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Involving users in the psychiatric care reform
Wolfová, Magdaléna ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the involvement of users of psychiatric care in the process of planning and realization of psychiatric care reform at the macro level of policy making. The aim of the research is to describe and understand this involvement. In the research are describer possibilities of participation in the phases of involvement, its form, purpose, formal regulation of opportunities, expectations of respondents, perceived power and barriers in involvement. The data was collected during interviews with key actors and studies of relevant documents. The results relate to the theoretical concepts of coproduction, patient-oriented care, strategic and human rights documents (the Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities). The element of power is described through the typology of Sherry Arnstein's participation ladder. Evidence of interviews indicates elements of tokenism and disadvantages. There is a low (one-person) representation of users in reform bodies, lack of time for discussion in consultative bodies, lack of information and lack of capacity (people, time, resources) for greater development of patient organizations. Respondents have identified barriers as the socio-economic situation, lack of capacity for macro-level involvement, mental health constraints or...
Hospice Home Care in the Czech Republic
Kušnirová, Žaneta ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of hospice home care policy by identifying key events and actors who express themselves in the Czech Republic about the issue of hospice home care. From a methodological point of view, a qualitative approach is chosen. The research design of the thesis is a historical case study that allows to chronologically capture key events of origin and development of hospice home care in the Czech Republic. The work uses both secondary data and primary data. Primary data were obtained by eight expert interviews with members of a professional society, hospice home care providers, insurance companyand doctors. The author explains the development of hospice home care in the Czech Republic from 1989 until present through key events. In addition, the author identifies key actors and their value beliefs in the area of hospice home care on the basis of advocacy coalitions theory. She further analyzes the creation of possible coalitions of these actors. The thesis, using the view of questioned experts, identifies the main problems and barriers of the hospice home care system in the Czech Republic.
Preventive politics of children's mental health problems in schools
Dománková, Hana ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on prevention and promotion in children's mental health on primary schools. Through mixed research design it explores institutional setting and current state of implementation of preventive and promoting activities at schools. It also gives a few "good practice" examples from other countries. The theoretical basis is drawn from public policy and health policy concepts - from public policy there is used the policy cycle framework, the governance concept and street-level bureaucracy theory. From health policy, this thesis uses the public health concept and primary prevention. The results show that meanwhile the issue of children's mental health prevention and promotion is taken very seriously on international level of governance and similar attitude was shown in schools themselves when questioned, the situation is different on the national level of governance. In particular, there is no explicit policy targeting this issue which leads to many inhomogeneous, fragmented activities on street-level (in schools) which then makes it very hard to evaluate, whether they have or have not the desired impact on children's mental health.
Social acceptability of smoking and unintended consequences of tobacco control in the Czech Republic
Pešková, Olga ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis "Social acceptability of smoking and unintended consequences of tobacco control in the Czech Republic" offers an understanding of the question whether the smokers in the Czech Republic are stigmatized in connection with denormalization strategies, whether and how public policies contribute to them and what their unintended negative consequences on the health of citizens in various forms. Research from a semi-structured in- depth interview with smokers revealed that they perceive that smoking is neither normal nor modern. While there was no stigmatization among respondents, as demonstrated abroad, some elements suggesting stigmatization were present. Some smokers feel that they are negatively perceived by the neighborhood, as manifested by their relatives, as well as negative verbal and nonverbal expressions from the wider environment. The negative consequences of stigmatization in respondents to this research, unlike foreign experiences, did not show up in the social and health spheres and did not imply a significant change in cigarette consumption of a given smoker. The influence of public policies on stigmatization of smokers has also not significantly materialized in this research.
Health promotion programs of health in primary schools in the South Bohemian Region
Dubská, Linda ; Zelinková, Anna (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
Tato diplomová práce se věnuje tématu podpory zdraví na základních školách Jihočeském kraji. Pozornost je věnována současné situaci v dále jsou zkoumány jednotlivé programy. Text dále sleduje, jak ředitelé základních škol a pracovníci Státního zdravotního ústavu hodnotí účinnost programů podpory zdraví. Na základě kvalitativního šetření mezi zmíněnými aktéry jsou identifikována se do značné míry liší úrovní propracovanosti. Přínosem práce by mělo být zjištění aktuální situace při implementaci vybraných programů podpory zdraví, zhodnocení efektivnosti a návrhy opatření na zlepšení zjištěné situace.
Health promotion programs of health in primary schools in the South Bohemian Region
Dubská, Linda ; Tumová, Anna (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
This thesis on the topic of health promotion programs in primary schools in the South Bohemian Region deals with projects that focus on the health of pupils attending primary school. The aim of the study was to find out what is the attitude of directors selected primary schools in the South Region to programs promoting health. Another objective was to evaluate the attitudes and assessment of Directors to use the effectiveness of these programs. The research is divided into theoretical and practical part, the theoretical focuses on the basic concepts, such as e.g. health, healthy lifestyles, health promotion programs, prevention, health determinants like. In other parts of the work are described individual health promotion programs, which schools are offered in the South Bohemian region, which surveyed schools also utilize. In the practical part is based on research, which is divided into two blocks. The first block is focused on the director of elementary schools and one block refers to providers of health promotion programs. In connection with the set goals, it was found that the level of implementation varies widely because headmasters somewhere implementation have been very sophisticated and large number of programs elsewhere is only a few programs and implementation lags. Following the partial...
Postgraduate medical education in Czech Republic: Young doctors captured between formal and informal institutions
Šíchová, Tereza ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This master thesis deals with the field of postgraduate medical education. The main goal of this thesis is deeper understanding of problems in the educational system. By means of a qualitative research the thesis explores the problems and causes of current postgraduate educational system from the perspective of young physicians. The research is based on a series of semi-structured interviews with physicians who are currently passing through a phase of postgraduate medical education. Results of the survey show the most questionable fact, according to participants, is the lack of the educational leadership which is supposed to be secured by the assigned supervisor. Despite the formal rules, this role is often ensured merely formally or is missing at all. Participants also mentioned difficulties related to accomplishing of specialized practical training and required procedures. Both of them are frequently subordinated to informal rules. The main findings are based on revealing the causes of problems mentioned above. The reasons of ascertained discrepancy are introduced with the theoretical help of the theory of informal institutions by G. Helmke and S. Levitsky. Through the lense of chosen theory the issue is that there is insufficient efficiency of formal institutions. Therefore, prospective solution should...
Advertising of OTC as a public policy issue
Kosinová, Kamila ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with over-the-counter drugs and their consumption in the Czech Republic. It describes effects of over consumption of OTC on human health. According to data analysis, OTC consumption is connected with health risks and problems when used improperly. Thesis describes information about current consumption and misuse in the Czech Republic and worldwide. It also describes the regulations of OTC advertising. Advertisement does influence consumer's behaviour and it needs to be regulated. The sanctions of breaking the law are inappropriate because pharmaceutical companies do not lack money and it does not threaten them. The analytical part is dedicated to quantitative and qualitative analysis of the most popular OTC analgesics in the Czech Republic. The focus of the analysis is especially on the persuasive techniques used in advertising and how the OTC are displayed. In the end I suggest the possible solution and evaluate them.
Formation of the Health Policy in Vysočina Region
Hájek, Jakub ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis Formation of the Health Policy in Vysočina Region is interested in the development of the health policy of the Vysočina Region and the creation and utilization of policy documents aimed at the health care. The constitution of regional public administrations in 2000, the abolition of districts in 2003 and the transfer of hospitals to the region brought new competences to regions. One of them is the health care administration. Originally, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, and later self Vysočina Region decided to prepare a conceptual document, which would describe the current situation of the regional health service, define objectives and goals for its future direction. Vysočina Region authority started with arrangements of regional health care strategy in 2003 and finished 2007 with Zdravotní plán kraje Vysočina, which was not fully completed. Program Zdraví 21 pro kraj Vysočina and Koncepce eHealth Kraje Vysočina were presented later focused on other areas of health and health care. This thesis is interested by the formation of health care policy in Vysočina Region. The most important questions are how Vysočina Region authority prepared the strategic papers, how are these strategies applied and how is used the feedback in a renewal of the plans. There will be also compared the...
Human rights for persons with cognitive impairment in the social services
Čápová, Helena ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
In modern European society, there is not the slightest doubt that all people, regardless of gender, age, race, and health status have the same rights as guaranteed, which are called human rights. According to the existing laws and agreements (referred to in the work) and according to the generally accepted rules, the human rights are inalienable, with the exception of serious and precisely specified reasons. This work deals with the problem of how to balance this elementary right with the fact that for people with cognitive impairment it is sometimes necessary to carefully consider some form of restriction of their rights. The aim of this work is to find a definition of the human rights for the elderly with cognitive impairment. Secondary objectives are to describe the social services standards in relation to human rights and the subjects who are involved in supervising the observance of the rights, and the current status. The selected issues were viewed through the implementation theory, the concept of street-level bureaucracy, and the quality of life. The thesis is based on analysis of available secondary data and expert interviews. The acquired data show that although in the Czech Republic there are a number of institutions dealing with human rights, only a few of them are concerned with the rights of...

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