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Subjective experience of students of Leisure time education at the TF JU with burnout syndrome
The diploma thesis deals with subjective experiences of students with stress in the field of leisure time pedagogy at the Faculty of Theology od the University of South Bohemia. The theoretical part of the work deals with a professional description of stress and explains concepts, such as stressors. Furthermore, in this part I focus on experiencing stress and also on possible ways to manage it. Due to the focus of the topic of the work, I also explain the very concept of burnout syndrome. The practical part that follows describes the course and results of the research survey. The research is carried out using interpretive phenomenological analysis. Based on the analysis of the interviews, I find out what subjective experience with stress university students have. In the research, I also point out what stressors affect students, how they experience stress it self and what defence mechanisms they use to manage it.
Chosen activities in connection with music in leisure time by pupils in the 2nd and 3rd grades in primary schools
This work deals with musical activities by children at the younger school age. The theoretic part deals with the conception of music and leisure time, the roles of music, active and passive music utilisation. Next the younger school age and the term musical creativity is defined. In connection with musical creativity its characteristics and psychological prerequisites are also described. The practical part deals with the chosen musical activities by pupils in second and third grades of primary school. Questionnaires are used in order to discover how the pupils of these grades are devoting their time to musical activities in their leisure time and whether the pupils devote themselves to music in the active or passive way.

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