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The FTVS Website as an Instrument of Marketing Communication: Content Analysis of the Czech Version from the Viewpoint of Target Audience
Hruška, Vladislav ; Bělič, Vít (advisor) ; Bednář, Miloš (referee)
Title: Objectives: Methods: Results: Keywords: The FTVS Website as an Instrument of Marketing Communication: Content Analysis of the English Version from the Viewpoint of Target Audience to analyse website and to suggest solution to imperfection Analysis, Questionnaire Inquiry, Interview methods evaluation, suggesting elements improving current form Web, Presentation, Breakdown, Webdesign, Sport Faculty, WWW
A portal to support the teaching of applied cryptography
Vojáčková, Veronika ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
Cryptography has a rich history, ranging from ancient civilizations to modern times, ensuring confidentiality and security has always played a very important role. In order to understand these algorithms, however, it is necessary to understand the basics of this issue, which can be a very difficult task without comprehensive resources. The thesis first examines web portals dealing with cryptography on the Czech and foreign Internet. Next, it compiles all the necessary knowledge for the subject of applied cryptography. As part of the work, a web portal is created bringing together the necessary information to support teaching along with a practical demonstration of algorithms and their use in the Python programming language.
Online marketing of a construction company
Křivánek, Filip ; Budíková, Michaela (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of the new website of the company bau32, spol s.r.o using UX testing methodologies and its subsequent operation. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the current website of the company bau32, spol s.r.o ( works from the point of view of user experience. This is related to competitor analysis and costumer testing. Design of a new website based on research. As part of the theoretical part of the work, it is summarized what UX methods are used in the work, what theoretical assumption of webdesign are used for the resulting appearance of the web. It also includes a theory regarding the SEO optimization of the mentioned website. In the practical part, the work deals with the design of a new website for the company. Suggest changes based on UX research done for current website, competitor analysis and costumer testing. Apply these suggestions and retest the success of the changes made onthe new website. The output of the bachelor thesis is the creation of a new, more functional website and its operation.
Web user interfaces using Utility CSS and Tailwind Framework
KRÁL, David
The point of the bachelor thesis is to process the issue of Utility CSS using the Utility-first CSS framework Tailwind. Utility-first CSS is about writing code using classes that have only one purpose, so it is a general approach to creating code, built on individual classes, the so-called "utility classes". It is almost always a combination of CSS properties and some of its value, the advantage is immutability and independence of context. The Tailwind tool facilitates the development of UI design, but when the knowledge of the CSS Utility is not necessary, so the creation of CSS code using the framework and the classic procedure will be compared. The content of the theoretical part will be the introduction of Utility CSS, Tailwind framework and its comparison with the Bootstrap framework, the practical part of the bachelor thesis will be based on creating your own web application, where Utility CSS and framework will be introduced in detail. The result of the work will be a comparison of efficiency, time and readability of the code. Of interest will be the control of user forms (eg search), on which the current blind friendly speech recognition technique (voice recognition and conversion to text) will be applied.
Analysis and comparison of user interface of the websites of special libraries at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague and proposals for its innovation
Šebestová, Eva ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Boudová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the analysis and assessment of the existing user interface of the departmental libraries of Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. The theoretical part generally characterizes the discipline of Human Computer Interaction. Furthermore, it characterizes concepts such as user interface, web usability and web accessibility and information architecture. Besides, it introduces the organisation, functions and services of the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, including departmental libraries. The practical part explores and assesses current condition of the websites of the departmental libraries. The aim of this research is to determine users' satisfaction based on their experience with these library websites. Moreover, the research monitors the users' idea of an ideal website. A further concern is the usability, accessibility, content, design and information architecture of the websites researched. In accordance with the results of the research, a schema of a new human interface for the departmental libraries is designed.
Web design of a construction company
Ličman, Jan ; Šimáček, Ondřej (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
This diploma Thesis deals with problematics of web design in civil engineering. Specifically, it focuses on the web design of a projective construction office. The basic concepts relevant to the problematics are defined in the theoretical part of this Thesis. The practical part begins with initial analysis which consists of an opening workshop with a client, a survey and competition research. Based on the analysis findings, target group and project direction are set. Following these steps, the web design is created. It consists of several parts – generation of ideas and possible solutions, information architecture, sketching, prototyping, prototype testing and graphic design itselfs, which is output of this diploma Thesis.
Design and development of plug-in tools
Bařák, Šimon ; Dědic, Filip (referee) ; Kubíková, Zuzana (advisor)
A plug-in is software that does not work independently, but as an add-on module to another application, thus extending its functionality. It usually uses a ready-made application interface called an API. Many programs offer programmers the ability to use their API (application interface) with the ability to extend the functionality of the program.
Vytvoření webové prezentace obce zaměřené na podporu cestovního ruchu
Jakoubek, Matěj
JAKOUBEK, M. Creating a web presentation of a municipality focusing on promotion of tourism. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a web presentation of the town of Bystřice pod Hostýnem focusing on the support of tourism. The essence of the thesis is the analysis of the existing web presentation of the town, the tourism in this destination and the creation of a web presentation proposal based on the requirements of the municipality. To determine the usability of the existing web site in the field of tourism the questionnaire survey and the time limited search of information were used by the research participants.
Web App for Composing Restaurant Menu
Ryšavý, Tomáš ; Zemčík, Pavel (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The goal of this work is to simplify the process of creating daily menus, that are created in restaurants. I solved the chosen problem by creating a web application . The application allows convenient to import a list of meals. You can then easily compile a daily menu from the meals by using a drag and drop. This menu can be exported to formats defined by preparepared templates or XML format. Templates are easily formatted in Word. There have to be special tags in these templates to generate the documents. The outcome was achieved by using the PHP framework Symfony. The functionality of the interface is mainly implemented in JavaScript. The look was designed by using Bootswatch, an extension of the CSS framework Bootrap. The PHP library PHPWord is used for generating the documents. A very important factor of the development was a close contact with users, which helped the iterative development of the appearance and functionality of the application. In this work, I created a web application that currently saves time and nerves in Padagali, a restaurant in Brno. The benefit is therefore a tool that is a universal solution for compiling and exporting daily menus in restaurants.
Web Application for Simple Management of Deadlines
Šmajzrová, Kateřina ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This work solves the creation of a simple web application that allows one administrator to easily manage his tasks, which he enters to his colleagues or students. The following text describes the design of the user interface and the database. I had solved this problem using the PHP framework Symfony, several scripts are written in Javascript, CSS framework Bootstrap was used to design the website. An important part of this work is user testing, data was obtained mainly through questionnaires, or personal consultation, and the results are in this thesis. After each testing phase, the existing version was improved based on the obtained data, bugs were fixed and the user interface was improved. The main benefit of the application is the simplification of assigning task to larger groups of people, it can be used for example by teachers or camp leaders. It will provide a quick overview of who has already fulfilled the tasks.

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