's work during normalization and his staging of works of classical literature. The author also introduced Horčička's approach to stereo broadcasts, which fundamentally influenced his work. In the "Journey to...
Radio drama and its origin in Czechoslovak broadcasting
Kalčák, Filip ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
This thesis focus on the part of the radio history, which was not comprehensively described in professional literature yet. It analyzes beginning of the radio drama in Czechoslovakia. Theme compilate a lot of different sources and in many ways do pioneering job. This thesis is separated into a few parts. At first, thesis focuses on the brief history of radio in twenties and thirties of the last century, which is necessary to understand the evolution of radio drama. Also it describes what radio drama is and how it's created. The main part is dedicated to the history of radio drama in First Czechoslovak Republic with the mention of principal characters. In the thesis there is also information about the essential radio dramas. Keywords Radio drama, radio, Radiojournal, theatre, history, First Czechoslovak Republic, rhetoric Title/název práce Radio drama and its origin in Czechoslovak broadcasting
Beginnings of private radio broadcasting in the Czech Republic: the case of Radio Alfa
Skalický, Matěj ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the Czech media landscape was getting its second wind. The boom in the private sector of the broadcasting landscape of Czechoslovakia, and later the Czech Republic, was unprecedented. However, it often preceded the legislative changes of the reborn state. Society-wide changes were followed by granting of first experimental licenses to local radio broadcasters, but in 1993 the Broadcasting Council decided to provide the transmitters to two nationwide stations - Frekvence 1 and Radio Alfa. Alfa was, in fact, the first nationwide private radio in the Czech Republic which started broadcasting on September 13, 1993. During six years of existence, it has earned its place on the private radio market in the Czech Republic. Until today, a little legacy of this frantic time has been retained, therefore it is even more important to remember the existence of Radio Alfa through memories of radio journalists who formed the radio during that time and experienced this key stage of the Czech media market in the 1990's. This is also the aim of the thesis, which offers a comprehensive picture of the origins of commercial radio broadcasting in the Czech Republic (with emphasis on so-called dual broadcasting system) through a case study of Radio Alfa, including research...
Music online journalism: iReport and Musicserver websites and application of theoretical concepts of journalism
Šindlauerová, Marta ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the application of theoretical concepts of journalism into the environemnt of two most popular music websites Musicserver and iREPORT. In the theoretical basis for the topic are featured the basic characteristics of online journalism and the problematic nature of the term "ideal critic". Furthermore, there are at first theoretically established and afterwards analyzed the concepts of agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity and bias, participative journalism, user generatec content, professionalism, hypertextuality and intertextuality, the usage of social networks, tabloidization and the analysis will also touch upon the issue of name transformation to fit the Czech language. There is also a semiotic and visual analysis of chosen samples performed. On the basis of concepts, the paper intends to explain the functioning of the websites, the aspects that are influencing their content, the factors that have an effect on the selection of the content, the means of working with the audience, the problems in terms of objectivity in the art criticism, the requirements laid upon the editorial staff members and the level of influence upon the readers. Keywords online journalism, theoretical concepts, Musicserver, iREPORT, music, agenda-setting, gatekeeping, objectivity,...
The Musical programming of Czech alternative radio stations
Pyatkina, Maria ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
This master's thesis studies and compares the methods that Czech alternative radio stations, Radio 1 and Radio Wave, use while creating the music component of their broadcast. Their alternative format defines their specific approach towards music, which is appealing for this type of research. The theoretical part of this thesis provides insight into the issues of the radio station's musical programming, describes the alternative radio format and the studied radio stations, including the musical component. Music directors and DJ's go through decision- making processes in a similar way that news editors write news articles. That is why the second part of this thesis applies the gatekeeping research framework to the musical programming. Based on the interviews with the radio station's music directors and DJ's, this thesis discovers a wide range of aspects that affect alternative radio station's musical broadcasts. The gatekeeping research levels help to compare these influences within the two stations.
The Differences between Public and Commercial Radio Broadcasting (exemplified by Radiožurnál and Rádio Impuls)
Dolejšová, Kristýna ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
Diploma thesis The Differences between Public and Commercial Radio Broadcasting (exemplified by Radiožurnál and Rádio Impuls) deals with differences in broadcasting of public radio station Radiožurnál and commercial radio station Rádio Impuls. The selection of stations was not random. Radiožurnál stays according to Radioprojekt, official radio audience research realized by companies MEDIAN and STEM/MARK, the longterm most listened radio station of Czech Radio and belong to most listened radio station countrywide. Rádio Impuls is since the begining of this research most listened radio station countrywide. Diploma thesis does not examine general differences in radio broadcasting between these two radio stations which are valid for another radio stations of Czech Radio and for other commercial radio stations. Instead of this it deals with specific differences in their radio broadcasting. After introductory inclusion of examined radio stations to media system in the Czech Republic, description of their origin and current format, other chapters focus on individual differences. Attention is dedicated to programs, news, moderators' inputs and two publicistic programs - Ranní interview and Tři Impulsy na tělo. Last chapter evaluates audio, lexical, morphological and syntactical level of moderators'speeches.
Radio medallion of Iveta Radičová, the first woman Prime Minister of Slovakia
Vohlídal, Václav ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Maršík, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis is constructed from two parts. Practical part that is attached separately as a wav. File and theoretical part that should serve as an addendum to the practical project. The goal of the practical part is to illustrate the life and career of Iveta Radičová, former prime minister of Slovakia and professor of sociology. Practical project is conceived as a opinion journalism radio piece, that could be broadcasted on any public or private radio station. The project contains interview with Iveta Radičová and other people. Words from the author and historical sounds taken from various media which illustrate career of Iveta Radičová. Theoretical part serves as an addition to the recorded material, it aims to explain why and what was chosen.

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