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Determinanty euroizace ve vybraných evropských ekonomikách
Vaněk, Petr
Vaněk, P. Determinants of euroization in selected European economies. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The diploma thesis analyzes the determinants of deposit and loan euroization spec-ified by literature. In general terms, unofficial euroization reduces the impacts of monetary policy. The thesis identifies statistically significant determinants by using regression analysis of panel data for four selected euroized countries in Eastern Eu-rope: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. Based on the results of the analysis, the thesis proposes recommendations to the makers of economic policy in relation to euroization in the selected economies.
Apartment house in Pelhřimov
Vaněk, Petr ; Hnízdilová, Aneta Aya (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with documentation for the execution of the construction of new building apartment house in Pelhřimov. It is the house with two above-ground floors with partial basement. The apartment building has five flats. Every flat has one cellar in basement. The loadbearing masonry is designed from clay bricks POTOTHERM with contact thermal insulaton system. The objekt is roofed with a flat roof with a pea gravel.
Multi-function Cultural Centre "Creative City" in Brno
Macková, Eliška ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor)
The diploma thesis Multifunctional Culture Centre ‘Creative City’ Brno deals with the architectural study of rebuilding and extension of the former prison building in Bratislavská and Soudní street in Brno for cultural, social and commercial purposes. The project includes a new use of the existing building for creative industries, commercial activities and services. There are apartments in the new extension. The parking places are situated below the ground level in the northern part of the complex. The building complex creates a pleasant environment contributing the creativity.
Multi-function Cultural Centre "Creative City" in Brno
Psotta, Jakub ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor)
The theme of this diploma work is an architectural study of reconstruction of a former prison in Cejl street, Brno. It suppose to be a multifunctional cultural center, which should provide spaces for an artisctic activity primarely for young artists. The plot is to be found in Brno, city part Zábrdovice. It is located nearby city center and covers the area of almost 8000 m2. It is surrounded by streets Cejl, Bratislavská and Soudní. Object should serve as a base for young artistic enterpreneurs and companies aimed to artisctic industry and culture. This function will accompany a residential function and function of temporary accomodation.
The Facility Location Problem for an Alternative Delivery Service
Vaněk, Petr ; Červinka, Michal (advisor) ; Habibi, Arash (referee)
The main intention of the bachelor thesis is to introduce all necessary theory to under- stand and apply the facility location problem for an alternative delivery service. Solving the facility location problem we are able to find optimal warehouse locations to minimize transportation costs from a firm to customers. Our attention is focused on an alternative delivery service which is slowly becoming to be taken seriously in logistic disciplines be- cause many companies are trying to apply drones or robots for shipping goods. The first part of this thesis deals with an important theoretical background needed to understand the facility location problem. Microeconomic view of the problem is presented, basic knowledge of mathematical programming with algorithms is explained and the facility location problem itself is defined. Moreover, each step of the branch & bound algorithm for the facility location problem is explained on an example from Prague. In the practical part of the thesis, we solve a real problem for the Czech company which would like to im- plement a drone delivery service in Prague. Finally, we discuss future technical progress and its impacts on autonomous delivery service, legislative and privacy problems with a drone delivery system in Prague and other possible usage of autonomous vehicles in...
Stochastic models in theory of the firm
Vaněk, Petr ; Kopa, Miloš (advisor) ; Hendrych, Radek (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is the stochastic extension of deterministic models belonging to the theory of the firm. The thesis deals specifically with finding optimal solutions for deterministic and stochastic problems of production maximization, cost minimization and profit maximization. At first, basic concepts of theory of the firm are introduced in this work and also there are listed deter- ministic optimization problems with their solutions. Then these deterministic models are extended by random input prices and random demand. A stochastic programming solution is proposed for each extension. The end of this bachelor's thesis deals with the practical stochastic problem of production maximization, which illustrates the dependence of the optimal solution on the input parameters of the model. 1
Modelling of changes of the intracranial pressure (ICP) during physiological and pathological processes
Vaněk, Petr ; Otáhal, Jakub (advisor) ; Suchomel, Petr (referee) ; Sameš, Martin (referee)
The more we know about the circulation of CSF through ventricle system, brain parenchyma, subarachnoideal space and the development of intracranial pressure (ICP), the more we understand different pathologies and pathological processes of the central cervous system. The knowledge about the basic hydrodynamic charecteristics of craniospinal system is a key factor for understanding a wide range of pathological situations affecting CNS, these are for example intracranial hypertension, normal pressure hydrocephalus and syringomyelia. In the presented paper, we are presenting a newly developed measuring system Visionbrain that enables us to gain the biological data and consequently to analyse them. At the same time, the results of such measurements were used to specify the compertmental model of CSF circulation. The model devides craniospinal system into five divisions - two intracranial and three spinal. Such model is the third generation of this model and, compared to the older version, it includes two intracranial veins. Thanks to this stucture, the model enables us simultaneous modeling of heart and respiratory pulsations of CSF. Compared to the other published models, it also includes defined structure of spinal part. The model is derived using laws of conservation and it encompasses pressure...
Communication strategy of Peugeot Czech Republic in 2012-2014
Vaněk, Petr ; Klimeš, David (advisor) ; Strielkowski, Wadim (referee)
The first part of this bachelor thesis "The communication strategy of Peugeot Czech Republic in the years 2012 - 2014" focuses on the introduction of the theoretical base, which is essential part of the other parts of this thesis. There are introduced concepts such as marketing mix and communication mix and the term "major sport event" is here defined. The second part contains a presentation of the French brand Peugeot and its Czech branch Peugeot Czech Republic. The history of this big French company is described and via descriptive method there is defined the situation of Peugeot Czech Republic in the current Czech car market. In the third, fourth and fifth part of this thesis there is an analysis of the communication strategy of Peugeot Czech Republic in the years 2012 - 2014. Firstly, there are always listed the sporting events of the current year, followed by a brief summary of all campaigns by the company Peugeot Czech republic from the same year and in the last parts there are compared major sports event with all those campaigns by Peugeot Czech Republic. The final sixth part contains a comparison of the intensity of each campaign across the years 2012 - 2014. Campaigns are also compared based on other criteria and the final recommendation for the use of sporting events in the communication...

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