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Gender and everyday mobility of economically active persons: case study of Příbram
Kubalová, Monika ; Horňáková, Marie (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on daily commuting to work demonstrated on an example of the town Příbram. The aim of the thesis is to find out what are the differences in the gender-based daily mobility of economically active people. The theoretical part deals with the discussion of the literature related to the studied problems, especially with literature orientated on the spatial mobility. The data for daily commuting of economically active inhabitants of Příbram are taken over from the 2011 Census and Housing. The results are processed by the basic descriptive statistical methods. The research has found that men have a greater access to a car, which is closely related to the fact that men more often than women commute to work outside the town. On the other side, women more often use public transport or go to workplace on foot. Beside Příbram itself, the most people commute to Prague. The most frequent commuting time is up to 29 minutes, an exception is the category "60-89 minutes", where commuting to Prague is included. Keywords: gender, everyday mobility, commuting to work, economically active population, Příbram
Residential mobility and fulfilling the ideas of cohousing in the everyday life of inhabitants: Case study of the Klidná project
Horňáková, Marie ; Jíchová, Jana (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with cohousing; a concept of living based on common spaces and shared facilities. In the first phase, the aim is to provide a summary of the development of cohousing and other similar forms of housing in the world and also in Czechia. The second phase focuses on a concrete by cohousing inspired residential project located in the inner city of Prague. In the work it appears under the name Klidná. The second phase aims to find out what led the communication partners to choose Klidná as a new place of residence, how important role did the specific aspects based on cohousing played in the decision-making process and finally how are the ideas of this concept being fulfilled in everyday life of the inhabitants. The research is of a qualitative nature and the main method of data collection is realization of deep semi-structured interviews, which are subsequently evaluated on the basis of theoretical thematic analysis. Based on the study, none of the communication partners chose Klidná because of the concept of cohousing. They perceived the existence of common areas, small scale of the project or its spatial layout rather as a pleasant bonus. Fulfilling ideas of the concept in everyday life of the informants corresponds with the nature of the project and the context in which it was...
Tablet journalism in the Czech Repubic and Europe
Horňáková, Marie ; Hájek, Roman (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on tablet journalism especially in the Czech Republic and Europe in general. It consists of theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part contains description of history of tablets and also reasons why journalists had seen big potential in the device even before it was launched. It also summarizes first attempts in the field of tablet journalism, successful and unsuccessful. I also describe recommended methods in tablet journalism from which I consequently create criteria for examination of five European tablet magazines - Czech Headliner, British Photography Week, Spanish Don and Marca Plus and German SisterMag. There are seven criteria, simplicity and clarity of user interface, suitable design, implementation of touch, implementation of multimedia, presence on social media and personalization of content. Theoretical part also introduces chosen magazines and media market in their countries. Practical part aims to discover how the magazines follow recommended methods in tablet journalism. I always compare five latest issues of the magazines. I use method called comparative analysis and described criteria. Findings are described in text form and also in a chart.
Social Inequalities in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area
Horňáková, Marie ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Svobodová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with social inequalities in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area. It is focused on the problematic of social exclusion in relation with the distribution of different groups of the population in the metropolitan region - especially on the differences between core and peripheral areas. Monitoring of the social differences is set in the context of post-suburbanisation and the entire work is based on theories of postmodern urbanism. In the case of segregation of population it is primarily focused on the main reasons leading to this process - differences in ethnicity and ensuring security. In the context of higher degree of security it focuses on other indicators, which could be expected to be related with it. Data from the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics have been used in the processing. The results indicate that differences exist not only between the core and suburban areas, but also within the edges themselves. Key words: Jakarta Metropolitan Area, post-suburbanisation, postmodern urbanism, social exclusion

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