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Unique items hypothesis in translation. A corpus-based study.
Špínová, Adéla ; Jettmarová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Chlumská, Lucie (referee)
This thesis is focused on testing the so-called unique items hypothesis on Czech language data. Supposed Czech unique items were chosen from lexical units, word-formation phenomena, syntactic structures and language use phenomena. Their frequency in a comparable monolingual corpus of contemporary Czech was established and the differences in frequency were statistically tested. This quantitative research was accompanied by a qualitative probe into the English source texts from which sentences containing selected unique items were translated using an aligned parallel corpus of English-Czech translations. The results reveal a general tendency of unique items to be underrepresented in translated language and a variety of source- language phenomena that underlie unique items usage in the target language.
Translated Czech and Its Characteristics
Chlumská, Lucie ; Cvrček, Václav (advisor) ; Malá, Markéta (referee) ; Bermel, Neil Halford Andrew (referee)
Title: Translated Czech and Its Characteristics Author: Mgr. Lucie Chlumská Department: Institute of the Czech National Corpus Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Václav Cvrček, Ph.D. Abstract: Despite the fact that translated literature accounts for more than one third of all written publications in the Czech Republic, Czech in translations has not yet been systematically analyzed from a quantitative point of view. The main objective of this corpus-based dissertation is to identify characteristic features of translated Czech com- pared to Czech in original, i.e. non-translated texts. The analysis was based on a large monolingual comparable corpus Jerome, created for the purposes of this study. It inclu- des both fiction and non-fiction texts and its design reflects the real Czech situation regarding the translations' source languages, i.e. translations from English prevail. The research was inspired by the theory of translation universals (typical linguistic featu- res common to any translated text) and focused mainly on simplification, convergence and general frequency characteristics, including parts-of-speech distribution and n-gram analysis. The findings have supported the hypothesis that translated Czech, as reflected in the Jerome corpus, is different from the non-translated Czech in terms of higher degree of...
Learning strategies in successful and unsuccessful pupils on the example of history
Chlumská, Lucie ; Štech, Stanislav (advisor) ; Rendl, Miroslav (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to describe the learning strategies of low-, average-, and high-achieving pupils, then to find and characterize major differences and similarities between diferrently achieving pupils. The learning strategies is investigated in the context of History courses. The theoretic part deals with an analysis of the therm 'learning style', 'approach to learning' and 'learning strategy'. Relevant surveys of the relation of school achievement to learning strategies or learning styles, respectively, are presented here. The empiric part is focused on the analysis of the learning strategies of a given sample of pupils. This analysis is based on the dates obtained by the following methods: a) the interviews with the pupils (focused on the procedures and context of learning, on the role of the parents and other people), b) the observation in the class focused on boths pupils and the teacher, c) the experimental assignment of text learning, and d) the analysis of the pupils' History exercise books. The survey is conceived as qualitative. In this thesis, the learning strategies of five 9th grade pupils are analysed - of two high-achieving (Adam and David), one average-achieving (Ema), and two low-achieving pupils (Bara and Cyril). The attention is focused on the forms of their cognitive and...
Ordinal numbers in contemporary Czech
Chlumská, Lucie ; Bozděchová, Ivana (referee) ; Adam, Robert (advisor)
The thesis "Ordinal Numbers in Contemporary Czech" characterizes and defines Czech ordinal numbers on the basis of theoretical conceptions of Czech grammar books and linguistic handbooks, and using data from the Czech National Corpus database it examines variant and problematic phenomena in this category. It also deals with ordinal numbers in an adverbial form, with words derived from ordinal numbers and with idioms, part of which the ordinal numbers are. It also analyses the issue of forming, writing and orthography of variant ordinals.
The comparison of the education of leaders in children organizations and of educators on free time
Chlumská, Lucie ; Krištofová, Zuzana (referee) ; Šerák, Michal (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to describe and to compare the education and the training of the leaders in children organizations and of the educators in free time at universities. The opening chapters deal with the concepts of lifelong learning, formal and nonformal education. Then the education and the training of the leaders is described as an example of the nonformal education with the focus on its legislative aspects, on the current suply of education and on the description of its content, forms and methods. The education of the leaders is not legislatively grounded yet and it is different in each organization. On the other side, supply of education is really wide. The leaders and their organizations are concerned with development of the leaders' education. Then the formal education of educator in free time is described, it is focused on the supply and the content of the education. There are mostly Bachelory degree programmes for educators in free time, while the Master degree programmes are exceptional. This paper concludes with the comparison of the both types of education and it deals with their weaknesses. The comparisons had resulted in the fact that the educators could work for more institutions, but leaders were better prepared for their organizations.

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