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Význam vodního díla Pastviny pro rozvoj mikroregionu Orlicko
Fiala, Martin
This thesis deals with the significance of the Pastviny dam for the development of mikroregion Orlicko and its potential from the viewpoint of subsequent development of tourism in the area. The main subject, which the thesis discusses on background of Pastviny dam, is the connection water - recreation - regional development. This thesis describes Pastviny recreational area as an important recreational area in the mikroregion Orlicko, identifies the attitude of local administration to the development of tourism, describes the economical conditions in the location and on the basis of the historical progress of using this location for recreation, the thesis presents the current strengths and weaknesses of Pastviny recreational area. In the end of this thesis suggestions for the subsequent development of sustainable tourism in the interested area based on the SWOT analysis are mentioned.
Monitoring jakosti vody toku Brtnice
Štěpánová, Klára
This thesis deals with water quality monitoring in the river Brtnice within the year 2013. The thesis is mainly focused on the analysis of basic water quality parameters from taken samples by using a spectrophotometer. Chosen parameters are nitrates, sulfates and total phosphorus. By using Sension 156 there are further monitored the temperature of the water, pH, conductivity and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the river. Goal of the thesis is the analysis of measured parameters for water quality according to CSN 75 7221 Classification of surface water quality and according to Goverment order number 61/2003 Coll. on the indicators and values of permissible pollution of surface water.
Water as a source of refreshment and a mediator of transition into new form of Life in Biblical texts
Šolcová, Štěpánka ; Vymětalová Hrabáková, Eva (advisor) ; Holubová, Markéta (referee)
This work follows up the interconnectedness of the theme of the water and other inseparable phenomena, including their symbolism and not only in the biblical and non-biblical texts but also in an interdisciplinary context (respectively with an overlap into the sphere of contemporary ecology using personal and professional experiences). The work can be framework divided into three blocks (general, biblical and ecological), including a brief exegesis of selected biblical texts.
Development of Czech water law and legal relations related to water
Urban, Michael ; Kindl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šouša, Jiří (referee) ; Vojáček, Ladislav (referee)
Development of Czech water law and legal relations related to water Abstract This dissertation thesis deals with the development of the legal regulation of water law and legal relations related to water in the Czech Republic. It provides an interpretation of the issue from the beginnings of the Czech state to the present. The thesis is divided into sixteen chronological chapters focusing on individual periods of development of this issue. The individual chapters are divided into sub-chapters dealing with sub-fields of water law and legal relations related to water. The first four chapters provide a theoretical introduction and a common basis for the other chapters. The first chapter contains an analysis of the concept of water law and the systematics of water law. The second chapter provides an outline of the development of water law in antiquity as an illumination of the earliest roots of water law. The third chapter discusses the foundations and structure of Roman water law as the methodological basis of the field of water law. The fourth chapter deals with the basic features of the development of water law in the territory of states neighbouring the Czech Republic. Chapters 5-15 form the core of the thesis and deal with individual periods of development of Czech water law and legal relations related to...
Risks related to open water diving and their prevention
OBORNÁ, Veronika
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the risks associated with open water diving and their prevention. Three objectives were determined to elaborate this thesis. The first objective was to find out what kind of knowledge professional and recreational divers have about the risks related to open water diving. The second objective was to examine what knowledge divers have about preventive measures related to open water diving. Last but not least, the third objective was to determine what barriers regarding the open water diving are perceived by divers. The bachelor's thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is divided into chapters and subchapters describing the history of diving, fundamental diving equipment, basics of physics for divers and physiology related to diving. The heoretical part also describes the most common injuries and diseases occurring during diving, proper first aid as a reaction to them as well as their treatment. Finally, a part of the theory is devoted to the prevention of undesirable situations during open water diving. In the practical part of this thesis a qualitative research was applied. Data collection was conducted through semi-structured interviews. The research sample consisted of ten divers of different ages and different lengths of experience. Five informants were professional divers and five informants were recreational divers. The data obtained from the interviews were processed into four categories, which were further subdivided into subcategories. Using the qualitative research, it was found out that both professional and recreational divers have the necessary knowledge regarding the risks associated with open water diving. Despite essential knowledge and efforts to follow preventive measures, all but one informant experienced a crisis situation during a practice dive, which always turned out well due to proper theoretical preparation for these risk situations. All informants are aware that the biggest risk is the diver himself and overestimation of his own abilities. Regarding the knowledge of preventive measures related to the open water diving, there were differences between the knowledge of professional and recreational divers. All informants had the necessary awareness of the discussed topic, however it was clear that professional divers were more familiar with this issue. All informants were knowledgeable about the necessity of diving training, proper diving equipment, preventive measures and first aid procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of an emergency situation. Moreover, it has been found out that divers perceive certain obstacles when diving in open water. In addition to poor health or psychological conditions being a barrier to diving, informants also determined low quality natural conditions as a barrier too. Deteriorated natural conditions were seen as a barrier mostly by recreational divers, whereas professional divers dive all year round and in all kinds of conditions. From the results of the research, it was ascertained that divers have sufficient knowledge of the risks associated with open water diving. Furthermore, informants have sufficient knowledge of preventive measures, which enables them to correctly assess certain situations. The fact that the informants consider the deteriorated natural conditions as a barrier to open water diving indicates that they are concerned about the prevention of risks associated with open water diving. This thesis highlights the importance of knowledge of the risks associated with open water diving and their prevention. The results of this bachelor's thesis can be used to supplement the knowledge of some divers, as a teaching material for novice divers or for health professionals who want to be aware of diving-related diseases and acute conditions related to diving itself.
Water in physics and physics in water
Breburdová, H. (2022): Water in physics and physics in water. Diploma thesis. České Budějovice: University of South Bohemiain České Budějovice, Faculty of Education. This diploma thesis focuses on research-based teaching and the creation of physics experiments fit for teaching physics at the lower-secondary level of education. The primary goal of this thesis is to suggest certain physics experiments that, while allowing the use of water, also explain the basic behaviour of liquids in physics. Furthermore, it aims to create a worksheet for realised research-based. The outputs of this are selected experiments and a worksheet of research-based teaching.
Year-round project for preschool children - Water changes
KODÝTEK, Miroslav
The bachelor thesis deals with the creation and implementation of a year-round project for preschool children. The project focuses on water transformation during the year. Water becomes known to children through environmental education. The theoretical part explains the term environmental education in the context of preschool education. By defining examples of the relationships between the components of living and inanimate nature, the work deals in detail with information on the topic of water, its various forms, changes and uses. The practical part contains suggestions of suitable activities and activities used to understand the relationship to nature, especially water during the ten thematic weeks, when each month in a given school year children discuss one of the thematic weeks (solid state of water, liquid state of water, gaseous state of water, utility water, waste water, water origin, water cycle). During the weeks, the children gained basic knowledge about nature, especially about water, and their positive attitude towards nature in their surroundings was deepened. The children understood that there would be no life without water.
Experiential learning on the topic of water as an indispensable part of life
BUZICKÁ, Michaela
The bachelor thesis is focused on the environmental education program in preschool education. In the field of environment, it focuses on water issues. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of water on our planet and for our daily lives. The theoretical part describes the origin of water, its properties, use and water cycle. It also discusses environmental education in preschool education. The practical part contains a one-week project, which was tested and implemented in the class of preschool children. An integral part is the record of the project, photo documentation, worksheets and evaluation of each day of the weekly program.

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