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Public spaces of the city of Brno - theoretical work
Lelkes, Ivana ; Adamková, Jana (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Master´s thesis adresses the issue of public spaces of inner city of Brno. These spaces have good prerequisities to become attractive places for everyday use or for spending a good free time. These prerequsities include for example compact city structure, well defined public spaces, walking city distances, presence of public and commercial facilities and distinctive genius loci. But public spaces in these localities often do not fulfill their own potential and stay as average free space inbetween buildings. Thesis suggests a detailed system for categorisation of squares and streets in the inner city of Brno and examines the reasons for potential non-fulfillment on these typologies, it tries to find out the problems of public spaces and how they can be solved.
Organizational Culture and its Influence on Effectiveness of the Work
Dostálová, Marta ; Stach, Martin (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
My diplomation these is about the coulture of company, about a influence this one on the effectivity of work and the way of the expansion. The force of my diplomation these is in exact specification of firm culture and their elements. It consists of analysis, strategy and procedures, which is needed to make an suggestions leading to expansion of the company and to profess growth of their employers.
The Project of a Change of the Organizational Culture in the Company
Paulíková, Petra ; PharmDr.Bc.Hana Kotolová, Ph.D. (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
This Diploma Work analyses Problems connected with Organizational Culture and its Change in the Company. It includes Change Proposals of the Organizational Culture and the Motivational System, which contribute to achieve Strategic Aims and increase the Effectivity of the Employe's Work.
Contemporary Slovenian Architecture
Šmídek, Petr ; Šlapeta, Vladimír (referee) ; Doc.PhDr.Petr Kratochvíl,CSc. (referee) ; Okamura, Osamu (referee) ; Ryšavá, Hana (advisor)
The main goal of this thesis is to present contemporary contemporary slovenian architectural scene to the Czech audience. Since the fall of Iron curtain is the slovenian architecture regarded as the most advanced from the former Eastern bloc. During the stay in Slovenia it's succeeded to collect sufficient informations for further analysis. Daily contact with the local culture and buildings helped in understanding of the current situation in the Slovenian architectural scene. The work provides the most important architectural works from Fabiani through Plečnik, Ravnikar, Podrecca to successors of generation Sixpack. The aim of this work is to help document and analyze the causes of Slovenia success and with this conclusion help to improve the situation in our country, where there is a wide range of high-quality buildings, but they remain almost unnoticed and unknown on the international scene. The study focused which role played the biggest importance in starting Slovenian model. Work search if it's possible to re-establish cooperation in the field of architecture. The aim of these was to find out how to apply the knowledge acquired in the Czech environment. Lessons from Slovenia could be summarized in two main areas: how to successfully cultivate their land and about how to be able to report about it externally.
Causal analysis of control programs errors
Čapková, Hana ; Vojáček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lacko, Branislav (advisor)
This Bachelor`s thesis concerns with the process of fault detection in software programs. It contains hierarchically organized typology of software errors, gained by research of available literature and analysis of events responsible for influencing the software errors evolution gathered into a typology of factors inspired by cognitive psychology. It contains also comparison of software evolution techniques and methodologies from the point of product validation and verification. The Bachelor`s thesis was written with respect to needs and requests of the commissioning company focusing on the Voice over IP (VoIP) software evolution. The thesis aims to suggest modifications of software errors database and error causes database.
Analysis of Agrammatism in Aphasia
Hloucalová, Bára ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Wildová, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis explores interdisciplinary collaboration between linguistics and speech therapy, focusing on impaired communication abilities - specifically, neurogenic disorders of speech communication known as aphasia. The aim of this work is to integrate linguistics and its effective application in the therapeutic care of patients with aphasia. The practical part is centred around the analysis of aphasic speeches, which are linguistically dissected in various language dimensions. Specific interferences and agrammatism are identified. This analysis subsequently leads to the creation of a model therapeutic unit, showcasing the significant applicability of linguistics in aphasiology. KEYWORDS aphasia, agrammatism, typology, linguistic levels, neurolinguistics, speech impairment
Návrh dětské kolébky
Káňová, Sára
In this diploma thesis, the entire process of designing and manufacturing a functional prototype of a baby cradle intended for putting baby to sleep is presented. The work is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part briefly describes the history of children's furniture, the typology of children's bed furniture and its ergonomics, as well as the requirements for baby cradles, aspects affecting the child's behavior, the materials used and production technologies. In the practical part, there is documented the overall process of designing and manufacturing a baby cradle including market research and analysis. Own sketches, visualizations, production photos, and the 1:1 scale working model is included as well.
Návrh akustického interiérového prvku
Kováčová, Jana
The diploma thesis is devoted to the design of an acoustic interior element for a public space interior, but can also be used in private. The work describes the history of screens and screens, typology of furnishing elements, and the issue of interior acoustics plus concepts related to this topic. The practical part is devoted to research and design and screen design. It contains a description of the process of sketching, modeling in the respektive programs as well as visualization of both the model itself and its location in space. Verification of the stability of the digital model, using the finite element method elements. There is also an evaluation of the acoustic parameters in the real selected office space.
Typology of spam email written in Czech language
Vejda, Prokop ; Mňuková, Dominika (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
The presented thesis proposes a new typology system for Czech-language email spam. Its categorization is based primarily on the persuasive method used. Particular factors relevant for the classification are derived from subsurface observations via the method of semiotic analysis. The multi-layered typology differentiates between spam sales and imitation spam, between identity-imitating and situation-imitating spam. Another layer of categorization identifies the area of incentive for the desired action. The areas are finance, health, sexuality, and consumption. Ideological spam is recognized as a separate category. The typology derives validity from its application to a sample of Czech spam emails originating between January and April 2023. The method used is quantitative content analysis, which allowed the observed characteristics to be presented in a statistical context. Furthermore, it made it possible to elementarily map the nature of spam appearing in the email inboxes of Czech-speaking recipients at the beginning of 2023. The research is based upon a survey of existing typological systems and cases of the application of semiotic analysis to email spam. Theoretical research pillars are the concepts of the social role, speech acts, mythology, and uncertainty of meanings in communication. The...
Typology of Visual Texts of Czech Experimental Poetry
Hrdinová, Tereza ; Neumann, Lukáš (advisor) ; Smrčka, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor's thesis examines the visual texts of Czech experimental poetry of the 1960s. The main goal of the work is to create a typology of the possibilities of visualizing poetic texts. The intention of the typology is to clarify the material and related terminology. The first chapter of the thesis summarizes the development of the defamiliarization of the visual component of the poetic text in the context of the history of the relationship between image and word and briefly characterizes experimental poetry in the Czech environment in a global context. The second chapter summarizes already existing typologies of experimental texts and explains the criteria by which visual poems can be classified. We came to the conclusion that in order to make the material clearer, it is necessary to sort the texts according to more than just one already existing criterion. We classify the texts in terms of the method of creation and the author's intention. The second chapter also contains the typology itself - visual poems are classified into seven types: Statistical text, Structural text, Topological text, Narrative poem, Colour poem, Obfuscation of the Readable and Overlapping. The work tries to describe various techniques of creating visual poems. Therefore, it focuses mainly on the description of the way...

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