Autoři: Kotrbáček, V. ; Doucha, Jiří ; Kuchařová, V. ; Doubek, J.
Typ dokumentu: Sborníky
Konference/Akce: 12tá mezinárodní konference fyziologie živočichů, Bořetice (CZ), 20160613
Rok: 2017
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: We studied the effect of Chlorella biomass as a feed supplement. In laying hens we found that diet supplemented with 1 % (i.e. 10 g/kg) of dry disintegrated heterotrophically grown Chlorella biomass significantly increased content of carotenoids in egg yolks of 8 experimental animals already after the first week of supplementation (P<0,01). Compared to 8 control hens these differences remained significantly higher until the end of the eight-week experiment. The average carotenoid concentration was 17,3 mu g per g of yolk in control group and 25,3 mu g per g of yolk in experimental animals (P<0,01). Autotrophically grown Chlorella was supplemented to the 30 gilts one month prior the expected first heat in a dose of 1,5 g per animal per day. These sows entered heat earlier and the number of pregnancy was higher in comparison to the 30 control animals. Other studies observed digestibility of selenium organically bound in Se-enriched Chlorella. The level of selenium in blood, colostrum and also tissues of new born piglets was determined. Group of 8 sows was supplemented with Se-enriched alga during the pregnancy and 3 days after parturition at a dose of 0,3 mg of selenium per 1 kg of feed. The same amount of selenium in the form of sodium selenite was administrated to the control group of 8 individuals. Organic form of selenium significantly increased concentration of Se in blood of sows and colostrum (P<0,05). Piglets born to supplemented sows had also significantly higher level of Se in heart, muscles and liver (P<0.01). The use of fresh Chlorella biomass produced outdoors on a dairy farm was experimentally tested. The liquid fresh biomass applied to dairy cows during the pregnancy at a dose of 15 g dry mass per cow increased the dry matter content in colostrum from 17,5 g per 100 ml of colostrum in control group to 20,5 g per 100 ml of colostrum in supplemented cows (P<0,05).
Klíčová slova: Chlorella; feed supplement; flue gas utilization

Instituce: Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR (web)
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