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Transformations of Miloš Forman's media image in contemporary press
Řápek, Jan ; Šobr, Michal (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the changes of Miloš Forman's media image, more precisely how contemporary press perceived both his career and work. Miloš Forman is the most acknowledged and most famous czech film director. His story is connected with story of czech cinematography and story of its changes. The thesis wants to find out, why Forman wasn't defamed even though he left the country, despite his emigration. I am trying to prove that his media image has never been strictly negative and Forman itself never became a taboo. Forman's person is beyond all standards. He is proof, that if the work is not overly crtitical of the regime, it arouses respect despite all the ideology. He was reflected in the various life stages differently, but still in relatively good light. The thesis examines the perception of Miloš Forman by media in three life stages: work in Czechoslovakia before emigration to the United States, working abroad and finally the stage after the Velvet Revolution. Although Forman has participated in many films, this thesis is focused only on his feature-length work. And because Miloš Forman is a person who transcends the borders of Czechoslovakia, or the Czech Republic, media abroad reflected his career as well, although the view there was slightly different from the domestic one.
Jaroslav Hašek - author of short stories, journalist and politics
Felenda, Šimon ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes and compares three life and social roles of one of the most well-known writers of Czech literature, Jaroslav Hasek. Specifically, it is his role as a storyteller, a journalist and a politician. My work is focused on the analysis of the blend and differences between these roles pertaining to the development and context of both the time period and Hasek. The analysis is divided into several parts and it tries to view Hasek from different points of view. Specifically, it deals with the author's historical genesis, then with the narratological analysis of short stories and finally the content analysis associated with the reference to Jaroslav Hasek's language resources.
Jan Palach's self-immolation - from reality, newspaper/TV news to film cover and film reviews of Hořící keř.
Machálková, Zuzana ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Šobr, Michal (referee)
The master thesis titled "Self-immolation of Jan Palach - from reality, newspaper/TV news to film cover and film reviews of Burning Bush" concerns of film cover of real events in three parts drama called Burning Bush, which is the main topic of the movie. The thesis aims to ascertain to what extent it is the movie with a documentary elements, where authors would have to represent only real events and to what extent it is artistic movie where authors have more space in creativity and could change reality to impress spectators with theatricality and emocionality, with the risk they will change the meaning of real events, therefore they would manipulate with the spectator. The thesis also essays the media content before the 1989 and after the 1989, while it aims to find out not only what is the difference in the newspaper and TV news, but also what difference is in the quantity of the content regarding to Jan Palach in the times of totality and democracy.
Internet TV Stream: Alternative and Competition of Classical Televisions (Specifics of Show of Luděk Staněk and its Analysis)
Maršálová, Michaela ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the online TV channel Stream. In the theoretical part, we described how online TV works in general. The following paragraph depicted the milestones of Stream TV. The practical part was dedicated to the semiotic analysis of Luděk Staněk's TV show of the online TV channel Stream. This chapter also includes the interview with the program presenter Luděk Staněk. In the interview, we dealt with Staněk's role in the show. The intention of this thesis was to describe how the online TV channel Stream works and analyze the Luděk Staněk's show.
Nature: The second home of Marián Polák
Lišková, Michaela ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is divided in two parts - the theoretical one and the practical one. The practical part named Příroda: Druhý domov Mariána Poláka is a documentary TV portrait about czech documentarist Marián Polák, who as almost the only one in the Czech republic, is filming natural movies nowadays. He has filmed several documentary movies and shows about nature. He has finished his first feauture film about czech nature called Planeta Česko (2018) last year. The first part of my bachelor thesis is trying to describe Marián Polák mostly as a documentarist. At the same time it shows a difficult process of filming natural documentary. The theoretical part adds facts to the practical one. It analyses documentary and it also tries to define the documentary movie. Briefly it describes the history of the documentary and its origin. The typology of the documentary is shortly covered in the next part of the bachelor thesis. The bachelor thesis characterize the author's type, the moderate type, the performed type and the observe type of document. It mostly shows the natural documentary movie, destinctive the natural documentary movie about animals. The final part of the theoretical bachelor thesis examines documentary of Marián Polák's movies. Keywords Documentary, document movie, Marián Polák,...
The Specifics of Internet Broadcasting in The Czech Republic with Focus on the Viewers' Comments on the Show Jak nás vidí svět (
Milotová, Barbora ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis The Specifics of Internet Broadcasting in the Czech Republic with Focus on the Viewers' Comments on the Show Jak nás vidí svět ( deals with the typical features of online television broadcasting in the Czech Republic and their comparison to the typical features of traditional television broadcasting. In the practical part, the thesis focuses on the viewers' comments on the show Jak nás vidí svět. The main aim of the thesis is to describe the current position of internet television broadcasting in the Czech Republic with its specifics and its differences compared to traditional broadcasting, focusing on the show Jak nás vidí svět (, specifically on the viewers' comments on the show. First, traditional and internet broadcasting are defined and their specifics are analyzed in detail, which are then compared in a separate chapter. The aim of the first part of the thesis is to find and define the specifics of internet television broadcasting in the Czech Republic, especially in comparison with traditional television broadcasting, with regard to the ongoing media convergence and the fact that the individual forms converge and sometimes intersect. The practical part is based on one of the typical features of online broadcasting, namely participation in the form of...
The czechoslovakien prohibited films of the 1960's era as a reflection of the political situation of the time.
Nevolová, Zuzana ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
The main focus and aim of this bachelors thesis was to determine, whether Czechoslovak prohibited films, which were made during the 1960's era and suppressed during the era of normalization, truly reflect the political situation of the communist regime (not only in their contents, but also in the approach the media of the time took towards the unwanted films) and whether those filmworks could serve as an unwanted commentary of the time. The theoretical part of this thesis therefore determines the context of the politics and media of the time, puts an emphasis on the censorship practice and the evolution of czech film history during the communist era. The analytical section concerns itself with the chosen prohibited films (Den sedmý, osmá noc (The Seventh Day, the Eight Night), Kladivo na čarodějnice (The Witch Hunt), Skřivánci na niti (Larks on a String), Smuteční slavnost (Funeral Ceremonies), Všichni dobří rodáci (All My Compatriots), Ucho (The Ear) and Žert (The Joke)). The cinematography and the contents of these films are analysed, as well as the references to the communist era. The particular way of suppression of the films and the filmmakers is also established. This thesis comes to a conclusion that the chosen forbidden films truly reflect the situation of the time and even some particular...
Killed them all, of course: representation of the Robert Durst Case in documentary, movie and media
Stránská, Karolína ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
In my thesis Killed them all, of course: representation of the Robert Durst Case in documentary, movie and media I aimed to create a case study that follows the case of Robert Durst and its representation mainly in documentary series and lifemovie directed by Andrew Jarecki. It compares individual takes on the case and furthermore analyses the critics of decisions made by documentary makers based on the principles of documentary ethics. It focuses on moral dilemma that can documentary maker encounter. The thesis follows the investigation of the murders of Susan Berman, Morris Black, Durst's neighbor, and the disappearance of Kathleen Durst, whose body has never been found. Thesis also ponders over how effectively represent the truth in a documentary and what are the faults of Andrew Jarecki regarding his work both in documentary and in movie.
Online reviews of a documentary film Mečiar and user's comments in Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze
Müllerová, Eva ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Online reviews of a documentary film Mečiar and users' comments in Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze" focuses on the analysis and comparison of selected online film reviews and users' comments in Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze. The first part focuses on the political situation in Slovakia after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, specifically the political party Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko and its leader Vladimír Mečiar. This part of the thesis also gives a brief insight into the theory of the documentary film, and it provides information about the first documentary portrait of Vladimír Mečiar, Tereza Novotová's documentary work and also the analysis of a documentary film Mečiar. The main part of the thesis defines the publicist genre of review, and it deals with the phenomenon of Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze, as well as with two other different film databases. The final part of the thesis focuses on the analysis and comparison of online film reviews published in different media platforms and also on users' comments in Česko- Slovenská filmová databáze. Four different platforms of online media were chosen as the representatives of different target groups. Online film reviews and users' comments are compared based on of content, form and language differences. Using the...

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