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Main principles in creation of packaging design
Tsitova, Darya ; Dědic, Filip (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
This thesis is focused on study of the main principles in creation of packaging design. The theoretical part is dealt with the concept of packaging design in the selective segment of speciality coffee and graphic design principles that can be applied to this packaging. The practical part these principles are studied to redesign graphic identity for the package design of the selective brand of speciality coffee. One section of the practical part is also the analysis of the state of concrete packaging on the Prague market in the given segment.
Design of a website for the leisure time organization based on HCD methods
Kodetová, Terezie ; Vondra, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Dědic, Filip (referee)
The present bachelor thesis looks into the use of Human-Centred Design methods for creating a website for the Luka nad Jihlavou Scout Center. The aim of the thesis is to design implementation of a website and to create a website prototype using methodology developed by the IDEO company and then to assess whether this methodology is suitable for leisure time organisations. The work includes a description of the particular leisure time organisation. The process of carrying out user research, an ideation workshop and user testing together with the obtained results is also presented here.
Methodology for website localization from the perspective of webdesign
Čermák, Radim ; Doucek, Petr (advisor) ; Strossa, Petr (referee) ; Hřebíček, Jiří (referee) ; Dědič, Filip (referee)
Internet and websites are today one of the most important communication channels of almost all companies. They offer a simple, fast and effective way of communication, which is also available worldwide in a few seconds. With the globalization of market, more and more companies try to expand their business beyond the territory of the home state. In the current time of start-ups is the Internet also often a medium that allows formation of new spheres of business for which the website is absolutely essential channel. This type of business is internet based and has very often international ambitions from the very beginning. Given that each country (or region) can be seen as distinctive culture, it is advisable to locate websites for the needs of the foreign country. This is exactly the theme of this thesis. The concrete objective of this thesis is to offer a methodology for website localization in terms of webdesign. The basic building block is the delimitation of a multidisciplinary theoretical framework that examines the concept of culture and extensive literature review allowing current insight into the linking of website and culture, i.e. cultural website localization. Suitable method for gripping such a complex concept as a culture emerge from a theoretical framework as well. As the most appropriate method were determined Hofstedes cultural dimensions, which are then used for the analysis of cultural determination of web elements. Data collection for the purpose of analysis of web elements cultural determination is performed using a content analysis of websites from nine different countries. The results of the analysis are compared and synthesized with the findings stemming from a literature review. The final artifact of this thesis, a methodology for website localization from the perspective of web design, is based on this ground. Validation of the proposed methodology is done on the basis of assessment of the methodology for a domain of web design. This assessment is based on interviews with experts from different countries as well as presentation of concrete example of methodology use within a midsize website.

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3 Dědic, Frederik
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