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Urban concept of BVV Trade Fairs Brno
Sannikova, Olga ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This thesis has been prepared as urban study BVV in Brno. The project deals with the revitalization of the area, streamlining usage in the long run. The area is delimited to the northeast street Hlinka, southwest Street Bauer. The territory is located near the center of Brno, near the Mendel Square. It is directly connected to the ring road. The main objectives of the project are to restore its original luster campus, thanks to which Brno became known in the world - to create an international cultural and sports science node. Open to the public year-round resort and create new areas of specific housing related to the function of the complex.
Sport Centre Za Lužánkami Brno
Rehortová, Veronika ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The theme of my diplom thesis is to create the architectural study of a football stadium in Brno behind Lužánky. The proposed stadium is to create facilities for football , athletes and fans. Stadium capacity is 22 thousands audience. The football stadium is part of a sports complex, which dominates the area. The project responds to the sloping ground and is creating a single complex. Foyer (football stadium) is one open space, where the exterior continuously changes the interior. It was created direct view from the foyer on the playing surface.
Familly house
Jedličková, Kateřina ; Dostálová, Darina (referee) ; Spáčil, Miroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is about to design of a disposition and processing of project documentation for a detached house which contains one dwelling unit. The building is situated in the village Doubravník in Brno – venkov discrict. It is a slab-building with two floors with a flat roof single casting. The house is based on the wall footings of plain concrete and it is used the building systém POROTHERM and contact insulation ISOVER. A built-up area is 141,52 m2.
Vitality in the architectonic environment
Eyer, David ; Horáček, Martin (referee) ; Hudec, Mojmír (referee) ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Žabičková, Ivana (advisor)
More and more research studies are being conducted on the quality of architectural space as a factor affecting our mental, social and physical health. In the past, this topic was often overlooked in its complexity. The establishment of the specialized fields of building biology, biophilic architecture and the works of Christopher Alexander and Nikos Salingaros now allow us to consider various facets of this subject. This dissertation aims to analyse the topic of vitality in architectural space by studying the abilities and perceptions of its users. Therefore its aim is not to develop a new theory of “vitality-enhancing architectural space”, but to describe how this phenomenon is perceived by the users themselves. Users can provide feedback on which features of architectural space they see as the most important for the feeling of vitality. These features have been hierarchically organized based on their perceived importance, analysed and described in detail to allow their relatively easy application in practice. This dissertation will also allow a comparison with other existing works on the studied topic.
Cathedral today
Rampáčková, Monika ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with famous Notre-Dame de Paris, which was destroyed by fire in 2019. The work focuses specifically on the design of completion of the construction. The cathedral is situated in the historical centre of Paris on the Île de la Cité. A lot of damage was caused to the building after the devastating fire on 15 April 2019. The aim of the thesis was to create a spiritual place that would maintain its past, but at the same time manage to follow ecological solutions in the present. The new design of the attic creates a sacred place, in which we realize the importance of faith and the peace of God. The cathedral is open to the general public ? religious people from all over the world come here to experience the love, joy and happiness that the cathedral invokes. The whole attic can be described as an open space, which symbolizes infinity or immortality from the religious point of view. It represents the connection of the past, present and future. The space is designed to hold priestly celebrations and to be open for the public. It can also be used for various events, such as exhibitions of sculptures that survived the fire.
Office building
Nagy, Ádám ; Utíkal, Aleš (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of a new construction administrative building with three above-ground floors and a basement and with almost zero energy consumption. The building is located in the outskirts of Brno on Vídeňská street. The building is designed using a non-ducted monolithic skeleton with a stiffening wall, the outer shell is solved using monolithic reinforced concrete walls with an ETICS insulation system and large window glass areas. Supports for controlled plant growth are installed on some parts of the facade, and the roofs throughout the building are designed as flat vegetated roofs. Partitions used in the building are plasterboard and glass. A canteen and a sales area with facilities are planned on the first floor of the building. Administrative spaces with multifunctional layout solutions are located on the second and third above-ground floors. The office spaces are designed as both open space and separate offices. The building has one underground floor, and its use is planned as warehouse space and technical facilities. In the core of the building, the necessary sanitary facilities and communication spaces are located on each floor. The entire building is designed as wheelchair accessible. The modern and timeless design of the building enables the creation of a pleasant environment for its daily use, guarantees its long-term sustainability and at the same time allows for it to participate in shaping the modern panorama of its surroundings.
Newly-built Office Building
Martečíková, Martina ; Soudek, Pavel (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of newly - built office building in the cadastral area Považská Bystrica, part Centrum. The building is situated in a block of buildings. The building has five above-ground floors. The ground floor is divided into relaxation zone and a commercial area with six shopping units. The second and the third floor are designed as an open space office. There are lecture halls on the fourth floor. The mechanical room of ventilation is situated on the fifth floor. The building is designed as a cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame. The building is roofed with warm flat roof.
The GAP in Brno
Mojzesová, Šárka ; Hudeček, Vladimír (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the design of an apartment building whose primary function is to fill a gap in Brno in the town district of Černá Pole – specifically on the street Traubova. The area in question lies close to the historic centre. Although it is surrounded by two busy and noisy roads, the selected gap provides a quiet and private corner. At present, the property has mature greenery and a garden for an apartment building in the courtyard. The aim of this work is to effectively complete the missing house in the development, to build on the surrounding structures and to provide new housing in the city centre. The location has good amenities and perfect accessibility from which to draw. The proposal offers a purely accommodation function with additional space for expanding relations within the building's community and respects the proximity of the detached apartment building in the interior.
Air conditioning of office building
Augustín, Samuel ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the work entitled "Air conditioning of the administrative building" was to create a proposal for the profession of air conditioning on the 10th floor of the building located in Prague. These are primary air handling units serving two fun-ctional units, which include offices, open space and sanitary facilities. The work is divided into three individual parts - theoretical, computational and project part. The theoretical part deals with the quality of indoor air and the effect of carbon dioxide on humans. The computational part of the work is focused on individual calcula-tions, which are interconnected with the profession of air conditioning. Several de-sign softwares, especially LindQST and AeroCAD, are used. The project processes project documentation to the specified extent. In addition to the mandatory part of the graphic outputs, this part also processes the optional part - the BIM model, en-closed in the IFC format. This model adds value to the project in several ways, one of the most important of which is the possibility of simple and precise coordination with other professions.
Roman spa - sauna world
Líznarová, Gabriela ; Hrůza, Pavel (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The theme of dissertation is to create the architectural study of a Roman bath and sauna World. Spa are part of a complex aqvapark. There is a defined a part of the aqvapark. Dedicated to recreation and clearing the body. I propose a new open space, allowing penetration of light and air. THe area comprising the impression of kontinuity and at the same time the idea of intimacy. Using simple geometric forms allows capturing the important principles of operation.

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