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Comparative study of state-supported development programs in information literacy for seniors in Czech Republic and Great Britain
Lažanská, Zuzana ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on educational programs of information literacy for elderly citizens in Great Britain and Czech Republic. The thesis contains theoretical part, which describes crucial terms (e.g. elderly citizens, lifelong learning, information literacy, digital divide). This part also contains current state of both countries in light of relevant factors, which affects the scale of educational programs (e.g. demographic structure and socioeconomic state of population). The second part contains description of selected educational strategies and programs of information literacy development in Great Britain and Czech Republic. The last chapter compares educational conditions in both countries, selected strategies, approach and form of education, support and funding of programs and content of educational programs. Conclusion of the thesis summarizes all findings and proposes inspirations for Czech Republic.
Analysis of personal data processing processes at the Local Municipality Authority of Praha-Vinoř
Beneš, Vít ; Kučerová, Helena (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
This thesis proposes practical solution for to the current issue, that is personal data protection by the General Data Protectinon Regulation (GDPR) in processes oconducted at particular workspace. This workspace is the Local Municipality Authority of Praha-Vinoř. The aim of the thesis is detection of personal data in particular processes and the legality of such processing. In this research it was necessary to define the term of personal data, because the regulation norm itself defines it relatively vaguely. For this definition matrix instrument was used. For detection of personal data in processes conducted at particular workspace, the legality of such instance, but also for the survey of relations between processes Business System Planning method developed by IBM Corporation was used. Research detected instance of personal data, which means that processing of them took place, and the legality of such processing. At the same time it was possible to describe relations among other elements of this environment. As the methodology as well as research results are applicable in context of technical measures regulation, and also for internal regulation of personal data processing.
Possibilities and restrictions of the VWI method in the process of technological and information overload monitoring
Kovářová, Lenka ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to assess the capabilities and limitations of the so-called. "Virtual Index scales" (Virtual Weight Index, hereinafter referred to as "VWI") D. Sieberg. VWI defines D. Sieberg as indicator expressing the layout of the user's time between the online space and the real world. From the perspective of information science then you can represent one of the helper methods, setting out the degree of technological information flooding the individual. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the interpretation of the basic concepts and integrated into the broader contextual framework. In the practical part of the work will be carried out qualitative research, whose basic part will represent the test method, supplemented by "VWI-diary".The target group of the respondents are women age 30-40 years. The total number of respondents will be 8. Measuring "VWI" will run for a period of 48 hours.The result of the work of the evaluation methodology set out in terms of its usability, strengths and limitations, and the evaluation of research outputs for the target group. Keywords: VWI, virtual weight index, digital addiction, information overload, technological overload, information behavior, qualitative research
Avoiding information as a type of information behaviour
Šiborová, Jitka ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis has been a description of the phenomenon of avoiding information as one of the types of information behaviour. Avoiding information is the opposite of active information searching, but only during the last few decades it has been perceived as a problem. It often appears as related to health information, that is why my diploma thesis is primarily focused on this area. Given the fact that there doesn't exist the more detailed elaboration in Czech, the important contribution of this diploma thesis is the complex sight on this problematics. In the theoretical part there has been analyse existing abroad literature related to this topic. There have been described the influencing factors of avoiding information, then the reasons, which lead to this behaviour and the methods and strategies through which avoiding information is applied. It used the methods of quantitative and qualitative research in the practical part. keywords: avoiding information, information behaviour, seeking information, health, health information
HMI user assessment methods in automotive environment. Case study.
Křepelková, Sabina ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of benefits and limitations of various HMI user assessment methods. In the theoretical part of the thesis there is introduced the HMI theory, summarized HMI user assessment methods, presented knowledge about their utilization and the available tools are mapped. The goal of the practical part is testing of selected HMI user assessment methods related to the requirements of the commercial automotive sector. The result of practical part is a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of individual approaches and their specifics. The diploma thesis was prepared in accordance with the valid internal regulations of the Charles University and other methodological guidelines and normative documents. Keywords: user experience, UX, usability, user interface, UI, HMI, human-machine interface, automotive, usability evaluation, user assessment, user testing, usability testing
Inclusive Nature of Twitter Communication: Is Twitter Really a Democratizing System?
Štědroňová, Jitka ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
The thesis explores a very current topic of politicians' behaviour on social media with the emphasis on the inclusive and democratizing potential of these systems. The theoretical framework begins with a short introduction of Twitter and its functions followed by an insight into the history of using Twitter as a tool in political campaigns. The thesis also explores studies from abroad focused on the interactive element of politicians' communication on Twitter. The research contains an analysis of 60 Twitter accounts of Czech politicians which aims to answer the question if - and to what extent - Czech politicians interact on Twitter, whether they reply only to elite groups such as media and influencers or to citizens as well, supporting the democratizing potential of social media.
The influence of self-tracking on the motivation to physical activity and behavior of the group
Pavlíčková, Marta ; Fiala, Jakub (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with self-tracking, that implies practice of collecting, recording and analyzing data about oneself through digital technologies. The aim of this thesis is to describe the user's experience of self-tracking and the impact of motivation to the physical activity and behavior. The theoretical part brings insight to the social-psychology part of this problem and feature of the specific self-tracking device Fitbit including its mobile application. The results of the qualitative research are presented in the practical part. This research was performed by structured interviews with a six-member group, who do self-tracking by Fitbit devices.
The roots of motivation of users of quantified self
Benešová, Lenka ; Fiala, Jakub (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
Subjects of this thesis are the quantified self and user motivation. This paper aims to determine what brings users to the self-tracking lifestyle as well as what devices they use and why. In the theoretical part of the paper types of self-tracking devices, their potential uses in various aspects of life and the ways they communicate with users are described. In the practical part of the paper results of a small-scale user study are presented. The objective of this study was to identify what motivates the users participating in the study to self-track. The theoretical part of the paper may serve as an introduction to quantified-self while the results presented in the practical part may be used for further, more in-depth, research.
Knowledge management and CKO (chief knowledge officer) profession
Dobšovičová, Alexandra ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis is dedicated to the purpose and importance of knowledge management. The aim of this work is to describe the chief knowledge officer position in the knowledge society. It defines its roles and identifies competencies that are keys to success of this position. It unveils impact and responsibilities of chief knowledge officer in a knowledge organization. It assesses and predicts development of this position. The thesis can be divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. First chapters focus on the theory in the field of knowledge management, knowledge society and furthermore it focuses on the position chief knowledge officer, its development and competencies. The thesis contains also an analysis of research from foreign countries. Empirical part of the thesis includes interviews with representatives on the position chief knowledge officer. Keywords: Knowledge management Chief knowledge officer Knowledge society Intellectual capital Enterprises
The critical reflection of agile project management methods implementation - a case study in selected enterprises in the commercial sector
Garmash, Sofya ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
The goal of this work is to analyze the problems of implementation of agile methods and to map it's positive and negative consequences. The first chapter briefly describes the history and sources of the given group of project development methodologies, including comparison of agile, waterfall and lean methods. In the second chapter, there is information about principles of agile methods, their structure and some concrete methods. The last part of the second chapter aims at the significance of agile methods and their use. The third chapter explores the studies of the given topic in Czech environment as well as outside of it. The practical part of thesis is based on the literature review and it presents the qualitative research of three companies as well as the analysis of the results. Information that was acquired during the semi-structured interviews and results of the literature research were used as the base for recommendations suggested in the conclusion of this work. Keywords: agile methods, project management, qualitative research

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