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Browser Game with Artificial Intelligence
Moravec, Michal ; Volf, Tomáš (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
Thesis describes design and implementation of a web browser game, which can be played by multiple players via the internet. The main goal is to manage the economy, although players can cooperate (trading) or play against each other (battles). NoSQL database is used for persistent storage of progress, which is also described in the thesis. Apart from human players there are also agents/bots, which play the game autonomously via state machines generated by genetic algorithms. Paper describes design and functionality of either the genetic algorithms, but also the state machines.
Form Input Fileds Detection in Scanned Documents
Moravec, Michal ; Šimon, Martin (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
Main goal of the work was to implement an algorithm, which is able to separate input fields from card of the health insurance company, which are then used in some optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert it to text. The program should also work on incorrectly scanned and arbitrarily rotated cards. The whole project was made as a contract for the Medingo company, which will be able to implement the algorithm in their existing system. As for the results, the program is able to detect and separate input fields from cards with very high probability.
Analysis and Design of E-commerce Firms
Resler, Tadeáš ; Moravec, Michal (referee) ; Němcová, Zuzana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with analysis and suggestions for improvement of´s e-shop. The knowledge gained from teoretic part, analyzis of rivals and current conditions in I will use for my suggestions for improvement in the end of thesis.
Implementation of effective E-shopping
Moravec, Michal ; Holubář, Jiří (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyses implementation of effective e-shopping for customers on internet and application the newest trend to e-commerce system for the company. The object of this business work is new modern e-commerce system which bring comfort to customers and shop owner too. And the product of this work is new system and new advertisement and marketing project to do the company well-known. We will get more customers and more orders in our e-commerce.
Company Culture of m&m Arts
Moravec, Michal ; Holubář, Jiří (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The master´s thesis analyses company culture of m&m Arts which effects on e-market and application of the latest trends in image, psychology, communication and so one. The object of this business work is modern conception of company culture which bring much more comfort for all customers and improve relations between customers and company. The product of this work is more new customers and company visibility.

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