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Digital competences of Czech museum professionals in the field of collections management
Pilnáčková, Alena ; Wančová, Nina (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
Digital technologies have revolutionized the museum field by opening up new possibilities for engaging a wide audience and providing museum professionals with innovative ways to fulfill their work mission. Collection management systems have facilitated the cataloging of collections and made them accessible to researchers and the general public. Nowadays, museum professionals are expected to possess adequate digital competencies to carry out their regular duties, interact with the public, and perform specialized tasks. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in museums and cultural heritage, leading to new strategies in digitization, public communication, and collection accessibility. This master's thesis analyzes the digital competencies of museum professionals in Czech institutions and investigates whether and how the development of these skills is systematically supported within their employment. The study found that museum professionals utilize information and communication technology (ICT) on a daily basis, with computers and phones being the most commonly used devices, and they consider technology to be beneficial. They exhibit the highest confidence and competencies in routine office work, information management, and security. Among museum professionals, there is a...
Information behaviour of parents (children 11-13 years) Parental meditation in information security
Knížková, Markéta ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
(in English) The thesis is concerned with a parental mediation with respect to the safe behaviour of children on the Internet. The theoretical part deals with the positive effects of the Internet on children in the field of education, personal development, communication and entertainment, the negative effects which children are exposed to are included as well. The thesis is focused on a digital parenting and information literacy. Last but not least, the attention is paid on parental strategies which endeavour to affect the activities of children on the Internet. The practical part is implemented by the qualitative research in form of an interview with the parents of the children 11 - 13 years old. The aim was to find out whether the parents of that children mediatively affect them and in which form they do that.
User judgments of retrieval results relevance
Drtinová, Iveta ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This diploma thesis focuses on finding out what criteria users use when assessing the pertinence of search results of professional information and what other factors may affect this assessment. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of relevance and pertinence, presents the findings of foreign research on this topic and approaches the groups of selected criteria. The practical part, implemented in the form of a questionnaire survey, then focuses on undergraduate students at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and tries to find out what criteria students use in evaluating professional resources.
Predatory publishing practices in the shadow of open access models
Škopan, Denis ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the so-called predators in scientific communication from its beginnings to the present. Part of the work is the history, typology and methods of combating predatory publishing, as well as its influence and manifestations in different parts of the world. The thesis contains a quantitative research probe into the awareness of predatory publishing in the Czech Republic conducted using a questionnaire and exports of data from the personal bibliographic database of Charles University and the Register of Information on Results, in order to map the phenomenon of predatory publishing in the Czech environment.
Research Group Collaboration Using Information and Communication Technology: Situation in Selected Groups in the Czech Republic
Trtíková, Ilona ; Vlasák, Rudolf (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
Dissertation Mgr. Ilona Trtíková Research Group Collaboration Using Information and Communication Technology: Situation in Selected Groups in the Czech Republic Abstract The dissertation deals with collaboration within research groups and with their environment using information and communication technology. A qualitative probe research was conducted to see how the collaboration works, at what levels, what kind of information and data is shared with the use of what software tools and services. An overview of available types of collaboration software was made. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in selected research groups on the basis of which the patterns and tools for collaboration were established. The grounded theory method was chosen to process the data collected from interviews and analyses. The result of the thesis is the research cycle with marked activities in which cooperation is taking place in the studied groups. This documents the state of usage of information and communication technology in research collaboration. It was found that information and communication technology does have an impact on research work in the whole scientific cycle in the studied research groups. Keywords: research groups, e-science, e-research, ICT technology, collaboration
Current trends in the field of competitive intelligence
Tauchenová, Nikola ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of Competitive Intelligence, its development, typology, process and used information resources. The thesis focuses especially on the analysis of current trends and tools for competition research. The last part of the thesis deals with the use of Competitive Intelligence within the selected company.
Utilization of selected medical thesauri and classifications in patient information portals
Labský, Jan ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
(in English) The thesis examines the use of medical thesauri and classifications in portals containing medical information for laymen. The thesis first describes the selected thesauri, classifications and individual portals. A survey was carried out exploring users' reasons for researching medical information. Subsequently, selected subjects were observed researching information on previously selected portals. The observation was complemented with semi- structured interviews with the subjects. The observed results were used to discern the key manifestations of the connection between portals and medical thesauri. The individual portals were further evaluated and their features most important to users were identified.
Digital Library HathiTrust, its functions and services
Křížová, Jana ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the HathiTrust Digital Library and analyze its content with respect to documents written in Czech language. The first and part of the second chapter is written on the basis of the studied sources and summarizes information about the partnership and the HathiTrust Digital Library. It also describes its objectives, various sub- projects and services (such as the HathiTrust Research Center, a US federal documents project and a metadata management system), membership options and benefits, and briefly summarizes some of the technical parameters of this digital library. The second chapter is partly based on practical experience with use of the HathiTrust Digital Library user interface. In addition to analyzing the user interface (including its mobile version), this section also includes description of metadata, its formats, standards, and movements. The last part of the second chapter is devoted to copyright issues, the possibilities of accessing full texts, and also to the lawsuit Authors Guild v. HathiTrust. The third chapter describes the analysis of the content of the HathiTrust Digital Library, with an emphasis on documents written in Czech. The results of this analysis are described and interpreted. The Czech written documents were analyzed on the basis...
Theory and praxis of medical professionals' information behaviour
Jarolímková, Adéla ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Vlasák, Rudolf (referee) ; Špála, Milan (referee)
There were huge changes in spreading and use of scientific medical information in last fifteen years due to development of new information and communication technologies and changes in medicine as well. The research described in this thesis adresses possible changes in information behaviour of physicians and other healthcare workers both abroad and in the Czech Republic. Foreign studies were reviewed and summarized. A survey method was used for the Czech research, the survey was spread with the help of medical libraries and information centers both in print and online version. 228 valid answers were collected. Several factors were supposed to influence information behaviour (age, sex, affiliation, healthcare occupation, job description), but only the influence of affiliation and occupation was confirmed. There were significant differences between information behaviour of physicians and nurses and between research workers and hospital employees. It can be said that information behaviour of healthcare workers is influenced by the character of their occupation, that entails responsibility for life and that demands both a lot of information and lifelong education. On the other hand the high workload does not offer enough time to saturate information needs. Emphasis is placed on reliability of resources, but...
Information services and information resources in healthcare
Kahancová, Karolina ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe information resources and services for the field of nursing in the Czech Republic and to analyse their availability. In the theoretical introduction the field of nursing is delineated with an emphasis on its role, on its mission and on the influence of several philosophical schools on the historical development of this field. In the next chapter the institutions, workplaces and electronic information sources dedicated to nursing and similar fields are described. The research pertaining to this thesis includes an analysis of the provided information resources, information services and their availability. This area is mapped using the method of questionnaire analysis that was carried out at six faculties of medicine or health science at which nursing is being taught.

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