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Analysis of inflammatory biomarkers in the transgenic minipig model of Huntington's disease
Valeková, Ivona ; Motlík, Jan (advisor) ; Janda, Jozef (referee) ; Ondráčková, Petra (referee)
Huntington's disease (HD) is an inherited monogenic neuropsychiatric degenerative, progressive, and fatal condition. The disease onset is in middle age of the patient. The most prominent clinical features are motor impairment, progressive decline in cognitive functions, and personality changes. Any preventive or disease-modifying therapies are not available so far. Therapeutic interventions can only target symptoms. It is believed that the primary pathology of HD results from massive degeneration of neurons in the basal ganglia. However, the expression of mutant huntingtin was detected in all tissues. Thus the mutation in non- neuronal cells of the brain and in peripheral tissues contributes to the pathology of HD. Neuroinflammation, especially microglia activation, is involved in the pathogenesis of HD. Given evidence that mutated huntingtin is expressed in peripheral immune cells, it is possible that inflammatory changes detected in peripheral tissues may reflect the inflammatory process in central nervous system (CNS). Several recent studies indicated that the immune system could act as a modifier of HD neuropathology. In order to monitor the success of any disease- modifying drugs in the pre-manifest stage of HD it is important to identify robust biomarkers of the onset and disease progression....
Barriers to Access for Treatmen of Women with Addiction on Alcohol
Ondráčková, Petra ; Doležalová, Pavla (advisor) ; Nevoralová, Monika (referee)
Barriers to accessing treatment for women with alcohol dependence Petra Ondráčková, bachelor's thesis Abstract Background: Women's alcoholism has generally greater negative impact on women's health, their family and children and therefore it is less tolerated by society and alcohol dependent women are more condemned than men. Women's drinking is negatively perceived by the lay as well as the specialized public thanks to many stereotypes making dependent women's situation worse. Many women stay anonymous because they are afraid to seek specialized help. During treatment from alcohol dependence it is necessary - especially for women - to work with barriers stopping effective treatment. Objective: Main goal of this research was to find out barriers to accessing treatment for women with alcohol dependence. Partial goal of this thesis was an effort to point out to stigmatization of female population using addictive substances in comparison with the male one, which is definitely one of the main reasons why women less often have courage for stepping out from anonymity and using offered services. Methodology: Questionnaire-based research was conducted among patients undergoing treatment from November 2014 to March 2015 at toxic-rehabilitative ward of Psychiatric Hospital Kroměříž where eighty female clients...

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3 Ondračková, Pavlína
3 Ondráčková, Pavla
3 Ondráčková, Pavlína
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