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Activation of the Unemployed Youth in South Moravian Region
Hromas, Michal ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Hiekischová, Michaela (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate the activation of unemployed young people up to the age of 24 through the Labour Office of the Czech Republic. The thesis analyzes the functioning, possibilities and specifics of the individual tools used to activate the target group. The case study focuses on the South Moravian Region. Special emphasis is therefore placed on tools and measures of active labour market policy and projects in this region. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the functioning of activation tools and measures of the Labour Office in the South Moravian Region towards unemployed persons up to the age of 24. The theoretical basi sis the concept of activation, understood in the work as an aktivity leading to employment. Another theoretical foundation is the concept of policy cycle, namely its two phases - implementation and evaluation. The analysis of public policy documents and statistical data will be supplemented by interviews with managers and employees of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, dealing with individual tools and measures, who provide their insight into the issue. The questionnaire survey will also identify the views of young job seekers.
The Support of youth football at the amateur level in Prague
Brych, Jan ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with The Support of youth football at the amateur level in Prague. Youth football is run by sports non-profit organizations. The support of youth secures the availability of football for children and youth. The main aims of this thesis is to describe the support of youth football at the amateur level, to discover and understand the real problems that clubs face in running youth teams, and to compare the goals of organizations providing the support of youth football with the goals of clubs themselves. The first part is devoted to the theoretical framework. Theory of Street- level bureaucracy by Michael Lipsky predicts that mainly public service workers, the street-level bureaucrats, have a great influence on the performance of their profession, because they interact directly with citizens in the course of their jobs. Problem indicators and conflicts of goals are often in street-level bureaucrats work. The intention of this thesis is to find out if there are typical problematic indicators of activities of street-level bureaucrats in the Support of youth among public service workers of football clubs. The second intention associated with theory is to find out whether there is a conflict of goals between the clubs and youth football support organizations. To investigate...
The political dimension of social exclusion of elderly people as a result of the digital divide
Chmelíková, Tereza ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the phenomenon of the digital divide and its influence on the quality of life of seniors. The digital divide - a product of the modern information society - is one of the major factors influencing the social exclusion of elderly people. The theoretical part of theses introduces the concept of active aging as a way of successful solving problems associated with the population ageing, as well as a prevention of the exclusion of seniors from both society and participation in public affairs. The author mainly focuses on the issue of how are seniors in the Czech Republic at risk of exclusion as a result of digital exclusion. In the practical part, the present level of digital literacy of Czech seniors is explored. Following qualitative research - semi-structured interviews with experts - aims to find out whether the digital divide represents a social problem for the elderly people in the Czech Republic that contributes to their inequal position among the society, or even causes their exclusion from the participation in governance, and consequently, reduces the quality of their lives.
Solution of unemployment of young people through closer connestion of their vocational training with labor market requirements
Steindlberger, Martin ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Hiekischová, Michaela (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the relationship between the vocational training of young people and the requirements of the labour market. The thesis is focused on secondary vocational education. The problem, that has been examined, is the lack of readiness of school graduates, to move to the free labour market. In order to improve this, it is necessary to try to reconcile the content and outputs of vocational training with the needs of the labour market. If graduates are poorly prepared for employers' needs, these graduates may become unemployed. The problem is getting worse with the longer duration of unemployment. The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out and describe who participates in vocational training and how their mutual cooperation is implemented. In the thesis the author will try to find out the strengths and weaknesses of this cooperation. He will also try to find out in what kind of way the training of young people to the needs of the labour market is adapted. The thesis is a case study focused on the South Bohemian Region, which is briefly presented by selected indicators characteristic of the selected region. To obtain the necessary data, there are used figures and statistics from the former researches, as well as information from selected participants involved in the solution...
Transformation and Deinstitutionalization in Substitutional Child Care System in the Czech Republic
Potužníková, Michaela ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Klusáček, Jan (referee)
Substitutional child care is an indispensable part of system of social and legal protection of children. Until 1989, institutional care was preferred, while after the fall of communist government it had been gradually replaced by substitutional family care, because of the inappropriateness of institutional care to fully compensate for family environment. Deinstitutionalization means transforming the system of placing children to alternative care and it is understood as transition from institutional care to types of substitutional family care, eventually to more individual type of care with more family character. An amendment to the Social and Legal Children Protection Act, which aimed at transforming the system of substitutional care towards more individual work with endangered children, came into force in 2013. The amendment restored the institute of temporary foster care and modified the institute of long-term foster care. Moreover it set up system rules for the work of social and legal children protection authorities, it focused on prevention concerning endangered children etc. The goal of the thesis is to evaluate changes in the area of deinstitutionalization of substitutional child care in the Czech Republic after the amendment to the Social and Legal Children Protection Act from 2013, especially...
Support for employment as a part of regional policy in the Czech Republic
Pocová, Zuzana ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Hiekischová, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of insufficient support of employment at regional level. The main research objective of the thesis is to explain how a policy aimed at supporting employment within the framework of regional policy in the Czech Republic is implemented on the example of the Central Bohemia Region. In particular, the thesis focuses on public policy tools that are used to support employment at regional level. In addition, to identify the main actors and their beliefs in the field of employment support at the regional level, because on the one hand is conviction that the employment policy is a matter for the state and the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. On the other hand, however, there is a belief that support for the employment of the population should be part of other policies and should be the result of cooperation between different actors. As part of the actors' analysis and beliefs, the Advocacy Coalition Framework and Actor-network theory is used. The thesis is based on both the primary data from the professional interviews and the secondary data from professional publications and legislative documents. The analysis is based on a thematic analysis of expert interviews and the analysis of the content of secondary documents.
Integration of Ukrainian migrants in the Czech Republic
Burdukovskii, Nikita ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the integration of Ukrainian migrants in the Czech Republic. In connection with the increasing emigration potential of the Republic of Ukraine due to the ongoing civil war, the thesis will be an analysis of the Czech Republic's current integration policy towards foreigners from third countries with an emphasis on migrants from Ukraine. Significant changes in integration policies started after the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU, contextual documents and other public policy measures aimed at systematizing the integration of migrants from third countries. Thus, the aim will be to analyze publicly-relevant documents, which outline the essence and determinants of the Czech Republic's integration policy towards migrants from third countries. The Czech Republic responds sensitively to migratory trends, but more emphasis put on current immigration from Ukraine. Therefore, another goal will be to unveil the integration policy exclusively towards the Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. Finally, the ultimate goal is to understand on the basis of the interviews, what barriers the Ukrainians have in the Czech Republic for integrating into the host society. The life course theory helps to identify what trajectories they choose to integrate in their individual dimensions.

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