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Documentary Approaches in Contemporary Fine Art Moving Image
Bačíková, Alžběta ; PhDr. BcA. Andrea Slováková, Ph.D., MBA (referee) ; Pospiszyl, Tomáš (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The Dissertation titled Documentary Approaches in Contemporary Fine Art Moving Image focuses on the practical and theoretical research of documentary approaches to videos and films in the art field. It notices especially the self-reflexive strategies as a consequence of critical approach towards the medium itself and lack of belief in its ability to mediate reality or truth. Attempts to convey reality by audiovisual means are accompanied by the reflection of the way this happens. The Dissertation also reflects on the uncertain relation between the documentary and truth, which has been described in art by the artist and theoretician Hito Steyerl. The examined artworks were made in the period between the beginning of 21st century, when the documentary turn was reflected intensively, and the present time. The selection of examples was strongly influenced by the local study of Israeli art in The Video Archive of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv. Motives of conflict, violence and trauma resonating in studied videos and films influenced further selection and analysis of the authors’ documentary methods from a different context. In the selected works I can see particularly various forms of alienation effects and self-reflexive approaches. Using these procedures the artists highlight the constructedness of the audiovisual work and the way it was produced. Recurring formal principles have been stated. Reenactment of real events, revealing the way the work was produced or the artist’s position in the production process; these strategies indicate the uncertain relationship between the documentary work and reality. In the frame of these tendencies also reevaluation of the observational documentary strategies as something seemingly opposite to self-reflexive strategies is reviewed. Theoretical outcomes are continuously accompanied by author’s own art projects concentrated around the form of documentary portrait and its (de)construction. They experiment with the formal principles analyzed on a theoretical level.
Contingency Methods / Hungry eyes and Dog soul / Bind your laces while walking
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Lungová, Barbora (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The camera, as a creature, wanders through space, takes action. We feel tense, every moment of time. In everything. Dance of particles, screaming in unreal tempo. The spatial properties of the haptic world are given by the composition of a score for particle dance. Free notation for sysyphian eternal soul players. Playing a common song of our time and space. Wave. Space between the particles - emptiness. The shape given by the structure of particle dances. So how can you get it. Radiation, Fuse. This is the erosion of the score, the decomposition of the system. Deacon and cleaners. Treasure hunters. Is space between shapes empty? Slavery is not due to the impoverishment of man, but to his transformation into an instrument. The impoverishment of the film's medium is the transformation of the instrument from the instrument into a human being. From the apparatus - rewriting the environment of three-dimensional shapes to the surface, on the apparatus - the emulation of human experience schemes. From indifference to false experience.
Moravanský, Tomáš ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Intermedial, conceptual audio-visual audiovisual games built as a theater installation; tableaux vivants.
Žilinský, Michal ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
Using slow camera movement in 20 minutes in five video scenes of completely CGI-rendered environment called Area of Universal Latency, I am mapping space-time of the zone which is located in the north-western Slovakia. Minimalistic narration of the autonomous single-channel video projection is confronting subjectivism with universality of the Anthropocene, vanitas and spirituality with the belief of consumerism in infinite accumulation and simulacra of virtuality with the absolute truth. The story of this video-poem is communicated through virtual environment, composed sounds and natural noises. This thesis is presenting a fragment of my attempt to record the morphology of the specific place through which, as the title of the video states, I am indicating the state of reality and its consequences yet not describing it explicitly.
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Calm film tries to be a kind of portrait of a young free life in the city. Freedom, upachtěnosti. It's a portrait of notes from phone, lemonade flavored with emptiness. Humbly evaporate. Passionate amateurism, because the toilet are not alone, there is with thee Wittgenstein. The fact that we saw a squirrel as a mouse eats. The fact that when we go to town, so we are pretty huge. The fact that it all actually means something. "Vynuděnej klidňák" Lord hate emotions and Jagr afloat bet. The fact that I have one whole night inhaled Pizza Hawaii, which became Pizza Pearl Harbour because I fell asleep. The fact that it is good then the rest of charcoal dance. About how he met at kávomatu dudes, gunk and artificial intelligence to agreed that hate and love must prevail over truth and falsehood. Instead, after a quill on the bottom of the crucible DNA they found God. Then came the doorman and said that the school is non-smoking. And then there is the moment when we lack love, peace, and we have a long time we were visiting. The fact that we were in rehab and has since everyone involved. The fact that Tomas přidělal the old wheel chair and wrote on it "ZEUS". Contemplation of revolting tag Elektro Planeo on the wall. Because staring contest with the camera is a job like any other. The fact that my vegetables says I'm outside because he hates anyone who is interesting. A tag is an interesting question - "is not a vegetable shit?" Humor in the joy of grief. Because I have sympathy with the man who has read this. Something is simply in a poem trapped and can not get out. The method of the Hitler-Stalin-Picasso, the smell and pain, emptiness and dullness, sabotage and nervousness, contactless man, colorful variety of residues of superpowers in said "yes" and the superhero resistant to alcohol. Nuclear metaphysics in a world where the Lord God far and high. In the role of a collector's Bizarre man playing Lord dimes with the task to deliver power to the last ten-kávomatu fate. The Old Man and the wine, which put on a fag and he will tell you that genius is hiding at the bottom, vigilance and misunderstanding diletující memory and increasingly sadder smile. Nasty weather and the feeling that "next door is fucking nations" - (Paul Ondračka - The celebration of music and poetry). Method free stream of consciousness portrayed as a method of glaciers. The fact that the last time I lost my laptop when I tried if underwater works wifi. Dementia and escape from evil - as far as possible. Trying to focus, at least for a while. Since I was working basically a documentary (- the film's treatment of captured video archives), the choice of media video-essays, hence the film entirely clear. The illustrated try to look out of their personal, participant of view, but also with a "judgmental - documentary apart." I inspiration for creating Calm sought mainly in the work of Werner Herzog, Karel Vachek and their relation to the relativity of truth and nature. Compared with its previous results, which were more experimental in nature evaluate his work as a targeted and focused. The aim of the work is a portrait of the place, time and people. He has absolutely no practical benefit, except perhaps enrich the viewer's soul and portrait modes.
Baluch, Matúš ; Ptáček, Jiří (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
My diploma thesis is instalation, which elements are based on principales of ready-made. Documentation of living performance. Site-specific charakter, objects, and documents are common, that are one from of physical, psychical, and social injuries. Trought the installation and added text with its full range of form I am changing the discurse.
Video Synthesizer
Richtr, Pavel ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Krekovič, Slavomír (advisor)
Generating a video signal for ATtiny85 , authoring software worldwide for video game console ATARI2600 on the theme of UAV attacks and their media image - a reinterpretation of using "low res" generated video.
Faith in Us
Jindra, Jakub ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Fajnor, Richard (advisor)
In religious faith I am finding the similar principle to the placebo effect. Placebo effect is associated to human belief and it is so powerful phenomenon that if the new drug in medicine is tested it has to be done through double-blind studies to eliminate the effect of placebo. Without this elimination, even non-working medicaments are having positive impact. In medicine, a placebo is commonly used to cure physiological or psychological problem, to achieve the effect, result. But there are other ways where we can meet placebo and is not it so easily recognized. Placebo can be a message, political doctrine or religious belief. Placebo investigates a mysterious area of effect without apparent cause, it is merely a reflection of our state of mind. Religion wraps its doctrine in sparkly packaging, tinsel, so that it is easily consumable and friendly. But under the wrapping is nothing but a placebo pill, we are attracted to, and which we may or may not believe will work. The pill is nothing, has no content, it is empty. It is in some way false, fake and illusory. But the most interesting part is that works reliably for decades.
Wolves in a Burner
Šprincl, Petr ; Blažíček, Martin (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
My grandfather 's name is Adolf Šprincl . Over 12 years he was a professional coach hockey teams in France (with various interruptions from 1971 to 1994 ) , where he trained teams in Tours, Villard de Lans and Grenoble. The last named team is most associated with him. Les Loups de Brleurs - Wolves in the burner. My father's name is Milan Šprincl . From the age of 5 years he`s playing hockey. From the age of 18 years it played at a professional level in the Czech first league . The most important places in his life are hockey stadiums in Jihlava and Hodonin. Both stadiums stands on the site of a old cemetery in neighborhood there is a Baroque cemeterychapel. I tried to play hockey, but I failed. I continue in the family tradition of hockey and also the grandfather's work in Grenoble. Documentary film with elements of experimental manipulations and fiction passages will map to the development of French hockey and also the mystique associated with hockey . Attempts to reveal a seemingly random connections between hockey and sacred land for the rest of the dead. At the same time this film plans to close a series of films with the theme of my personal family history, to which I perceive in abstract forms. The film is shot on VHS camcoder. I shoot hockey stadiums (especially in Hodonin and Jihlava ) in which interests me as architectural monumentality of these sports , but also the context in which they are found (hockey arena on former cemeteries , etc. ) . The next part takes place in France , near Grenoble, where he focuses on the current state of French hockey (interviews with prominent personalities of French hockey - Jean Leblond / Vice President of the French hockey , Dany Grandor / former player Grenobelu - officer team, Stéphane Bailles / first hockey scout in France, Jean - Luc Dalaison / journalist Le Dauphiné and others) and link to my grandfather , who is one of the most important figures in the history of the hockey team Bruleurs Les Loups de Grenoble . Another important part is i work with historical documents ( articles in French and Czech press about his grandfather , his personal correspondence , notebooks with notes for training and game strategy , and also relics of his time in France) and a part takes place on the ice rink , where you will be using the other game lines and projections manipulated match in hockey (tells the legend of the mountain Vercors of wolves who ate people ) . Part of the film is the creation of costumes (especially hockey jerseys ) and props.
Holographic Hieroglyph
Sobotková, Adéla ; Havlíček, Jiří (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Topics fragmentary , symbolism and memory are the basic elements of creation and thinking Adele Sobotková (1987 ) . In her installation made of clay and covered with a udusaných objects together with the soil can walk, touch , read, intervene . This raises a cryptographic magical space full of mysterious objects in the video that represent clusters of personal hieroglyphic symbols and structures without the possibility of accurate decryption. These enigmatic characters are like glass or water , are changing , floating landscapes and refer to feelings of uncertainty, and forgetting the past, which is not entirely clear - is revealed as a mirage . Hologram is a representation of reality or reality that no longer exists but in time, or never existed , dream hi - technology , the current symbol of immortality, infinite and preservation in time. " Holographic hieroglyph " is a fluid phenomenon with varying meanings depending on its reading , the transcript or constant metaphor memories and the zpřítomňování hand in hand zpřítomňování a revival oblivion . Unclear character that has certainly not decipher , and yet we have it all in front of him , we see him from all sides , but also through him is the present and yet unreal . Great recording of uncertainty. (press release of the exhibition Holographic Hieroglyph in the Youth Gallery in Brno)

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