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Occurrence and interpretation of the portuguese modal verbs "poder" and "dever" in forensic context: contributions to an analysis in legal language
Sousa Coelho Ramos, Joaquim Jose ; Hricsina, Jan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Iva (referee) ; Svobodová, Petra (referee)
Occurrence and interpretation of modal verbs 'dever' and 'poder' in juridical context: contributions to an analysis in legal language Joaquim J. S. Coelho Ramos Abstract: This work aims to study the specific linguistic behavior, as well as to answer emerging questions related to the interpretation of the modal verbs 'poder' and 'dever' in the context of legal language, namely in legal and jurisprudential textual typologies. To achieve this goal, a research strategy was designed based on three distinct lines: 1) through the systematization of an historical perspective and keeping in mind the present state of the art, we've defined a methodological approach oriented into the applied studies of the modality, in European Portuguese; 2) interacting with the knowledge already acquired and relatively stabilized in other languages, namely English, French and Spanish, we sought points of contact or conceptual proximity with related phenomena identified in Portuguese legal language basis; 3), departuring from emerging questions and specific problems triggered by this technical manifestation of Portuguese language (legal language), we sought to identify phenomena associated with the verbs 'poder' and 'dever' which could somehow be stabilized and brought to the context of present linguistic theory studies, especialy to...
International protection of children with regard to the issue of child marriages
Svobodová, Iva ; Hýbnerová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Bayerová, Monika (referee)
The purpose of my thesis is to analyze different forms of international protection of children before forced child marriages. This text focuses on introduction into the issue which represents one of the most alarming and the most quickly spreading problems in the field of human rights of children. In spite of the fact, that every few seconds is a child deliberately married to become a sexual and domestic slave, this topic remains rather on the edge of public interest. The thesis can be divided into two main parts. We could call them theoretical descriptive part which is covered by first four chapters and analytic part which works mainly with case studies and UN documents and aims at pointing out some problems of application of law in practice. This part is covered by chapter five and six. As it was said, this thesis is composed of seven chapters. The aim of first two of them is to explain nature and risks of child marriages as well as reasons why they are occurring. Third chapter sums up current international legal documents dealing with the topic of child protection in general and in its subchapters are treated regional legislations (American, Asian, and European). Special space is given to the Covenant on the Rights of the Child. Chapter four is focused on more detailed sources of prohibition and...
Phasal Periphrases in Portuguese
Jindrová, Jaroslava ; Zavadil, Bohumil (advisor) ; Černý, Jiří (referee) ; Svobodová, Iva (referee)
This dissertation aims to provide a survey of periphrastic aspectual constructions in contemporary European Portuguese. The research was initially conducted on periphrastic constructions in the two main Portuguese corpuses, the CETEMPúblico and the Corpus do Portugus, and was then followed by a semantic analysis. The main problem, according to the author, consists in the fundamentally different conceptions of aspect and the nature of verbal action in Czech and Portuguese. Given that the grammatical category of aspect has different contents in Czech and Portuguese, it is preferable to use the term aspectuality as a three-layer system of interacting categories of aspect, telicity, and the nature of verbal action. If the traditional Slavic aspect is to be expressed in Portuguese by other means at various levels of construction, Czech lacks a way to render the variety of meanings of Portuguese periphrastic constructions that represent the different categories of the nature of verbal action (Aktionsart). In the dissertation, aspectuality in Portuguese is considered a system of mutually correlated categories - aspect, the nature of verbal action, and the lexical semantics of the verb. In Portuguese, the category of the nature of verbal action employs specific means that can be separated from morphological means...
The stylistic-pragmatic factors of the usage of the article in the contemporary Portuguese
Svobodová, Iva ; Zavadil, Bohumil (advisor) ; Hricsina, Jan (referee) ; Černý, Jiří (referee)
In this dissertation we present all the principle aspects of to the usage of the article in the contemporary Portuguese language trying to prove that the article has a pragmaticstylistics' valour. The usage of the article is a very complex problem that has to be studied from various angles and we try to incorporate here all those aspects that influence the correct selection of the articles, including the phonetic and morphological aspects, the type of contexts, the type of the operation of determination and the type of the text or the function of the language. Powered by TCPDF (
Awareness of home nursing agencies
Svobodová, Iva ; Pečenková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Moserová, Věra (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis reports about home nursing. Agencies offered the home nursing work successfully many years and meet many satisfied clients. Regardless the awareness of this nursing activity is not at such level, which it rates. The thesis familiarise with the history, forms, the activity and the importance of the home nursing. The nursing process is a significant activity of a nurse in the home nursing. The behaviour and the method of communication between the nurse and the patient significantly influence the information factor in the home nursing. Focus of the thesis lies in a quantitative exploratory survey about the awareness of the agencies offered the home nursing. The survey is specifically based on findings of knowledge in four groups. The firs group is represented by the nurses worked in various departments of the Regional Hospital in Pardubice. The second group is represented by the patients hospitalized in departments of the Regional Hospital in Pardubice. The third group is represented by the clients of agencies offered the home nursing in Pardubice. The fourth group is represented by the inhabitant of Pardubice city.
The Bachelor thesis deals with the status of refugees in the Czech Republic after 2004, when the Czech Republic joined the European Union. Its aim is to highlight the problems that occur in connection with the phenomenon of refugees in our country and present an overview of asylum policy in the Czech Republic In the first part the reader familiarizes with basic concepts that will accompany him throughout the work. The reader will also get an overview of the primary sources, which cover the international law concerning refugees. Furthermore, this theoretical part is aimed at development of asylum policy in the Czech Republic before and after 1991, when the Convention on the Status of Refugees has been ratified. And the changes brought by the accession of the Czech Republic into the European Union. After that, we will go through the asylum procedure from the foreigners` entry to the territory of our country to official decision regarding the refugee status obtaining. I compare the stay of foreigners in the various refugee centers, especially their rights and obligations and the availability of services. An integration of asylum seekers and recognized refugees is a subject of the further part of the thesis, in which we look at the integration process itself with eyes of different authors and where we highlight the errors occuring during the integration process. It is also a look at the state{\crq}s approach to the integration of refugees, primarily the State Integration Program is concerned. A detailed analysis of one area of the refugees` life is made, which is their approach to an education. A relationship between the Czech society and the refugees is described, based on the perspective of CVVM, Stem and the Czech Statistical Office. Regular studies are being carried out regarding this topic. Finally, we will acquaint with activities of intergovernmental and international organization UNHCR and selected NGOs working in the field of migration.
Analysis of image STUDENT AGENCY
Stejskalová, Daniela ; Indrová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Svobodová, Iva (referee)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá analýzou firemní image a smyslem jeho řízení z pohledu marketingu i z pohledu managementu v oblasti cestovních kanceláří. Práce obsahuje celkem pět kapitol. První kapitola se zabývá významem pojmu image obecně a způsobem jeho výzkumu. Druhá kapitola charakterizuje ?corporate identity? jako nástroj budování firemní image. A třetí kapitola shrnuje základní pravidla budování image. V návaznosti na část teoretickou jsou ve čtvrté kapitole popsány složky firemní identity společnosti Student Agency a jejich vliv na image Student Agency. Poslední, pátá kapitola, se zabývá výzkumem image Student Agency mezi zákazníky v porovnání s konkurenční firmou GTS International.

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