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Impact of the Openness of Public Tenders and Traceability of the Beneficial Owner on the Price of Public Procurement
Stehlík, Petr ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Nemec, Juraj (referee) ; Pavel, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse factors that contributes to public procurement overpricing in the Czech Republic. The paper combines use of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Existence of competition effect is proved, thus increase of competitors in selection procedure causes that final price decreases. Non-transparent suppliers in terms of traceability of beneficial owner is detected as next factor that contributes to overpricing. Also some types of contracts are showed as more problematic than others. Results of qualitative part of the research reveal other causes of overpricing, such as corruption, weak institutional environment or behaviour of public authorities. Public policy recommendations are presented at the end of the paper in order to improve current state of affairs.
Housing policy and housing availability in Rychnov nad Kněžnou
Tojnar, Jiří ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Lukavec, Tomáš (referee)
The subject of the research is regional housing policy. It is defined as a kind of public policy investigated on the conditions of the selected region. This is a problem that is still very little theoretically elaborated. The theoretical framework (concept) of "housing policy" as a kind ("subset") of public policy ", which has its actors, objectives, content, assumptions and subject orientation, will be elaborated. Then this problem is solved in the case of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. The city has two major problems. Collapsing transport infrastructure and a lack of housing in private or urban property. The problem of shortage of flats is connected with other social problems such as the creation of illegal hostels, overuse of apartments by a large number of people - more waste, insufficient civic amenities. The city leadership would like to address the problem with a new construction but does not have sufficient resources to do so. Construction by private investors is also not jeopardized. By developing a building, the city would like to attract more families and employees' partners who would easily find jobs in various fields. By city dwellings and regulated rent the city would like to restrict illegal hostels. Similarly, it could offer apartments for families with children or start-ups for young people....
Transparency in the State Administration as Protection of Legal Principles Illustrated by the Example of Using of Hedge Commands by the Financial Administration
Bajmaku, Violeta ; Kohoutek, Jan (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The thesis explains the need for a high level of transparency in the state administration on a concrete example of administrative practice - using of hedge commands by the financial administration. For explanation, the hedge command is is the ultima ratio tool in the area of the tax administration. The topic was widely publicized and, in particular, the cases of liquidation effects of the hedge commands on some entrepreneurs and cases where the courts decided against financial administration. The mistrust that has arisen in using of this tool is considered a public-political problem in the text. The thesis examines the trustworthiness of the state institution in connection with the degree of transparency. It deals with the influence of the bureaucracy on the state administration, with the accountability of the state officials and with the concept of good governance, on which the need for transparency proves. The multiple case study in the empirical part of the thesis presents five selected critical cases of the use of the hedge command, when the courts decided in favor of the companies. A document analysis was used to describe the cases, especially court judgments, also news and reports. The expert survey then offers a view of experts on the given issue. The primary data was obtained through eight...
Methods for Quality and Processing Management in public administration CR
Procházka, Matěj ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Langr, Ivan (referee)
The Thesis deals with the quality management methods based on Total Quality Management principles and their use in Czech public administration practice. It tries to answer questions about the quality management methods and tools which are used in the practice of the public administration. The main questions are: What is the current status of quality management, what is its essence and what factors it influences. Because the quality management methods are based on the business process management the Thesis also deals with this concept and its application to the public administration practice.
The issue of the transparent public procurement in the Czech Republic
Hnátová, Michaela ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Stehlík, Petr (referee)
This qualitative case study focused on transparent public procurement. In the first three parts, the entire procurement process as well as the economic, legal and public policy definition were described through document analysis and secondary data analysis. The issue of the transparent behavior of the contracting authorities and the publication of relevant information was assessed more in detail. This fullfill the first secondary goal of the thesis - to describe the entire tender process and describe the transparent behavior associated with public procurement. The fourth part focuses on secondary analysis of data on the theoretical anchoring of the phenomenon. In the fifth part, the research analyzes the behavior of 12 selected public contracting authorities and tenderers using the mentioned qualitative methods. The answers of respondents are compared using tables and diagrams as well as the theoretical background. This was the second part of the thesis - to bring together the opinions and experience of the contracting authorities and tenderers and to compare them with the theoretical background. The benefit of the work is the development of a possible proposal how to improve the current situation in the area of contract transparency, thus fulfillment of the third secondary partial goal of the...
Europeanization of national policy on the case of the Civil Service Act in the Czech Republic
Lukavec, Tomáš ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
This diploma thesis is a case study dealing with the role of the European Union in the adoption of the Czech Civil Service Act in 2014. The author follows the question why the Act was adopted ten years after the Czech Republic joined the European Union. The first part of the thesis deals with the European administrative area and individual models of public administration in Europe. It also discusses the use of various forms of influencing the policies of the member states with different instruments. Further, the work analyzes the development of the service law in the Czech Republic and examines the strategies and approaches of the main actors in the legislative process. In order to find out how the issue was framed by political actors, the individual verbal speeches at the plenary sittings of the Czech Parliament are examined. In the last part, the findings are generalized to represent individual strategies and the dynamics of their change. In order to respond to the research goal, the data is interpreted on the basis of the Multiple Streams Framework, demonstrating a change in the status quo in the field of public service performance regulation.
E-procurement: way to transparency and state of non-corruption?
Gurín, Martin ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
The content of this thesis is the issue of electronic procurement and its potential as effective anti- corruption measure. It includes a variety of theoretical public policy approaches to study transparency and corruption in public procurement, as well as theoretical approaches to the study of corruption itself, including an analysis of the causes and tools to address this phenomenon. The thesis defines the public procurement process and puts it in the European and Czech legislative framework. Based on the analysis of documents, qualitative analysis and stakeholders analysis, as well as by means of quantitative analysis of suppliers and contractors, the thesis evaluates the anti-corruption potential of Czech eProcurement. The analysis is complemented by an example of good practice - the Netherlands. In conclusion, the author proposed the following recommendation for increasing the anti-corruption potential of e-procurement in the Czech Republic Key words Transparency, corruption, bid rigging, public procurement, eProcurement, public administration
Comparison of company tax in selected countries
Alexandrová, Adéla ; Vítek, Leoš (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on comparison of company tax in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. It is deeply focused on corporate income tax of the legal entity and its construction parts. The aim of the work is to acquaint the reader with differences during setting the tax amount at mentioned countries and evaluate tax competition between countries as mentioned above. First part of this thesis is focused on basic concepts and introduction of statutory income tax treatment in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Next section of this thesis is focused on comparing elements of the corporation tax with highlighting country differences and calculation of the income tax at a sample company.
Analysis of state budget in 1993 - 2014
Soukup, Petr ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
This thesis deals with the analysis of state budget in 1993 to 2014. Firstly the state budget and public expenditures are theoretically defined. Secondly the analysis of state budget expenditures of the Czech Republic at the level of budget chapters, current and capital expenditures is elaborated in the practical part. The comparison of state budget expenditures follows based on the classification COFOG with selected EU members. In the last part of the thesis the political-economic cycle is defined and the analysis in a form of testing hypotheses of basis of literature related to the political-economic cycle is performed. The testing was carried out in Eviews using the autoregressive process. The analysis follows the partial theory of political-economic cycles in the Czech Republic, positive results of the comparison and the growing trend of state budget expenditures of the Czech Republic.

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