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Disguised employment relationship in transport of passengers and goods
Dolanský, Pavel ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
Disguised employment relationship in transport of passengers and goods Abstract This master's thesis focuses on the issue of disguised employment relationship in the transportation industry, where the work of self-employed individuals is often used for the transportation of people and goods. This raises questions as to whether the nature of the work of a courier does not exhibit the characteristics of dependent work, which must be performed in a basic employment relationship. The thesis examines the nature of the relationship between companies operating in the transportation of people and goods and their contractual partners (couriers), particularly in terms of the possible fulfillment of the characteristics of dependent work. For this purpose, the issues of disguised employment relationship, including its consequences and the motivation of entities to engage in it, are clarified. Related concepts such as illegal work, outsourcing, and dependent activity are explained. Furthermore, attention is also given to the historical development of disguised employment relationship and its prohibition in legal regulations. Special emphasis is placed on explaining the defining features of dependent work as set out in the Labour Code as well as imported by case law. The liabilities associated with operating disguised...
Contemporary Art as a Tool of Art Marketing of the City of Prague
Pilná, Barbora ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Köppl, Daniel (referee)
Work Contemporary Art as a Tool of Art Marketing of the City of Prague aims to show culture not only as something saint and untouchable, but also as a very important part of a state economy, mainly in the framework of tourism. It deals with the relationship of culture and marketing, with the meaning of culture itself and with its role in the area of tourism. It looks into culture as the tool of the communication of Prague and looks critically at the contemporary situation of its presentation for tourists. There's no doubt that the presentation of Prague only through historical city centre is no longer enough in the competition of other cultural destinations and that Prague should think about changing and developing new strategy of communication. As the very tool of this change could work contemporary arts, which is used by many other cultural destinations around the world (Berlin, London, NYC), which Prague can also offer and which shows openess and a better place for life. The Prague City Hall has been financing those alternative cultural projects lately and by doing that has started to present Prague not only as a historical city centre, but also as a creative and dynamic place. This work discusses the reasons why The City Hall has been doing so, if on purpose or unconsciously, and by that tries...
Fictional news in media as a way of advertising
Lakomá, Karolína ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Trampota, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Fictional news in media as a way of promotion" deals with the issue of media messages which are based on mystification, untruth or half truths in order to arouse interest its beneficiaries and to draw attention to the brand, product, social problem or just to entertain. Sometimes the victim of a hoax is only the audience, sometimes are victims the media itself. In marketing area it has became more often to use the method of dissemination the advertising via viral communication where the recipients transmit information between themselves and spread it further. For this to happen, the advertising in the message must be skillfully hidden or not contain it at all. This work defines the concept of fictional news as well as the concept of promotion. It provides examples of media mystification in the history of mass media and examples of successful viral campaigns. The whole issue is demonstrated by the Czech adaptation of one of Australia's successful campaign for men's deodorant, which was based on the spreading fictional news and promoting a non-existing company. The work examines how the Czech media and Czech audience deal with the fictional press release.
Marketing Communications Analysis of DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in 2009 and 2010
Vaicová, Ivana ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
At times, when even state-financed museums and galleries are forced to manage the entrusted financial resources responsibly, create their own profits and raise funds for their operations from other than public sources, marketing communications become an important tool for reaching out to visitors as well as potential sponsors and other supporters. It is understandable that in private organizations, which gain only a relatively small percentage of their total budget from the state grants, are the marketing activities even more important. The bachelor thesis "Marketing Communications Analysis of DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in 2009 and 2010" characterizes the DOX centre, one of the biggest czech private galleries, describes its activities, analyzes the competition, target groups, and especially its communication tools. The most important points are then summarized by a brief SWOT analysis. The contribution of the work lies mainly in the comparison of the theory of museum marketing mostly from foreign-language literature and marketing practice realized by the czech institution of DOX centre. The essence of the work consists of the analysis of the components constituting the promotional mix of the DOX centre in the given period of time, the segmentation of target groups, and the identification of...
Interpretation of the Term Packaging Using the Apple Brand as an Example
Ducháč, Aleš ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Interpretation of the term packaging using the Apple brand as an example" is divided into two parts which are closely mutually linked. The first, theoretical part, describes the history and evolution of product packages from their early beginnings up to the present. Packages initially mostly fulfilled their original protection function which aimed to safely transport various goods and to preserve the quality of food. Today, the operational range of wrappings, or packages so to speak, increased and a new term, packaging, is being used to represent all its aspects. While retaining high protection standards, packaging must also serve as a tool for promotion and differentiation. With regard to the importance of this phenomenon for contemporary marketing, I added an analysis of the term and its inclusion into the marketing mix, which serves as a summary of the basic marketing principles, to the first part of the bachelor thesis. The second part focuses on the demonstration of complexity and importance of packaging in practice as a full-valued marketing tool. To show the right usage of this tool in all its realms of significance I chose a well known American company called Apple Inc. which develops and manufactures various software applications and electronic devices.

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