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Football Recycling
Longauerová, Romana ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (referee) ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (advisor)
The final work responds to the global warming trend in the form of a park zone with edible vegetation. This serves as a food source for the residents and also supports the species biodiversity near the city centre. The design makes use of natural resources and creates an efficient rainwater harvesting system from the adjacent area surrounding the site. The heart of the site becomes the former football stadium building, which is used as a community garden and for educational purposes in conjunction with agriculture and nature.
Intercurricular teaching programme Fish of our waters
The aim of the thesis was to create a proposal for a teaching programme focused on the issue of fish occurring in the Czech Republic, in order to facilitate the work of teachers who can use the activities during their personal practice. The first part of my thesis focuses on the issues of water around us (lakes, ponds, running waters) and on some of the fish species living in the Czech Republic which are introduced to pupils in primary school lessons. The second part focuses on the design of a cross-curricular teaching programme, which includes tools such as worksheets, pictures, etc. Last but not least, reflection from practice and evaluation tests are included to verify the effectiveness of the proposed activities. The results show that after the implementation of the proposed activities, students have an overview of fish and everything related to them. They know some of the representatives, they can tell what fish needs to live, what it looks like, describe its body, distinguish between freshwater and marine fish, know what they breathe, what the fish's lateral line is for, etc. They also know what a fisherman needs to own when he wants to catch a fish and that it is not an easy job.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Dvořák, Dalibor ; Křikavová, Iva (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Object of the thermes is located in a compact cube surrounded by water, which is located in the park. Baths are divided vertically into five levels according to function. Public baths, wellness, rehabilitation, physiotherapy.
Urban design of waterfront in Třebíč
Vacek, Jiří ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
Thesis is concerning urbanistic treatment of Jihlava river embankment in the city of Třebíč. Tries to find cause for urban non-functionality of the area within local and wider context to its surroundings. Offers possible solution for rehabilitation of the urbanistic function of the embankment, including putting the embankment into role of important passageway, improving its bounds to the surroundings and active role in city's everyday life.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Poláš, Michal ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The architecture of the spa in the park is conceived as a structure goes through the trees. Spa is space for using thermal spring force.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Štukheil, Petr ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Concept In the measure of town Yverdon Les Bains the baths park is understood like one of the important spot which influences its surroundings. The surroundings give the impression of neutrality because of the differentness of its composition. So the baths park and three historical buildings in it create the most valuable element. It is independent world where people could relax and feel their senses. Free shape in the “free landscape”. It is seemingly haphazard like its surroundings. Although the building has its own inner composition which I call “Small world under large rooftop”. I would like to create atmosphere where would be unique inner space, light and intimate darkness, warm and cold, atmosphere full of nice smell. Each material has its own sound, temperature and surface. The basic element of the baths is water. It is going through the building, connecting all the parts of the baths and creates special atmosphere. People have to know they entered in to the baths world.
Riverside House
Šperlová, Zuzana ; Foretník, Jan (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The paper deals with problematics of habitation by an artificial river bed, which was never intended to be part of the public areas of the city. In the work, the urban solution is made of a wider area around the river and its connection to the existing urban structure. Residential houses by the river are designed on unusually narrow parcels, which is inspired by the construction of houses along the rivers in the Netherlands. Another part of the work is the design of an apartment house with a functional ground floor on one of the inner parcels. Given the possibility of opening apartments only at the front and the back of the house, there is problem with lighting and ventilation of the apartment space. This problem has been resolved by creating a gap between a neighboring house and opening the apartments in this gap. This creates two types of apartments, oriented east to the river and west to the city. Spaces are divided as little as possible into individual rooms due to illumination to the depth of the apartment.
Use of Renewable Energy Sources for Water Recovery
Patera, Jan ; Vojtek, Martin (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with a summary of the basic theory for obtaining water from air humidity and it‘s following treatment in order to meet the hygienic regulations of drinking water. It presents the basic principles usable for obtaining water from the air, also presents the basic principles, including a basic overview of existing equipment for obtaining water from the air. It defines ideal conditions for obtaining water using atmospheric water generators. In a specific locality is determined a proposal for the water yield with energy performance during the year. Furthermore, the work deals with the use of renewable resources in obtaining water and the possibility of its subsequent treatment.
The Municipal Baths
Slezák, Filip ; Knesl, Jiří (referee) ; Makovský, Zdeněk (advisor)
The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer thermal or mineral water for drinking and bathing. They also offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular, and offer various personal care treatments.
Embedded System for Water Level Monitoring
Hanák, Jiří ; Kašpárek, Tomáš (referee) ; Šimek, Václav (advisor)
This work is dealing with the design and implementation of an embedded water level monitoring system. The purpose of the system is to control the filling of a tank based on the water level. First of all, the attention is given to the survey of existing measurement techniques and selection of the appropriate sensing elements for a given scenario. In fact, the embedded system is using TFmini and JSN-SR04T-2.0 contactless sensors. The system is controlled by STM32F0 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics programmed in C using HAL abstraction layer. The measured results are sent via Wi-Fi SoC ESP8266EX to the Python server that is used for processing and demonstratiton purposes.

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