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Savings of drinking water in the flats of the type TO6B
Tomáš, Rostislav ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Renata, Renata (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with saving drinking water supplied in the operation panel house type T06B . Saving solutions drinking water is proposed the use of gray waste water where their collection and subsequent purification will lead to further use. Treated gray wastewater is subsequently used primarily to flush fixtures. For different height levels of the type of building are designed with individual technological units . The proposal includes an assessment of saving drinking water , determination of operating costs and expenses for the purchase of technological equipment .
Management of gray water and rain water
Kocourková, Michaela ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Renata, Renata (referee)
Evolution and advancements of human activity is unstoppable, still we should not forget about basic natural processes which proceed no matter how man can influence them. Water is one of the main constructors of life and is necessary for function of everything live on the planet Earth. It often is categorized among the inexhaustible resources, still there lacks enough drinkable water. It is consumption grows in recent years with fast development of cities. It is the most important part of life on Earth and with urbanization and anthropogenic interference water is negatively affected and thus it is processes in nature. Interfering with water cycle makes for higher occurrences of droughts and floods, the quality of water streams suffers. Urban areas lack the surface where water could soak into the subsoil and underground water resources shrink. Through all these influences with which we affect natural water cycles the need for water and its consumption grows in our societies. For effective use of water comes up the idea of using not only the drinkable water but waste water and other types as well. Sources can be various, rain water, reused water. The focal point of this thesis is to be the impetus of discussion concerning the use of rain water and directly cleaning and reusing the water which comes straight from our homes. Rain water fills up underground water resources and also could be used in place of potable water. Substituting the potable water in activities and industries where such a high quality water is not needed and could be easily replaced with grey water. Grey water, being the waste water that comes from our bathrooms, is easily cleaned and can be used for various necessities. Current state where the potable water is used in absolute majority of human life appears to be extremely wasteful and unecological. Use of grey water and rain water is a possibility of ecological and thrifty water management which could prevent environmental damages and save water resources for the next generations.
Project to extend water and sewer in the village Brandýsek
Petrová, Michaela ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Renata, Renata (referee)
The thesis deals with the project phase of utility services within newly built family homes. Special attention is paid to the construction of sanitary sewers, water mains and rain water management in urban areas in context of the current legislation. The paper is divided into theoretical and practical part. The first part focuses on the means and facilities of utility services and on legislation regarding their proposed design and subsequent implementation. The second part concentrates on the construction of particularly selected networks in a specific project. It involves the emerge of new locations within undeveloped areas that closely adjoin the existing community. In this area we find not only a proposed sewerage treatment for wastewater but also water lines for the newly formed 14 building plots. Special attention is paid to the management of rainwater coming from public roads and sidewalks. The construction of the proposed utilities is economically evaluated in the budget costs calculated for building construction. The conclusion of this paper concentrates on the newly formed building plots that have been pre-engineered for connection to the relevant utilities.
Management of the rain water in area
Jelínková, Lucie ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Renata, Renata (referee)
There will be no life without water on Earth. Humans influence their surroundings more and more. There is less of drinking water every day. In a few years, absence of drinking water will be a big global problem. Therefore, we should learn how to manage with sources which we have. Especially, we should try to minimalize our influence on environment. This thesis is focused on problems with rainwater in urban area. The first theoretical part of this work is devoted to legislation in the field and possibilities of using rainwater. The practical part includes design of management of rainwater in office complex in Prague. In this second part is several variants which could be realized on this location.
A study of the house with minimal energy needs
Krňanský, Josef ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Jan, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with systems and possibilities for reducing energy needs in a family house. The search section is devoted to passive and low-energy houses, the possibilities of using rainwater and gray water, heat recovery with controlled ventilation, heat pumps and photovoltaics. The practical part presents the design calculations and an indicative purchase price and return calculation.
Sustainability of water resources for the city Dobříš
Vacek, Ondřej ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Blanka, Blanka (referee)
This thesis is focused on water resources which supply drinking water to the city Dobříš and the nearby village Stará Huť. The first part is focused on clarification of the issue of surface and ground water in particular. Furthermore, water management and climate change, with possible adaptation measures. The second part is devoted to detailed analysis of the area of interest. This mainly concerns the development of population, major employers and amenities. The goal of this thesis is to determine the maximum daily water needs for 2025 based on variables indicators with respect to the land use plan of Dobřiš city and the village Stará Huť. The result values are compared to current yields of all water resources. The final summary proposes the possible solution for emergencies in case of declining yields.
Study of water and sewer Tuchoměřice - Pazderna
Šašek, Dominik ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Michal, Michal (referee)
This thesis entitled Study of water and sewer Tuchoměřice Pazderna consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will focus on the problems of small towns water supply and sanitation. For water supply, I will try my best to describe the history of water supply, pipe materials, water systems and other things associated with water pipes. U drainage will solve kinds of waste water, sewage systems, as well as materials and history and last special drainage. In the practical part will be for the design itself, water and sewer. It will be given localization of the village and by the characteristics of the territory. I will propose the concept of water supply to the population in the village and also a solution drains. These proposals will be evaluated and economically.
The proposal fish ladder
Mašínská, Tereza ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Soukupová, Jana (referee)
This graduation theses describes the design of the fish ladder at the dam in Brno (district Přízřenice). In the introduction I mentioned migration patterns of fish. For a better understanding outlined and fish behaviour associated with migration, some fish undertake long voyages others migrate only a few meters. Extremely important is that for most species of fish migration is important for their survival, whether breeding or feeding. Middle part is focused for water structures and water flow, specifically to the list of dams and their distribution from different perspectives. Nowadays the progress should go ahead with nature and technical buildings. The work also has a list of fish ladders with their description and evaluation of suitability. The last part is dedicated to the design of fish passage in Přízřenice. The weir has been built on a 35,293 river km river Svratka. In this part of the work is summarized description of the location in which it is proposed fish passage. Furthermore, the list of the most abundant fish stocks at a fishing ground Svratka 3.
The rebuilding plan sewer network Sříbro City
Heřman, Miroslav ; Synáčková, Marcela (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
The present work provides a general description of the development of sewerage system in the world and in the Czech Republic. This is supplemented with the most commonly used materials and legislative links. The main objective of this thesis is to conduct a detailed description of a construction-technical survey of the sewer network city Stříbro. It contains documentation of the status quo, construction problems and defects in the sewer network in the next section, then the data obtained with the use of CCTV survey, evaluate and suggest restoring the city sewer system city Stříbro. The reason for the development is to create a recovery plan for the purpose of efficient operation of the sewer.
Little ice age in the documentary sources
Žáková, Nikola ; Soukupová, Jana (advisor) ; Synáčková, Marcela (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the description of the period called Little Ice Age based on documentary sources information and the early meteorological measurements. This phase lasted approximatelly from 13th century till mid 19th century. I also mention the possible causes and important historical contexts in the thesis, on which climate change associated with Little Ice Age could have considerable influence. While searching for information on a particular topic, I relied on the assumptions of the books of worlds authors and on chronicles records.

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