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Emigration from Czech territory to Brazil
Němečková, Klára ; Zemanová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Novotná, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the emigration from Czech territory to Brazil since the 20th century to the present. The thesis is based on the analysis of push and pull factors which led to emigration in both the domestic and receiving countries. In the first chapter, there are presented theoretical factors which could possibly lead to emigration and in the second chapter these factors are directly applied on the historical background in both countries. In the last chapter, the presence of these factors is analyzed in particular human testimonies which were found out by the author of this thesis via structured dialogues with Czech emigrants. The aim of this thesis is to identify push and pull factors of emigration and to present them in those testimonies. The aim is thus not to generalize these motives on a large scale but likely to analyze through the push and pull factors the circumstances and particular stories of emigration at eight enquired respondents. The reports of the structured dialogues are part of the attachment of the thesis.
Milan Červenka, Some souvenirs - For them who come after
Němečková, Klára ; Pohorský, Aleš (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
This text presents and analyses a not yet published writing Quelques souvenirs - A ceux qui viennent après (Some souvenirs - For them who come after) written by a Czechoslovak emigrant living currently in France Milan Cervenka (before emigration called Červenka). Work is introduced with a brief description of historical situation in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War and thus explains major reasons for leaving the country. The main part consists of an analysis of the autobiographical writing from different points of view (genre, linguistics, literary theory). Regarding this analysis it is demonstrated that writing does not contain significant literary qualities, however, it is a valuable personal contribution to the area of migrant literature.
Snow water content modelling in small catchments
Němečková, Klára ; Daňhelka, Jan (advisor) ; Bercha, Šimon (referee)
Title: Snow water content modelling in small catchments This work deals with modeling of amount of snow cover, snow water equivalent, respectively, on an experimental catchment in the Jizerské hory Mts. Measuring and modelling of the snow cover is an important part of water management practice from the perspective of reservoir operation and flood management. The first part of this thesis describes physical-geographical characteristics of the Jizerské hory Mts.especially from the climatological and hydrological point of view but also other charakteristics and conditions that may affect the dynamic of snow accumulation and melting are described with detailed focus on the experimental catchment of Černá Desná river - Jezdecká. Two modelling approaches were applied to simulate snow water equivalent (SWE) based on observed precipitation and temperature. Beside the well knowen SNOW17 model a simple method based on heat index was developed in this work and its parameters were calibrated based on measured timeseries of daily average air temperature, daily precipitation and observed SWE for winter periods 2001 to 2009. Both methods provided reasonably accurate estimates of SWE over the tested period, however it was found that the results for winters with extreme conditions (very warm or very cold) are less...
Creation and promotion of website
Stránská, Eva ; Stříteský, Václav (advisor) ; Němečková, Klára (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor's Thesis is to evaluate the current state of web site and provide a successful strategy to encourage website visitors. The introduction of Bachelor's Thesis describes a growing trend in Internet usage and online advertising, which signalizes the growing importance of web presentation as a tool to publicise ones self in an online environment. The next section characterizes the Internet marketing together with structuring of the marketing tools. In this context, my Bachelor's Thesis is focusing primarily on the web sites potential. For this reason, and from the Internet marketing point of view, there is a description of creating website, including a description of different forms of promotion. The following section, there are results of the complex web analytics and their current status. The analysis is divided into individual parts, which contain the detailed description of the specific analysis, including the procedure for its implementation and sequential evaluation together with recommendation for improvement.
New trends in tourism of developed countries and its utilization for domestic market in the practice of tour operator
Schlindenbuch, Petr ; Hartman, Ladislav (advisor) ; Němečková, Klára (referee)
The goal of master's thesis is to map new and upcoming trends in tourism in developed markets and possibilities of its utilization on domestic market in the practice of tour operator, where the author works, for its long term and sustainable development. The theoretical part of this thesis is focused on specifications and differences of tour operators and travel agencies. To make it complete, specifications of other subjects of tourism are placed in attachment, same for the general description of the position of Czech Republic in the world's tourism. The practical part contains detailed analysis of the on-line portal, successfulness analysis of tours organized by the tour operator, where the author works, recommendations for its growth and development and possible limits and risks, which it is exposed to. It is completed by an inquiry, which supports or neglects deducted conclusions and it brings additional notes for trouble-free business of tour operator. The result of the thesis is detailed analysis of activities of specific tour operator and specific recommendations for its planned expansion, which are supported by a research.
Jak ovlivnit spotřebitele na trhu IT a telekomunikací?
Němečková, Klára ; Kohoutová, Olga (advisor) ; Marksová, Jana (referee)
Práce ukazující stav trhu telekomunikací a informačních technologií v ČR, operátory, jejich služby. Hodnotí operátory z pohledu spotřebitele a ukazují co spotřebitel chce a nechce na konkrétním trhu.
Business plan of private créche
Němečková, Klára ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Nováková, Jana (referee)
My work judges the business plan of private créche for children to free years old. The first part of my work mens revers with business plan, with its requirements, with its containt and with requirements for establishment of company in this sector. Practical part concretes business plan and judges its chance for a success.

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