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Air conditioning in the library
Pospíšilová, Lucie ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Blasinski, Petr (advisor)
Dissertation offers a plan for air – conditioning equipment of library building in Brno and it involves air filter experimental measurement. The proposal is divided into three parts. The first part explains air filter theory with detailed description of atmospheric air filters for separation of particles for general ventilation - filter parameter determination. Theory part ends specifically with pocket air filters and their construction. The second part focuses on experimental pocket air filter measurement execution, which calculates with variable filter cartridges and pocket count. Measurement also evaluates pressure drop and their efficiency. The last part of the dissertation looks at air – conditioning equipment design for specified building, concretely library building. The project solves fresh air traffic into interior of selected library rooms and it counts with thermal heat gain in summer season, heat loss in winter season and air humidity modification.
Heating of a nursery school
Pospíšilová, Lucie ; Čupr, Karel (referee) ; Treuová, Lea (advisor)
Bacelor thesis attends to heating concept for kindergarten. The teoretical part deals with building ventilation issue for school unit and comfortable environment. It describes heater distribution in terms of heat trasnfer and end component units. In conclusion, variants of heat source for heating are characterized. Computational part contains heating design for each room in combination with heater and hot water underfloor heating. It also solves hot water exchanger calculation for forced vantilation of specific rooms. There is heat source design, hot water production and other required devices for system, which is part of calculations as well.
Railway brownfields - potential of the city. Case study of Bubny railway station.
Kluchová, Adéla ; Slámová, Eliška (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The railway, that brought the industrial expansion to the medieval walls of Prague in the 19th century, left there a hundred years later immense, undivided lucrative spaces, that are overdimensioned for the requirements of the current railway transportation. The railway brownfields now offer their potential to integrate themselves into the city organism, connect the already existing housing areas and create new, multifunctional city quarters. This thesis introduces the issue of the railway brownfield transformation in both historical context, and the context of nowadays approach to spatial planning. The case study presents the brownfield of the Praha-Bubny railway station and the organisations, that are creating the image of the brownfield's future transformation, as well as their partial goals and ideas about the newly forming space. KEY WORDS: railway brownfields, Bubny railway station, transformation, urbanism, spatial planning
Transformation of Prague brownfields: Waltrovka case study
Vácha, Jan ; Nemeškal, Jiří (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of brownfields, their definition, classification and comparison with competing greenfields. The first objective of this thesis is locating brownfields in Prague and their subsequent statistical analysis. The second goal of the thesis is to analyse the processes of change that have taken place on the site of the former Walter aircraft engine factory in Jinonice, where a brownfield has been revitalised into completely new residential- commercial district, which has a great impact not only on its residents but also on the wider area of Jinonice. In the context of the revitalisation, the thesis also deals with the sociogeographical analysis of Waltrovka and an interesting part is the chapter about genius loci that is a very prominent part of this modern neighbourhood. Key words: brownfield, revitalization, Prague, Waltrovka, genius loci, ecological burden
Double life in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray and the author's life
The bachelor thesis focuses on the concept of double life, concretely found in Oscar Wilde's life and one of his works - The Picture of Dorian Gray. The aim is to provide an understanding of duality in author's life and in the selected novel and show the connection between them. The first part of the thesis presents Wilde's life with the focus on the duality. His duality can be noticed mainly through leading two relationships at once. There are also shown the difficulties of leading a double life in this section. The second part analyses the types of dualities of the three main characters from the novel, with the main focus on the protagonist Dorian Gray. The different types of dualities are presented through Basil's homosexuality, Lord Henry's public image that differs from his secret desires, and lastly through the fight of the body and soul in the case of Dorian. The duality of Dorian is even supported by the existence of the portrait. Further, the thesis discusses the Dorian's development and how certain people could influence who he has become, including his grandfather Lord Kelso and Lord Henry Wotton.
The transformation of commercial activities in the suburban municipality Dolní Břežany
Chrástek, Adam ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Nemeškal, Jiří (referee)
The commercial suburbanization had a major impact on the transformation of commercial activities in the hinterland of metropolitan areas in the post-socialist period. This bachelor thesis deals with the transformation of commercial activities at the local level and the influence of commercial suburbanization on this transformation, using the example of the suburban municipality Dolní Břežany. The development of commercial activities in Dolní Břežany is specific in comparsion with most other municipalities in the suburban area of the capital city. The thesis aims to describe and explain the growth of commercial development and economic subjects in the municipality Dolní Břežany after 1989. The theoretical part defines suburbanization and its forms, then focuses on their development abroad and in the Czechia with a focus on the development of suburbanization in Prague City Region. It also deals with the effects of suburbanization, financing of municipalities and influencing the localization of commercial activities by the municipality. The empirical part describes and explains the change in the number, structure and location of economic subjects (artificial persons) and the growth and location of commercial development in the municipality. The thesis also deals with the impact of the coronavirus...
Significance of the timekeeping system for human health
Pospíšilová, Lucie ; Sumová, Alena (advisor) ; Hejnová, Lucie (referee)
The circadian system evolved as an adaptation to cyclic changes in external conditions on Earth, mainly the alternation of light and dark with a period of solar day. The rhythmic signal is generated at the cellular level and it is controlled by rhythmic expression of clock genes and their protein products. In mammals, the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) are the principal circadian oscillator coordinating daily cycles of physiology and behavior, while in peripheral tissues local oscillators operate. The peripheral oscillators are entrained to the daytime and also among each other, by neuroendocrine signals from the SCN. Mutual synchrony of all the circadian components is necessary for proper function of the organism. The main entraining cue of the circadian system with environment is light, which affect the SCN via retina. In a subgroup of blind people sensing the light in the retina is disturbed and their circadian system cannot be synchronized by light. The SCN controls rhythmic production of melatonin in the pineal gland. This hormone mediates the information about the daytime to other tissues in the body, which are not photosensitive. The circadian system temporally drives many processes, including the cell division cycle. It seems that disruption of the temporal regulation could contribute to...
Impact of changes in the city centre of Ústí nad Labem on the traffic accident
Starý, Vojtěch ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
Impact of changes in the city centre of Ústí nad Labem on the traffic accident Abstract The objective of this paper is to determine the influence of change of the Ústí nad Labem city center on the road traffic safety. In the first part of the paper the modern modifications of communications in the city centers for the purpose of better safety for the road traffic participants are generally characterized. Further, the paper concerns with revitalization in the centre of Ústí nad Labem. The city centre is represented by three streets (Masarykova, Velká Hradební and Hrnčířská) which have been significantly changed during past seven years. The influence of these changes is compared to the stats of accident frequency and development of traffic intensity in individual streets. The Head of traffic police in Ústí nad Labem, project engineers and the Head of Traffic Department of the municipal government were interviewed to express their opinions on the problems. The result of the paper is an evaluation whether the revitalization of the city center has contributed to better traffic safety.
Free Fare Transport Policy in Urban Areas
Štraub, Daniel ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The concept of FFTP represents one of the tools utilized by cities in order to solve transportation problems in urban areas or to upgrade the general welfare of citizens living in this environment. The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to, based on a study of literature, introduce the concept of FFTP, its various goals to be fulfilled, the wide scale of its forms and also to evaluate its ability to reach the set goals. The case study of the city Frýdek - Místek analyses impacts of the FFTP concept on the city environment. It appears that the FFTP concept represents a useful tool, which is able to improve the use of public transport, its effectiveness or the mobility of citizens. The concept also enables reduction of use of cars and its negative impacts. It is also important to mention that the concept represents only one single tool out of many, the implementation of which it is possible to follow the effects and therefore it is necessary to support its effectiveness with other sub - elements or tools. Keywords: FFTP, free fare transport policy, free public transport, public transport

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