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Impact resistence on nanocomposite Mo-B-C- and W-B-C coatings deposited using magnetron sputtering technique
Fořt, Tomáš ; Grossman, Jan ; Daniel, Josef ; Sobota, Jaroslav ; Dupák, Libor ; Buršíková, V. ; Zábranský, L. ; Souček, L. ; Mirzaei, S. ; Alishahi, M. ; Vašina, P. ; Buršík, Jiří
Recently, based on attractive mechanical properties of boride and carbide based X2BC ternary compounds (X = Mo, W and Ta) they became subjects of both theoretical calculations and experimental work. In the case of stoichiometric composition, X2BC with X = Mo, W and Ta are very promising candidates for protection of cutting and forming tools due to their unusually stiffness and moderate ductility.\nIn this work we focus on nanostructured Mo-B-C and W-B-C layers grown by magnetron sputtering on high speed steel (HSS) substrates. Mechanical properties of the layers were characterized by nanoindentation experiments in both static and dynamic loading regimes. Elastic modulus, indentation hardness and fracture resistance were evaluated and discussed. The fracture resistance of both Mo-B-C and W-B-C coatings was compared using both indentation and dynamic impact tests.\n
Production and distribution of Czechoslovak trams in the eighties of twentieth century
Daniel, Josef ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupecký, Petr (referee)
This paper focuses on the situation at the ČKD -- Tatra Smíchov plant during the nineteen eighties. It reacts to the situation where this topic is the subject of technical and popular literature. My desire is to look more deeply into the matter and to expand on this information from an economic-financial point of view. The paper briefly examines the origins and activities of the business, then the situation in the 1980s is described and analysed in greater detail. The focus of analysis is directed primarily on export to the Soviet Union and the influence this had on the product portfolio. Then the work looks at the construction of new premises. Afterwards, the effect of export on the domestic market is analysed, including for instance the mutual relations with the Prague Transport Corporation. The paper includes a history of the corporation in the words of and from the point of view of former staff members.

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