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Geneticky podmíněné onemocnění degenerativní myelopatie psů
Křížová, Jana
Degenerative myelopathy i s an adult onset neurological disease mostly in dogs at old age. First signs are ataxia and weakness of hind legs due to demyelization and axon loss in the white metter of spinal cord. There is higher prevalence of the disease i some dog breeds such as German Shepherd Dog, Boxer and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Studies have shown strong association between risk of developement of the disease and SOD1 gene mutations. SOD1:c.118G>A appears among wide range of breeds and SOD1:c.52A>T seems to be exclusive for Bernese Mountain Dog. SOD1 gene station causes similar neurological disease amongs humans called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and degenerative myelopathy is the first spontanously onset model for amyotrophc lateral sclerosis.
The mortality of cardiovascular diseases in the Czech Republic and selected EU countries
Křížová, Jana ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Pechholdová, Markéta (referee)
This thesis deals with the problems of cardiovascular diseases in Czech Republic and selected EU countries. Over the long term mortality in the Czech Republic there are changes in mortality rates. Largest fluctuations in the intensity of mortality were caused just cardiovascular diseases. These changes can be explained by the greater part of the changing economic and social factors, eating habits and decrease levels of some risk factors. On overall cardiovascular mortality in the long term the most involved two groups of diseases, ischemic heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. In international comparisons, the differences in the development of cardiovascular mortality between developed countries and the former socialist countries considerable.
The risk of chronic lesions after radiation therapy in patients with breast cancer
Breast carcinoma is the most common cancer in women. In 2009, 5,975 new cases were diagnosed in the Czech Republic. One of the main treatment modalities is radiotherapy, which, besides bringing treatment effects, may also cause post-radiation changes that significantly influence patients? quality of life. The work focuses on monitoring the occurrence of post-radiation changes following radiotherapy as part of breast carcinoma treatment ? chronic radiodermatitis, hypodermic fibrosis and lymphedema, all at Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno. After the end of radiotherapeutic treatment these changes are monitored by the physicians during regular checks and classified on the RTOG/EORTC scale. I used a set of 98 patients (97 women and 1 man) treated at the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno between 1998 and 2009 who suffered from the mentioned post-radiation changes. The data was assessed upon the purpose, radiation equipment used for the radiotherapy, and the degree of the studied conditions. Occurrence of lymphedema prior to radiotherapy was statistically analysed as well. All the patients received the same dose of 50 Gy with a standard fractionation scheme of 25 fractions by 2 Gy, and therefore no evaluation of coincidence of the applied dose with the risk of chronic changes occurrence was possible. Consequent changes occurred in 74 % of the studied patients. Statistics shows that patients who received radiation treatment of mamma or chest and regional lymph nodes were at higher risk of suffering chronic changes to the skin and higher risk of lymphedema, but at lower risk of hypodermic fibrosis.
The incidence, prevalence, letality and fatality from cancers in the Czech Republic
Křížová, Jana ; Mazouch, Petr (advisor) ; Malečková, Romana (referee)
In the past few decades, the Czech Republic took place significant changes in mortality rates. The objective of this study is to determine the development of cancer in the Czech Republic over the last forty years. Indicators of morbidity and mortality are being used. Emphasis is placed on the current development of all cancers in this country and further detail on those cancers that affect most of our population. In the very end, based on the results of the mortality tables, are analyzed the changes in life expectancy depending on the elimination of the deaths of some cancers. This model can use as an idea of how many years would, on average, our population lingered longer, if the cancer did not cause of death.
Preparation of web presentation on fundamental conceptions in computer physics
KŘÍŽOVÁ, Jaroslava
This Bachelor's Thesis has undertaken to acquaint high school students with basic information in the field of computer physics. The work is conceived as a textual overview which does not aspire to provide a specialization base for scientific work, but is primarily aimed at understanding the basic terms. In the introduction, I deal with the definitions of computer physics. The chapter entitled Hardware and Software Devices of Computer Physics begins with a brief description of the architecture of the computer and its historical development. This is followed by the basics of programming with a short overview of programming languages. In the chapter entitled Computer Modelling, I present a brief characteristic of this field and acquaint the reader with the basic terms and techniques of modelling. In the following chapter, the reader is acquainted with the principles associated with hybrid modelling as well as the Monte Carlo method. The fourth chapter is intended to be an interesting demonstration of modern trends in computer modelling. In the last chapters, I deal with the brief characteristic of programs that are most commonly used in the field of computer modelling (MATLAB, Fluent and COMSOL Multiphysics).
EPR spektroskopie volných radikálů a antioxydantů v rostlinách
Stopka, Pavel ; Křížová, Jana
We studied reactive oxygen and nitrogen reactive species (ROS, RNS) using EPR spectroscopy in plants. We proved the antioxidation capacity of moravian wines and interaction of humic acid complexes with selected paramagnetic transition metals.
Aplikace EPR/ESR spektroskopie v ekologii
Stopka, Pavel ; Křížová, Jana
We studied short lived reactive oxygen species by EPR spectroscopy. We have found the toxic properties some chemicals by free radical generation.
Organizational Architecture focused on the Strategy of Profit-Oriented Enterprise
Křížová, Jitka ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Pirožek, Petr (referee)
The thesis is a critical classification of the business activity of the selected subject. The explanation of the organizational architecture (the background, structure, strategy, culture) is provided to the reader in the theoretical part of the thesis. The analytical part reflects the organizational architecture of the concrete business unit. It is interested in the background of this unit and discovers its culture. The main attention is paid to the strategy of this business unit. The modifications which are based on the external and internal analyse, will assure high-quality offered services, increase of effectiveness, will create competitive advantage and will bring long-term development of this business unit.
Current aspects of credit support for Czech exporters on the Russian market? With focus on the activities of the Czech Export Bank.
Kadečková, Vendula ; Štěňhová, Božena (advisor) ; Křížová, Jaroslava (referee)
Diplomová práce je zaměřena do oblasti proexportní politiky České republiky, konkrétně na státní podporu financování exportu. Přibližuje rostoucí příležitosti pro české exportéry na ruském trhu ve spojení s podporou exportu poskytovanou Českou exportní bankou. Popsán je i vývoj, postavení, aktivity a služby poskytované touto bankou. Celá problematika týkající se průběhu státem podporovaného vývozu na ruský trh je zdokumentována na příkladu fiktivní firmy Technodrev a.s., která využije služeb České exportní banky při realizaci vývozu investičního celku. V práci je zmíněna i proexportní politika v Evropské unii.
Analýza organizační architektury hotelu - Corinthia Towers Hotel
Křížová, Jitka ; Dědina, Jiří (advisor) ; Křečková, Renata (referee)
Práce analyzuje organizační architekturu Corinthia Towers Hotelu. Organizační architekturu dělí na čtyři prvky - účel existence podniku, stavební materiál, styl a nástroje řízení. Každý z těchto prvků je detailně rozebrán a hodnocen ve vztahu k efektivnímu chodu hotelu.

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