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Use of Spacecurl to improve the stability of equestrian
Vlasáková, Anežka ; Mende, Karel (advisor) ; Vacek, Jan (referee)
This work focuses on the use of Spacecurl. The aim of this work is to demonstrate the positive effect of exercises on the Spacecurl on equistrian's sitting position. The hypothesis is that if there is a change in the stability of a person in a standing position, the equistrian's sitting position will be change. The methods were used to objectify the work: Tetrax system and video recordings. The Tetrax system objectively assessed the changes in stability that occurred after training on the Spacecurl. The riding videos were recorded before and after the Spacecurl exercise and were used to analyze the changes that occurred. The result of this work is that exercises on the Spacecurl have a positive effect on the stability in standing position. Depending on the degree of stability improvements, equistrian's sitting positions are improving. Hypotheses have been confirmed and the aims have been met. The work can be used in practice for sporting riding purposes or to make a follow-up research that will have in its research group people with physical disabilities involved in para horsemanship.
An accelerometry of tremor in multiple sclerosis
Pavlíková, Jitka ; Řasová, Kamila (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
Public health is largely devoted to preventive medicine. Therefore this thesis focuses on a topic that can affect the consequences caused by the tremor in the case of multiple sclerosis. The aim of the thesis is to elaborate the fundamental knowledge of the process of this tremor. The thesis is structured as follows. First it deals with the general characteristics of the tremor and the specific characteristics of the tremor in multiple sclerosis. It also discusses the possibilities of testing the tremor, where the largest part relates accelerometric examination using an accelerometer on the basis of which can provide useful information to both patients with the tremor and provide better coexistence with this symptom. Finally the thesis describes the therapeutic procedures that help to alleviate the tremor, which is an integral part of the ergotherapy. Powered by TCPDF (
Biomechanical aspects of babywearing
Rutová, Pavla ; Vacek, Jan (advisor) ; Mende, Karel (referee)
The subject of my bachelor thesis is "Biomechanical aspects of babywearing". Babywearing is generally considered to be an alternative method and many people hold the opininion, that it is harmfull to children. This is the reason why I've decided to objectively evaluate this issue. The main aim of my thesis is to analyse different opinions and study different ways of babywearing with possible impact on health. My thesis is divided into three main parts. The first of them is comprised of ten chapters, which are dedicated to the term babywearing itself, history of babywearing and different products for babywearing. One of the chapters deals with the question, which children are supposed to be worn this way. The second part consists of four chapters about the ways how to wrap the scarf. And finally as for the last part of this thesis, it is divided into five chapters. This part concerns the positive and negative consequences of babywearing, which were published in an official statement of Czech Pediatric Association. Moreover I've decided to add various researches from foreign countries.

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