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Short-term application of elevated temperature and drought influences the isotopic composition of winter wheat grains
Pernicová, Natálie ; Urban, Otmar ; Čáslavský, Josef ; Klem, Karel ; Trnka, Miroslav
The study aimed to determine the differences in carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) stable isotope ratios in grains of three winter wheat varieties grown under optimal and stress conditions. We found that the wheat variety has a significant effect on both δ13C and δ15N isotope ratios. Short-term (nine days) exposure to drought and high temperature during the heading or stem extension development phase significantly enhanced δ13C values, but only high temperature affected δ15N values. Enhanced δ15N values support the assumption that global warming causes a higher representation of the 15N isotope in plants. Moreover, significant interactive effects of temperature and water availability on the values of both isotopes were found implying that C and N metabolisms have been altered under the investigated stress conditions. We conclude that δ13C and δ15N isotope ratios of cereal grains are sensitive indicators of stress conditions, even short-term ones
Tvorba terpenoidů u buku lesního v podmínkách zvýšené koncentrace CO2 a UV záření.
Pernicová, Natálie
Plants release a wide spectrum of biogenic volatile organic compounds into the envi-ronment. These compounds attract pollinators and can protect plants against pests and/or biotic and abiotic stresses. I have investigated the impact of different UV radiation in-tensities and elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on the content of terpenoids in the leaves of European beech during the vegetation season. The trees were growing un-der the elevated (EC; 700 ppm) and ambient CO2 concentration (AC; 400 ppm) and at three UV radiation intensities - ambient (UVamb), enhanced (150 %; UV+), and excluded (UV–). The results show that AC trees had higher content of monoterpenes than EC trees during the whole vegetation season. Limonene and 2-bornene were found to be the most abundant monoterpenes located in the beech leaves. The highest content of 2-bornene was found in AC plants cultivated under UV– radiation. The contents of α-pinene gradually decreased during the vegetation season, while the content of limonene was increasing.Formula clause:

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