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Stres žáků středních odborných škol
Kumanová, Veronika
The bachelor's thesis deals with the stress of pupils in the 2nd and 3rd years of secondary vocational schools. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out on the basis of a research investigation within a specific secondary vocational school what stressful situations pupils encounter, which of the defence mechanisms they most often use to cope with stress, or what other activities help them to relieve it. In the theoretical part, the aim is to describe and explain the basic concepts related to stress, such as stressors, stress response, types of stress and to introduce the concept of stress resilience. Activities that serve to cope with stress, such as coping strategies, defence mechanisms or other activities are also mentioned. The empirical part focuses on how many students experience distress in the school environment and which stressors are most stressful for them. It also focuses on what activities pupils most often use to cope with stress.
Vliv stresu na pracovní výkon zaměstnanců
Pernicová, Natálie
Pernicová, N. The influence of stress on the work performance of employees: Men-del University in Brno, 2023. The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of stress on the work performan-ce of employees in two selected companies in different departments. The primary focus is on sales representatives (sales), followed by logistics and project ma-nagers. The results of the ji-ne departments and the logistics and project ma-nagement department are primarily used for comparison with the sales depart-ment to see the individual differences. Secondary data are presented to get a gene-ral idea of stress in the workplace. A questionnaire survey was used to investigate stress on the job performance of employees in the selected companies. In the practical part, the research in the form of questionnaire survey is applied in two companies namely GPD a.s. and Bosch Rexroth company s.r.o. The departments are investigated, which are divided into logistics, sales and other departments in GPD a.s. and other departments in Bosch Rexroth company s.r.o., which are divided into other departments, logistics, sales and project management departments. The questionnaire survey analyses the relationship between stress load and work per-formance in the individual companies in each department and then compares the companies with each other. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, recommendations are proposed for sales representatives and certain departments of the selected firms to minimize the stress factors in the selected firms. The re-commendations can subsequently lead to higher performance of the selected firms and higher sales. The recommendations are based on the results of the survey for example, introducing courses and training to help separate work life from co-private life can help to arrange "time management" so that employees can schedu-le their work duties well. Other recommendations are better communication between departments in the form of providing clearer and more precise informa-tion to each other, inter-departmental meetings where possible ambiguities can be clarified or merging events for better workplace relations between depart-ments, such as 'team building' and others.
Zvládání stresu žáků na střední odborné škole
Sűsenbeková, Johana
The goal of the bachelor's thesis is to use questionnaires to find out the most common stressors among students at secondary vocational schools and what effect they have on them or how they deal with stress itself.
Stress management in second-year bachelor students
Podveská, Lucie ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with stress management in second year university students. In the theoretical part, the thesis focuses on theoretical knowledge, i.e. the definition of stress, what stressors cause it, stress on campus, i.e. what stressors affect students in higher education, and also prevention and the actual methods of stress management. The practical part focuses on the actual research part, which I conceived using a semi-structured interview and its subsequent processing using open coding. The research sample consisted of a total of eight female students. The main objective itself is broken down into several sub-areas and these are how students perceive stress, when students experience stress, how stressful students perceive studying, what methods students use to cope with stress and how overwhelming studying is for students. Research shows that students often use methods found in the literature, but often without knowing that these are directly recommended methods for coping with stress. Students also defined stress as distress, but also eustress. How stressful studying is for students often depends on the discipline they are studying. And as the main and biggest stressor that occurs for students is the academic one. KEYWORDS Stress, stress managment methods, stressors, academical stress
Zátěž v odborném výcviku u oboru kadeřník
Musilová, Zuzana
This bachelor's work is dedicated to problems of school stress at the hairdresser vocational school. The aim of the theoretical part is definition of following terms: stress, stress factors, school and occupational load. It is also including description of possible negative consequences of influence of long time stress at the student, teacher and all class. The methods used for processing the theoretical part are detailed analysis and synthesis of data from technical literature specialized on psychology and pedagogy. We put emphasis on research studies made to this theme. The aim of the practical part was exploration at the chosen hairdresser vocational school. All students filled in a questionnaire which was concerned of stress factors in technical training. Thanks to this method we detected sources and amount of stress which affects students in this surrounding. The gained data were evaluated statistically. Based on these data we composed recommendation for pedagogical practise.
Stress management in education
MĚSTECKÁ, Kateřina
The main subject of the bachelor thesis is stress management. The bachelor thesis deals with problems of stress in the workplace. In first part the work describes the definition of stress and stressors. Its also examines the prevention and consequences of stress. The research section of the bachelor thesis is based on a questionnaire which aims to find out if in the education in the Vysočina region affects employees stressful situations and how they affect them. The survey also includes recommendations and instructions which contain suggestions for reducing stress in the workplace.
Subjective experience of students of Leisure time education at the TF JU with burnout syndrome
The diploma thesis deals with subjective experiences of students with stress in the field of leisure time pedagogy at the Faculty of Theology od the University of South Bohemia. The theoretical part of the work deals with a professional description of stress and explains concepts, such as stressors. Furthermore, in this part I focus on experiencing stress and also on possible ways to manage it. Due to the focus of the topic of the work, I also explain the very concept of burnout syndrome. The practical part that follows describes the course and results of the research survey. The research is carried out using interpretive phenomenological analysis. Based on the analysis of the interviews, I find out what subjective experience with stress university students have. In the research, I also point out what stressors affect students, how they experience stress it self and what defence mechanisms they use to manage it.
Stres management in Selected Organization
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of stress, burn-out syndrome, the reasons for stress occurence in workers of Tax Office. The first chapter of the theoretical part includes general knowledge about stress, stressors are divided, the reasons of stress and possibilities of coping with stress are approached. In the following chapter, the thesis approaches the burn-out syndrome. Bachelor thesis is further focused, the thesis focuses on the relationship between work and stress and the impact of stress on work performance. It deals with diet and various types of autoregulation techniques that may help people facing mentally difficult situations. The empirical part is there to help verify the statement whether stress is an issue in a specific organization. To collect data, a questionnaire-based research was used. The aim of the research was to find out whether the workers at the Tax Office are stressed and if so, in what specific situations.
The coping strategies at social trauma.
BRAUNOVÁ, Michaela
In this work was composed the topic coping strategies for social trauma. The aim of the theoretical part was to define the concept of stress, the emergence of stress and coping strategies. The next aim was to outline what may be the cause of stress and what social traumas exist. The method used for processing the theoretical part is the study of professional literary sources. The aim of the practical part was to find out which kind of strategy will prevail and assess coping strategies used by adults with social trauma to cope with stressful situations. The next aim was to find out whether selected variables (character of social trauma, characteristics of individuals) influence coping and social trauma. The last goal was to find out how people are satisfied with selected strategies. The questionnaire method was used. The data collection tool was a questionnaire adapted for survey purposes. The research sample consisted of 88 adults with social trauma who use social services in the South Bohemian Region. Data from the questionnaire were processed by using descriptive statistics. The survey showed that the most difficult situation for respondents was the child's disability. If people get into stressful situations, they are able to choose appropriate coping strategies to help them cope with stress.
Stress management and Working Hours
This Bachelor thesis deals with a topic of stress management and types of working hours. The main aim of this Bachelor thesis is to understand better how to deal with stress, which types of stress factors do we differentiate and how to predict them. Then which types of working hours exists and which ones are more important for better lifestyle. The research is based on cooperation with company, which produces a machinery for automotive and medical industry. The information obtained from the literary are the basis of an questionnaire which is created for the employees of the company. The questions of the questionnaire are mainly about how employees deal with stress connected with their job.

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