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Google art project: importance and contribution of the media coverage of cultural heritage
Jíchová, Eva ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
Nowdays, cultural institutions use modern ways how to communicate to people. Institutions tend to be interactive and engaging attendes to expositions. Technological improvements bring even new kinds of art pieces presentation. Thesis focuses on virtual gallery concept, called Google Art Project. Concept brings selected art pieces from art colection institutions. Google Art Project has given opportunity to use high quality technology to upload institutional works for free. In fact platform enables closer interaction than before. Work gives complex understanding on project technical and organisational point of view. Further focuses on Czech Google partnership organisations, stress is put on mutual perception of cooperation, technological tasks, views, whole project contribution and at the same time on Google Cultural Institute communication.
Evaluation of performance and reproduction of Montbéliarde dams
The objective of this study was assessing of utility and fertility in Montbéliarde cows and comparing with utility and fertility in Czech Spotted cows, bred in the same conditions. The recording was performed in the agricultural cooperative Bělčice, where both breeds are bred in the same conditions of environment, nutrition and care. The recording includes 366 cows (123 Montbéliarde cows {--} I, 109 Czech Spotted cows {--} C and 134 50 % Montbéliarde and 50 % Czech Spotted crossbreds - CI), which finished their lactation from 1.10.2004 until 13.7.2007. The fertility was assessed by reproduction indexes as first calving age, insemination period, meantime; and milk yield by utility indexes as quantity of milk; fat, protein, lactose contain, lactation persistence, length of lactation. There have been found important differences in reproduction indexes such as length of service period, length of meantime and first calving age. On I cows there was the biggest length of service period (124.5 days), even the length of meantime (414.6 days), on the contrary the CI group has reached the lowest numbers (99.7 and 377.2 days). Montbéliarde cows reached 844.7 days age when first calving, that is 52.6 days earlier than C group. Czech Spotted cows produced in average 7672.7 kg of milk per lactation when cross breeds produced 7677.1 kg and Montbéliarde cows produced 8708.5 kg of milk. Differences were statistically very significant. Montbéliarde cows had demonstrably lower (P $łeq$ 0,001) fat contain in milk (4.06 % in compare with 4.23 % by C and 4.21 % by CI). There wasn{\crq}t statistically significant difference recorded in protein contain among breeds by numbers 3.46 for C; 3.48 for CI and 3.46 for I. Because of the high milk yield of Montbéliarde cows, there was reached the highest production of fat (352.3 kg) even proteins (300.8 kg) in this breed. The highest index of lactation persistence was documented in Montbéliarde cows in level 89,9 in compare with the lowest reached level 85.4 (P $łeq$ 0.001) in the group of Czech Spotted cows.

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