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Family Members' Roles in Physical Therapy in Patients with Brain Damage: Subtitle: Engagement in Gait Reeducation.
Chlebovská, Julie ; Táborská, Silvie (advisor) ; Šebková, Natálie (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Julie Chlebovská Supervisor: Mgr. Silvie Táborská Opponent: Name of the bachelor thesis: Family Members' Roles in Physical Therapy in Patients with Brain Damage Engagement in Gait Reeducation Abstract: This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of involvement of family members in physical therapy of patients with brain damage, specifically in gait reeducation. The aim of the thesis is to describe the current situation of the issue by interpretation of literary sources and answers of respondents, to draw attention to possible shortcomings and to create a proposal to improve the current situation. The thesis is theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of brain damage, rehabilitation of patients after brain damage, reeducation of gait and the current situation of involvement of family members in physical therapy. The practical part was done by qualitative research methods. Data was collected by a semi-structured interview method, interviewed were three patients after brain damage, their family members and their physical therapists. Analysis of the data obtained was processed in the form of a summary report. The results demonstrate that there are currently major shortcomings in this field of physical therapy. There is no comprehensive system...
Communication strategy of the brand ODIVI
Šebková, Natálie ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Communication strategy of the brand ODIVI" analyses marketing-orientated communication of this well-known brand, which was founded by Czech fashion designer Iva Burkertová. In the first section, the thesis deals with the concept of fashion in a social and historical context, focuses on its properties and describes the fashion market and its structure. The second section describes fashion marketing and the main theoretical concepts associated with it. The third chapter focuses on the brand description and determines its origin, the main collections, vision and mission, positioning, it also characterizes the main target group, defines brand competitors etc. The next section analyses the current marketing mix of the brand. The research section is based on the content analysis, which qualitatively describes selected communication tools of the brand ODIVI and focuses on their main positive and negative aspects. The SWOT analysis is applied for the identification of the current operation and future opportunities and threats. Lastly, the thesis presents results of primary research conducted through the content analysis, responds to the predetermined hypothetical questions and proposes concrete recommendations to improve the communication strategy for the future.
Woman after breast cancer surgery in productive age and their return to employment from the view of occupational therapy
Fockeová, Erika ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Šebková, Natálie (referee)
Breast cancer in women of productive age is a huge problem of the current population. Approximately 52% of women, which were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, were aged 20-64. The aim of this thesis is to discover the influence of surgical solution of breast cancer on women return to their original profession. There were 68 suitable participants, who received surgical treatment, were aged 20-64, with finished treatment and who went back to their original employment. The results show that amongst manually working women, 60,9% return to their original employment, in administrative 78% return, which, in acceptance region of 0,05 (p = 0,142), is not a statisticaly significant difference. Furthermore, it was not found that age and lenght of treatment are connected (p=0,040). It appears that the time it takes to return to employment is significantly connected to the type of operation (acceptance region 0,05, p=0,046). This research shows how important it is for women after breast cancer treatment to receive timely rehabilitational intervention and to return to employment and how this affects their quality of life. Key words: Breast cancer, occupational therapy, return to work, cancer survivors, quality of life, quantitative research
Physiotherapy after total hip replacement. The use of selected Bobath concept elements in patients after total hip replacement
Francová, Anna ; Nováková, Petra (advisor) ; Šebková, Natálie (referee)
The theoretical section of my bachelor thesis is divided into two sections - the general and the special. The general section is focused on the anatomy and the kinesiology of the hip joint, the theory of the Bobath concept and on the coxarthrosis and its solution using the total hip replacement. The special section contains the preoperative phase, but especially the postoperative and the posthospital phase. It includes also a mention about some special physiotherapy methods, which we could use in patients after total hip replacement. The main chapter in the special section is The use of Bobath concept in patients after total hip replacement. The practical section contains two case histories of patients to whom was indicated the implantation of total hip replacement because of coxarthrosis. The main aim of this thesis is to choose from Bobath concept those elements that are suitable in patients after total hip replacement and to verify the effectiveness of these elements. The second aim of my bachelor thesis is to verify if these elements are possible to use in hospital inpatient ward. Key words: Total hip replacement, Bobath concept, physiotherapy, coxarthrosis, motion stereotype

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