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Password strength measurement
Běhounek, Lukáš ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Švarc, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis describes the theme of password measurement and more thoroughly deals with the Zxcvbn algorithm which I localize into Czech and extend its functionality in order to allow easier localization to other languages. In the theoretical part, I deal with the topic of password measurement on the basis of different studies: why shall we measure password strength, the way it should be done, and characterization of some commonly used password meters. In the practical part I analyze real Czech passwords leaked from LinkedIn in 2012. I examine the need to use Czech dictionaries and Czech keyboard layout, I justify the need to translate the feedback, and deal with the problem of declension and use of words variants. I also describe the technical functionality of the algorithm, how it is deployed, and the nature of the changes made by me. The practical result of the bachelor thesis is based on theoretical part of the thesis: Zxcvbn algorithm modified for use in Czech conditions, especially in the environment of the University of Economics, extended by the possibility of easier localization inzo other languages.
Security features of Android operating system and custom ROMs.
David, Adam ; Palovský, Radomír (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
Primary goal of this work is to analyze the Android operation system and its security. Thesis is divided in three parts: in the first one I will briefly describe the operation system and its development, in the second part I will analyze Androids security model and last part focuses on features of alternative ROMs, repositories and applications with emphasis on security and privacy. Despite Androids availability for plethora of various devices this thesis will focus on mobile phones.
Využití frameworků Redux a React při vývoji webových aplikací
Kolínek, David ; Stanovská, Iva (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
MVC architecture is one of the most known and used architecture for application development, for both web and desktop based application. New architecture evolved though thanks to the fast-growing industry and it brings new practices that are much more convenient to use. The main goal of this theses is to describe how Redux library, which is based on this new architecture, is used for application development. Redux is only a state management library, another library is needed for creating the user interface. It is possible to create the user interface from the scratch but it takes a lot of time and it is difficult to scale. React library is possibly the most favorite library for creating UI and it works well together with Redux. For these reasons, React was selected as the UI library that will be used in this thesis. While theoretical part of this thesis is focused on describing principles Redux and React libraries are based upon and the best practices for using these libraries, practical part is focused on using the theoretical knowledge in the real world, demonstrated on the web application for invoicing. Development of the invoicing system is described in a way that demonstrates to the reader how to approach web application development, what does it contain and where to start.
On possible approaches to detecting robotic activity of botnets
Prajer, Richard ; Palovský, Radomír (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
This thesis explores possible approaches to detecting robotic activity of botnets on network. Initially, the detection based on full packet analysis in consideration of DNS, HTTP and IRC communication, is described. However, this detection is found inapplicable for technical and ethical reasons. Then it focuses on the analysis based on network flow metadata, compiling them to be processable in machine learning. It creates detection models using different machine learning methods, to compare them with each other. Bayes net method is found to be acceptable for detecting robotic activity of botnets. The Bayesian model is only able to identify the botnet that already executes the commands sent by its C&C server. "Sleeping" botnets are not reliably detectable by this model.
Development of an application of system Helpdesk
Spišák, František ; Hradil, Jiří (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with development of the Internet application Helpdesk for customer support. The aim of this thesis is to develop the application with system of automatic answers, which based on customer requirements, selects the best answers. The user of the application will be able to set multiple answers, from which the system will collect. If it happens that selected answer is not accurate, the user will be able to edit it and Helpdesk will improve selection of future answers based on machine learning. Customer requirements will be imported to the helpdesk via social network Facebook. The theoretical part focuses on analyse of selected existing helpdesk solutions where their properties are compared. Practical part consists of own solution of helpdesk system including used technologies. In the conclusion, we evaluate the goals of the thesis and benefits the system brings.
Tool creation for an automated penetration testing of web applications
Kiezler, Tomáš ; Hradil, Jiří (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
This thesis focuses on security of web applications, which can be measured by the results of penetration testing. In the theoretical section of this study individual methods of how the testing can be performed are outlined. This study then outlines the advantages and disadvantages of automated testing compared to manual testing, and the tools which incorporate automated scanning for security of web applications are scrutinized. Statistics of security risk occurrences found on the Czech Internet are also included. The practical part depicts the creation of a tool for automated testing, written in the most frequently used programming language in web development, that will be able to detect the most common weaknesses. The tool is developed to show ways of detecting certain risks and to inspect whether it is possible to automate the search. The primary aim of this study is to introduce the reader to the field of security of web applications, present to them the legality of penetration testing and introduce them to options of finding and fixing security risks and avoiding them in web development.
Socio-technical attacks
Urbanová, Anna ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Palovský, Radomír (referee)
The main objective of this work is to identify how students from the University of Economics, in Prague, looks at their results in two different socio-technical surveys. First, survey no. 1, focuses on the security of password and the second survey, no. 2, looks at how phishing e-mails are detected. In both cases to obtain the results of the surveys, questionnaires were used. After the surveys were completed, we promised that we would inform the students of their results from their questionnaires. The whole thesis is divided into six chapters. The first four chapters are based on theoretical information about social engineering. The last two chapters contain the practical part of the thesis, survey no. 1 and 2. The main benefits of this thesis are the results from the two surveys, which focused on the way that social engineering is attacked. Each survey was completed with the help of questionnaires and highlight the potential risks that social engineering poses to society.
VoIP in a wireless network of VŠE
Švarc, Lukáš ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Matuška, Miroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on exploring the possibility of VoIP service in a wireless network of University of Economics, Prague. This thesis describes the basic principles of VoIP and related wireless technologies necessary for its quality and stable operation. Subsequently, different configurations of wireless network and end clients are tested and compared, including its impact on ordinary users, in a laboratory environment with idle and fully utilized frequency band. Finally, a roaming operation with the use of several advanced 802.11 standards is tested in the real environment of the Old building in Žižkov. In conclusion, the ideal settings for all telecommunication devices are recommended in order to maximize the quality of VoIP operation and to minimize the negative impact on ordinary users.
Analysis of password generators
Chirkova, Mayya ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Kalina, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis occupies with comparison of random and memorable passwords. The work has two parts. In the first section of the thesis is presented the problems of the passwords using. The second (practical) part is analyzing the available passwords generators. As the main contribution of the thesis I see the familiarizing users with issues of memorable passwords and the way password's creating.
Security of mobile devices running Android
Novotný, Josef ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Pavlíček, Luboš (referee)
The main subject of this thesis is the security of Android platform mobile devices. The goal of the thesis is to design and develop an application that will check given devices from the security point of view and to check the security of applications developed as the subject of theses created in the last few years at the University of Economics. In the first part of thesis there is an analysis of ways to secure the Android platform devices and applications and ways to attack them. Both the offline and the client/server architecture applications are also taken into consideration. The next part includes a security analysis of the selected application based on the beforehand determined criteria. An analysis and development of the application designated to examine the security of the given device is next. The outcome of the thesis is an easy to use application that can be launched on the mobile devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and higher.

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