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Structural studies of an abasic site DNA damage repair and DNA interstrand cross-link formation
Landová, Barbora
DNA damage refers to any alteration or modification in the DNA structure that deviates from its natural state. Abasic site (Ap site) is one of the most common DNA lesions resulting from spontaneous depurination/depyrimidination or enzymatic base excision. When left unrepaired it can lead to a cascade of genetic mutations, potentially causing diseases like cancer. Understanding DNA repair mechanisms is vital for medical research and applications. Bacterial MutM is a DNA repair glycosylase, removing DNA damage generated by oxidative stress and preventing mutations and genomic instability. MutM belongs to the Fpg/Nei family of procaryotic enzymes, sharing structural and functional similarities with their eukaryotic counterparts, such as NEIL1-NEIL3. Here, I present two crystal structures of MutM from pathogenic Neisseria meningitidis: MutM holoenzyme and MutM bound to DNA. The free enzyme exists in an open conformation, while upon binding to DNA, both the enzyme and DNA undergo substantial structural changes and domain rearrangement. One of the DNA lesion repaired by MutM is the Ap site, which, if not repaired, may spontaneously lead to the formation of an abasic site interstrand crosslink (Ap-ICL) with an adjacent adenine in the opposite strand. NEIL3 glycosylase is known to remove Ap-ICL. With a...
In an Apartment in a small town, Mikulov
Solár, Michal ; Kozelský, Tomáš (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The concept is based on the historical development of the plot and the city as such. Historically, the area has been defined by self-help and without clearly specified dogmatic guidelines. It is thanks to this that the city is enriched with moments that do not fulfill only the aesthetic or spiritual, but also the functional nature of the city. The moment of surprise and certain visas enriches the interior of the yard as well as the city. At first glance, such annoying spaces have a certain quality, caused by the play of light or the overall concept of space. An important feature of the object is the moment of surprise from the perceived space. The transition from a clearly defined ground floor to the rear, at first glance, irrational courtyard is enhanced by a passage, which also refers to the typical division of the small town house. ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION The principle of layering of individual spaces clearly reflects the moments of surprise. By specific fragmentation of the building, a character that resembles rather a family house as a residential object, spaces of different quality and utilization are created. The lower dwellings have a spatially and optically separated garden from the total mass, with the top terrace being terraces which are optically linked to the courtyard, but are not accessible to the public. The apartments in the attic have mostly urban character. This creates the principle of co-existence, which is typical of the whole area of the city. The layering is evident in the distribution of flats with different connections to gardens and terraces as well as the variety of housing units. The spirit of the place is a standing cellar that reflects the historical transformation of the parcel and is a symbol of the locality.
Residential Complex in Brno - Komín
Selnarová, Elisabeth ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Taking into consideration the slope of the terrain as well as the surrounding development, two types of residential buildings have been proposed: Komín a Komínek.They are placed in a regular structure into a given land. Sustainable development is at the core of the proposal. The residential buildings are proposed as sturctures created from multiple components. The framework is comprised of a reinforced concrete and the peripheral walls are stuffed with thermal insulating wooden panels. Air conditioned heating will be used (the air will be heated by a gas boiler). Due to the quality of the insolation, the houses are considered as low energy structures. As individual structures, each apartment has three sided orientation to cardinal direction. Some of the rooms have two sided lighting, which further increases their attractivness. The residential bulding is composed of Maisonette appartments, which together create asimilar structure. The fundamental space is intertwined with a ribbon that carries on its edges balconies, terraces or parking spaces. Each unit has a balcony, which allows the residence to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. The housing is proposed for a general audience (wider population). There are several types of appartments including no barrier appartments situated in the first floor as well as Maisonette appartments in the last floor.
Effects of assembling on quality of cable systems
Konvalinka, Vladimír ; Dostál, Otto (referee) ; Filka, Miloslav (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with questions of measuring of cabling systems. There is described the evolution of structured cabling including the rules of their installation, approval and their final measurement. The first part of this work is dedicated to the conception of structured cabling and its history which originated at the beginning of 80s when the first personal computers began to appear at the market. The necessity of mutual communication of their users caused forceful development of networks and technologies. As a result lots of single-purpose, incompatible and mutual independent cabled distributions were developed. This method of cabling was uneconomical, very demanding on service and impractical for network expansion. That’s why the universal cabled system was developed whose baseline became a twisted pair. Characteristics of structured cablings are designed in order it could be possible to transmit whole rang of applications through them. Metallic cables and nowadays also optical cables are used for their installation. The cabling system consists of lots of other items among them we can rank items active and stable. It’s necessary to scale lots of criteria which involve the quality of data transmission in this network. The measurement is done by the devices which comply with basic requirements determined by the standards according to technology. There are described the rules and proper processes of installing cabling systems, which should be followed while installations. At the end of my thesis there are mentioned the results of the measurements on simulation segments of cabling system which serve as completion certificates between an installation company and a consumer.
Creation and processing of signal database
Glett, Jiří ; Šebesta, Vladimír (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The work become acquainted with history and rise databases globally. Construes philosophy structuralization, sorting and purpose using. Work further deal with concrete databases softwares intended directly to processing audio signals. Further treat of programmes that the make possible generation personal database structures. Work deal about SUSAS database and analysing its content. It is created self database of music signals, which includes several musical groups always similar in certain aspect. Speech database contains records from the SUSAS database and records from television programs, reality-shows, sports broadcasts, reports and documents, when speakers are subjected to stress and emotions. The work is a database program that can effectively classify all records and processes. The database can be freely extended. The resulting program was realized into Czech and English version.
Public spaces of the city of Brno - theoretical work
Lelkes, Ivana ; Adamková, Jana (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Master´s thesis adresses the issue of public spaces of inner city of Brno. These spaces have good prerequisities to become attractive places for everyday use or for spending a good free time. These prerequsities include for example compact city structure, well defined public spaces, walking city distances, presence of public and commercial facilities and distinctive genius loci. But public spaces in these localities often do not fulfill their own potential and stay as average free space inbetween buildings. Thesis suggests a detailed system for categorisation of squares and streets in the inner city of Brno and examines the reasons for potential non-fulfillment on these typologies, it tries to find out the problems of public spaces and how they can be solved.
Hoffová, Monika ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The object of this thesis is an urbanistic study called Transformation of former barracks in Hodonin. Urbanistic study involves not only urbanistic solution of the barracks area, but also examines the potencial of the city expansion in this locality. Study is focused on realistic model of finishing the city structure and proposal of public spaces in surroundings of historical barracks buildings. Although the city tried to connect this territory back to the city structure and not to limit it’s natural development - the area turned into chaos by selling out lands around the barracks. Not only urbanism is the problem here. Buildings, that would deserve the attention, suffer. The historic barracks are the next object in this thesis. In detailed architectural study is their transformation, which considers historical, constructial, economical and social potencial of these buildings. Reconstruction respects mass and historical value of buildings.
Building Order Management in the Building Company
Holá, Michaela ; Šindelka, Zdeněk (referee) ; Waldhans, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis deals with problems concerning the management of construction contracts in the construction business. The work is described in several chapters of the proceedings of orders. First described project "Extension of a commercial building", and I continue to work in the description of contract management. At the end of the contract is evaluated in terms of time and cost perspective.
Long-term tests for examination of surface treatments in various adverse environments simulating real effects
Hudečková, Petra ; Vacula, Miroslav (referee) ; Bydžovský, Jiří (advisor)
Cement bonded particleboards contain organic base and as they are set outside, extreme weather condition, such as frost, chemical defrosting substances or sulphates, cause their degradation. The presence of the organic base in the matrix of the material could be the reason why there is higher probability of degrading when compared with materials containing an inorganic base. It could be partially eliminated by an appropriate surface modification of the slab, which main goal is to weaken the impact of an aggressive environment and to extend the lifespan of the board. On the other hand, the surface modifications based on a polymer base are prone to degrade because of other unfavourable conditions such as UV radiation when compared with the cement bonded particleboard. The classification of the surface modifications and the way of their degradation caused by the aggressive environment in real applications are presented in the theoretical part of the thesis. In the experimental part, appropriate methodical ways of testing the resistance of cement bonded particleboard’s coating system were chosen. Then, the testing and comparing of the physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties of different types of coatings were done. Moreover, a spectrophotometric analysis of the colour shade changes for the different aggressive environment were carried out. Furthermore, microstructures of chosen surface modifications were assessed by using an optical and an electron microscope.
Šerý, Vítězslav ; Pinkava, Ivan (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
Statue The Lilith is figural sculpture that combines elements of hyperrealism with purely abstract element. Female figure sitting on a throne is wrapped and draped in unrelated elements and their relationships. That make her imaginary clothes. The statue is the result of interest in the topic of mystery and its sculptural representation. The statue is a combination of materials, mostly it consists of fiberglass and polyester.

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