Název: Detailed analysis of (selected) West Bohemian earthquakes - results and possible geological consequences
Autoři: Kolář, Petr
Typ dokumentu: Příspěvky z konference
Konference/Akce: Technical Computing Prague 2015 /23./, Praha (CZ), 2015-11-04
Rok: 2015
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: At TCP 2011 and 2013 we informed about Interactive tool for determination of parameters of finite seismic source model using Stopping Phases method. Now the crucial part of software is developed and the Tool is in routine operation: events are analysed, values of investigated parameters are obtained and in addition the harvested results seem to yield also information about detailed geological structure in the foci area - such knowledge cannot be obtained by another way unless the exhaustive and expensive prospecting geophysical methods are applied. Namely we processed sets of events from pronounced seismic swarms which occurred in West Bohemia in yrs. 2000, 2008 and under the investigation are 2011 data (2014 data are the challenge for the future).
Klíčová slova: data processing; finite seismic source; West Bohemia seismic swarms
Zdrojový dokument: Technical Computing Prague 2015. 23rd Annual Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-80-7080-936-5

Instituce: Geofyzikální ústav AV ČR (web)
Informace o dostupnosti dokumentu: Dokument je dostupný v příslušném ústavu Akademie věd ČR.
Původní záznam: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0252941

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